Fatimamour ou l'heure du grand départ...

All about my eyes for Anita Baker’s last show! She was amazing!! My eye colors are:peacock blue, copper glow, and Gold Coast
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The thoughts I send out come back to me experiences. 我的想法會迴向到我身上而成為經驗💞

Wish you a #happyweekend my love♥️
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#Seduction 增強個人誘惑魅力
#Manifest a miracle 協助達成願望
#Power 增強個人力量
#Cleansing 清理個人和空間的負能量
#Goodhealth 幫助帶來健康的身體
#Money 增強運氣和金錢
#Abundance 吸引充裕豐盛生活
#Wisdom 提升個人智慧
#Harmony 使關係融洽和諧
#Friendship 帶來友情和友誼
#Joy 生活增添更多喜悅 內心真正快樂
#Protection 增強抵禦力 免受外來侵擾
#Confidence 增強個人自信心
#Courage 提高勇氣 增强行動力
#Beauty 提升顏值 喚發美麗光芒
#Lucky 被幸運的事情圍繞著生活
#Career 事業道路上獲得成就
能量塔是一件水晶和金屬混凝於樹脂內的聚合物,約於1930-40年由德國心理學家Dr.Wilhelm Reich發明。
關於Orgonite - #乙太能量轉換器💕 ·Orgonite是什麼?
- 吸附輻射(手機,電腦,電視),提升環境質素
- 改善家居/辦公室的氣場
- 來自宇宙的淨化能量,使世界更和諧美好
- 淨化大氣,淨化水質,驅趕害蟲
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- 治療長期不眠症以及長期噩夢,提供睡眠質素,使人更健康更幸福
- 喚醒您內在的心靈能量
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My #CTMA student Justin~*! I’m sooo happy I got to work with Justin!! We both Cali Peeps so we understood each other! And Bonus! ➡️ he has some SERIOUS talent on the violin+the prettiest sound I’ve ever heard on the violin! 👌🏻 It just blesses my heart that he remembers things we discussed!!! Everything in life and music is about tension and release, 🔥in heart ❄️ in veins~* and remembering those dang gone elbows!!! 😂😂😂 #YourElbowsArePerf~*😄 Keep up the awesome work and remember it is okay to get dirty with it in music once in a while~ fluffy and pretty is great but get dirty, grunt and make my heart break- this is also good~💕 Dude! Make sure to Keep me posted on your progress and invite me to your 1st recital!! #BlessedTeacher
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It has officially been a week since the Chloé Trevor Music Academy has ended, I am super behind on posts! That aside, thank you to all of my teachers and mentors at CTMA who've given me lessons, masterclasses, and especially those technique classes! Here is some of what I learned! (And hopefully you find it somewhat useful). My apologies for this long post! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Fire in the heart, ice in the veins!" Could have multiple interpretations, mine was, Surprise your listeners, don't give away what you're trying to do, visually and musically. Comment what you think this means! "Seamless ride!"
No breaks in phrases, continuity. "Music is 2 things-- tension and release"
Everything in 2 words 🤣

When presented with the question of "How do you practice?" in a technique class: "1, Triage (circle stuff that kicks your butt). 2, ID problem (the cause of the issue). 3, Find Rx (solution). 4, Apply solution (to do it in context, much a reminder to)."
This applies to anything we learn.

Powerful words by @graceunhaekwon 😁 "Elbow!"
Importance of having a level elbow in bow arm mechanics
@chloetrevor_violin "Phrasing shouldn't be lost even in fast notes" - Skyler "Know what the orchestra/piano is doing" (tension & release!) - Ana Maria, Chee-Yun

A lot to be said, but these ideas I find most universal.

Special thanks to Amanda, Chloe, Skyler, A

🎉🎆Un Niño es el tesoro mas grande del Mundo. Cuidalos con el ejemplo para que sean hombres y mujeres de bien.😍😍 🎉🎊🎈FELIZ DIA DEL NIÑO !!!🎈🎊🎉 #ConTodaMiAlma #Eventos #CTMA #Barracas #BsAs

We are still at it Delheim Estate with the Hilton Schilder Quartet#Jazzinthenativeyards #CTMA

Awwwwwwwwww my #CTMA2018 babies!! One week ago today my chamber group 5, Kayla @kay.br, Patricia @patrichr, and Julian @julianrodriguezz performed their violin trio by Hoffman at @chloetrevor_musicacademy~*! I am so blessed that I got to coach such amazing students full of potential and love for music!! It was a honor to coach y’all!

@instagram Look at what you did!!! Your platform helped kids come together from all over the world and make beautiful music together!!! @Chloetrevor_music did a great job bringing this camp all together! Let’s support her for #CTMA 2019!!! Make sure to apply and embrace the fun and awesome faculty!! Video from a #Chamber #Coaching on Stephen F. Austin State University Campus! @sfa_jacks Go Lumberjacks!! 😄

#CTMA was AMAZING! So much more than i expected honestly. Met so many amazing people and played with amazing musicians and faculty. Will be posting more when I actually get home haha! 🎶🌹

As you stare at this page, you may wonder, “what method of score study is this?” I tell you now, this is no method of score study. It is an original work of art by maestro Kirk Trevor created during the Chloé Trevor Music Academy @chloetrevor_musicacademy !! (Albeit while trying to figure out how to turn the page on my iPad Pro...hehe)
#ctma #ctma2018 #chloetrevormusicacademy #maestro #conductor #kirktrevor #adventuresofstringman #ilovemyjob #scorestudy #noairpedal

Enfermagem é uma profissão que vem ganhando bastante espaço nos últimos anos. A expansão e a melhoria das redes hospitalares têm demandado cada vez mais a presença desses profissionais. Fatores como envelhecimento da população e o aumento dos serviços de cuidado em domicílio (Home care) também contribuem para o aquecimento da área.
Nossa Instituição é referência na Cidade de Vitória e região. Se essa é sua área, então, aproveite, porque estamos com as matrículas abertas. Garanta já a sua vaga! Contacte-nos pelo 3523.4210 ou 9.8813.4210 (Whatsapp). #ctma #vitóriadesantoantão #ensinodequalidade #cursostécnicos #excelênciaprofissional #administração #edificações #eletrotécnica #enfermagem #logística #segurançadotrabalho #enfermagemdotrabalho #instrumentaçãocirúrgica #gestãoambiental


grand opening my friends~~ #congratulations


And nowwww for the fellows!!! Every single person in this photo was a fellow/counselor (Scott and I also faculty) which meant we had the best jobs in the world!!! We got to work with the kids and spend crazy amounts of time with the kids everyday.
Everyday the fellows would wake them up, safely get them to breakfast and all their classes and at night after masterclassss/concerts we would #GROUPUP outside~
Group1! Group2! Group3! Group4! Group5!! Group 6!! And head home allll together and party in the lobby with some pool, popcorn and cool peeps~* This was just a bananas bonkers awesome crew of people!! Normally in a crew of these many amazingly talented musicians there should have been some sort of attitude or at least 1 diva....NOT ONE SOUL!
Every single member was humble, willingly involved, made sure the kids were ok, that the fellows/counselor was ok and by the way Also AMAZEBALLS at their instrument! whatttt?
It was an honor getting to serve these kids with you! And I hope to work and play with y’all again soon!!! Thanks @chloetrevor_violin for picking such An AMAZING group of Musicians!!! You did gooooodddd! 😄👍🏻👍🏻 Hope everybody applies again for @chloetrevor_musicacademy 2019!!! And hope to see everybody super soon!!! 💕💕💕 (Fwends who weren’t tagged~ Issac, Yuri, Ana Maria~*... Peeps I didn’t instaTag before I left #CTmA2018~* love y’all Super Duper Much!!!!!!!!) Ohhhh and of course PhotoCred once again goes to Dr @genemoon_conductor!!! Who was wise enough to give his phone to the photographer and generous enough to share the photos with #CTMA Peeps~*! 💕 Thanks Gene!!!!!!! look out For Dr. Moon in #Riverside, CA~*! ➡️➡️➡️@instagram Look What You Did!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Day 50
This is a time when I need MORE TIME!
I have a Piano Group Placement Exam tomorrow and I don't feel ready. I will need to play any scale, sightread, harmonize some melodies, and maybe sightread part from a choral score 😅
In a video I was harmonizing melody at sight! Nothing on piano at SIGHT is easy for me.. But I tried.. Very hard.. So wish me luck

#piano #harmonizing #melody #misic #violin #chloetrevor #ctma #100daysofpractice #100daysofpracticechallenge #luckbewithme #lsumda #placementexam #stopbeingnervous #yougotit #pitcheslikevibratos

day 7 of #100daysofpractice i miss my quartet so much!!:) if you want to see today’s video, i did a first ever performance of Caprice 13 at the tempo i will be performing it at and it was ROUGH but go watch it if you haven’t already! i’m excited to work on it more and share with you all how i improve over the next few months :)) thank you so much to those of you who joined tonight! it meant a lot to see all of your love and support☺️ (ps CAPTION THIS PHOTO)

Missing this place so much💕


Today I started practicing for the first time since I got back from CTMA. School has me so drained and there's something weird happening with the action on my piano, so I've been getting tired really fast. I know there's something wrong with my right hand technique, but it seems like my whole arm is strained in a different way. I think I'll take it up with my teacher on Saturday...

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