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Pip is still looking for her forever home! She is a sweet, energetic little girl. She’s a bit skittish when meeting people at first, but it doesn’t take long for her to warm up. She is super playful both with toys and the 2 dachshunds in her foster home. When Pip is not playing she loves to be with her human and will follow you closely. Pip is a great snuggler and will be happy sleeping with and keeping you warm at night. She is dog door trained and walks well on a leash. If you are interested in making her a part of your family, please fill out an adoption application on our website at ctdr.org
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Congrats to Baxter on finding his forever home. Baxter was adopted by Matt M. of Austin. Thank you Matt for choosing to adopt Baxter and & giving him a second chance❣️🐾
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Princess is a beautiful girl who met Santa Paws before Christmas to ask for a new forever home! She is a very patient girl but really wants a family of her own! Princess has been recovering from surgery and stem cell therapy. If you are interested in learning more about Princess, visit our website at ctdr.org

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Pinky is still looking for her forever home! She is a sweet and lovable mix. She wants nothing more than to curl up on your lap and take a nap. She loves to give kisses all the time too. She will do best as an only dog. She isn't always fond of other dogs. She is very shy and scared of new people and situations. It takes her a little while to warm up to someone new. She loves to eat! She gets so excited when its time for her to eat. She runs and jumps and does a little dance every time. She has a sensitive stomach and is on a prescription dog food to help ensure she doesn't get an upset tummy. As long as she eats her prescription dog food and nothing else, she doesn't get sick. However, other foods will make her tummy hurt and she will throw up. You can give her Pepcid to help as well if needed. She is working on her house training. She will go outside if you stay with her. She hates being outside alone. She is crated when her foster family is gone and at night. She prefers to sleep in bed with you but will sleep in her crate or a dog bed. She is a great little girl and deserves her own forever family. She is around 1.5 years old. If you are interested in adopting Pinky, please complete an adoption application on our website at ctdr.org

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Thor is still looking for his forever home! He is a sweet little guy who's had a very rough life. He isn't quick to show affection, UNTIL he decides to trust you. Then he's the sweetest cuddle bug who follows you everywhere. He looks to you for instruction and approval. He loves walking. He does have some health and behavior issues that suggest he needs a family experienced with caring for an older dog needing special attention. He doesn't like big dogs or pigs, but he gets along well with other small dogs. He did initially show guarding habits, but he's learning to trust everyone in his foster family. At 10 years old he's been through some tough times and deserves to get a family who can show him what it's like to a have love and security. Could that family be yours? If so, please fill out an adoption application on our website at ctdr.org

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Congrats to Rylee on finding her forever Rylee was adopted by Alexandra P. of Austin. Thank you Alexandra for choosing to adopt Rylee and & give her a second chance❣️🐾
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Congrats to Pumpkin and Honey on finding their forever home! These two sweet girls were adopted by Brad G. and Will H. of Austin. Thank you Brad & Will for choosing to adopt & give these girls a second chance❣️🐾
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Congrats to Vito on finding his forever home! Vito was adopted by Troy & Jessica K. of Longview. Thank you Troy & Jessica for choosing to adopt & give Vito a second chance❣️🐾
#ctdr #centraltexasdachshundrescue #rescue #dachshund #rescuedog#dog #adopted #happytails #foreverhome

Sheila is still looking for her forever home! Her foster writes, "Sheila is my hero. She's absolutely fearless as she makes her way in her darkened world. The first night she was exploring the back yard to make sure there weren't lizards or bunnies invading her territory. She hasn't been exposed to cats but she likes the deer that feed outside the fence, even going up to them and poking her nose through the fence so she can get acquainted. She maneuvers quite well around the house and yard, responding to "Watch" when she looks like she is going to hit something and then she changes direction. She makes her wishes known by coming to me and nuzzling to let me know it's time to go outside. But my favorite is when she does her happy dance at mealtimes. She does a little growl and then she turns round and round on her hind legs, tail going ninety miles an hour (that's unofficial but I have it on good authority). She's easy going about bedtime, she likes the big bed but is perfectly content in her own bed as well. She is happy with other dogs but if they try to get between her and her treats, she lets them know that isn't acceptable, food is very important to Sheila! I had never thought about dealing with a blind dog and was little apprehensive, but she has taught me that it's really no different from a sighted dog, they all need to be loved and appreciated. If you give Sheila a chance for her forever home, you won't be disappointed. I think she will amaze you the way she has me." If you are interested in making this sweet girl a part of your family, please fill out an adoption application on our website at ctdr.org
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Please help us welcome Baxter to Rescue! This handsome boy was found as a stray on the streets of Austin and was taken to the local shelter in hopes his family would come and get him. When that did not happen, Rescue was contacted and he is now with CTDR in hopes to finding a forever family very soon. His dapple coloring is so beautiful. He gets along fine with other dogs. We believe he is around 4 years old. If you would like Baxter to join your family, please complete an application at ctdr.org.
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It's #WellnessWednesday! Join WoofTrax's "Steps for Pet Health" challenge today on the Walk for a Dog app, take at least 10 walks by January 31, 2018, and CTDR could win $1000. One of your walks in the challenge could be the winning walk! Follow this link to get the updated version of the app: http://www.wooftrax.com/update

How does this work? Simply download the App, choose CTDR as your shelter/rescue. Take your phone with you on your walks and for each mile that you walk Wooftrax will donate $0.25. It's that simple! The more you walk your dogs, the more money we earn!
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CTDR wants to welcome Little Girl to Rescue. This tiny little girl was found in someone's yard almost frozen to death and covered in ticks. She was taken to the local shelter in hopes her family would come to claim her. No one showed to get her and she is now looking for her forever home. Little Girl only weighs 6.7 lbs and has had all of her vaccines and will be spayed and microchipped in the couple of days. If you are interested in giving this petite little girl her forever home, please complete an application at ctdr.org.

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Please help us welcome this sweet girl to Rescue! Th Abbie was found as a stray in North Texas and taken to the local shelter. CTDR was contacted and we pulled her knowing she was a "big" girl but much to our surprise Abbie is pregnant and due to have her puppies within 2-3 weeks. On top of that she is also heartworm positive and will need to go through treatment once the puppies are weaned and adopted. It will be several months before Abbie will be ready for adoption, but please continue to watch the website for future updates on her and her babies. Please consider making a donation to her medical care on our website at ctdr.org
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Congrats to Rowdy on finding his forever home! Rowdy was adopted by Tommy & Nancy L. of New Braunfels. Thank you Tommy & Nancy for choosing to adopt & give Rowdy a second chance❣️🐾
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Hi, Gandolf here. I really want to get my very own forever home. That is what I want most in my life. I promise to love you with my whole heart. I am a very good boy. I use the doggie door to go outside and do my business and patrol the yard to protect you. I love sitting next to you and sleeping in bed with you too. I really want a forever brother or sister with 4 legs. I don’t like being alone. I am very loyal too. I want nothing more than to be with you all the time. I will follow you all over the house to see what you’re doing. I love to go on walks and toys are so much fun to play with. Please give me a chance at a forever home with you. Please. I love you!

If you are interested in making this sweet boy a part of your family, please fill out an adoption application on our website at ctdr.org
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Looking for a loving pup? Ethel loves to sit with you and look into your eyes. She is very happy, smart, attentive pup - she learns really fast. Ethel will follow you for a bit, then snooze in a bed during the day, then sleep in her bed at night. When I go into the office I put her in a soft crate, she sleeps and awaits my return to go out side. Ethel’s favorite thing to do is to lay in the sun. Whether you work from home or are home all day, she loves to lay where ever the sun is shining. I’ve also put a cushion bed outside because she runs to the sun and won’t budge from a sunny place until I can’t stand her being outside. She loves to be outside working in the garden with me too. Ethel goes outside to do her business and doesn’t mind a quick run through the neighborhood/around the block, for a change of pace. She’s very devoted to her foster mom so I know she will bond quickly with her new family. Ethel is around 8 years old. If you are interested in making this sweet girl a part of your family, please fill out an adoption application on our website at ctdr.org
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Pumpkin nd Honey are super bonded. Honey is a little more shy and the quiet sister where Pumpkin is the more outgoing, bossy one but they both love to run and wrestle with the Pixi dog. They have a blast. If u try to pet one of them, the other one shows up right away and wants in on the attention. They both love belly rubs, what dachshund doesn't, and they either curl up together in a particular chair of ours or they are both trying to sit in my lap. Rarely do they sit or lay apart. Sometimes, but not often. They both love food and have slow bowls. They are really good girls. Pumpkin has a little chewing blankets, underwear and socks issue, but we just keep an eye out and try to make sure she has chew toys. We also keep her out of Mom's room which is where she got ahold of the socks and underwear.
Both are house trained and Pumpkin does really well to pee on command. Honey seems to not go as often. She is more interested in getting a belly rub. They are super sweet girls. Love walks and are always anxious to go. They do pull a little but we are working on that. So, they need someone who will walk them regularly and also have a backyard to run and play.

We do crate them at night and they go right in when told its time to go to bed. Of course night time treats follow immediately. ​PUMPKIN AND HONEY MUST BE ADOPTED TOGETHER.

If you are interested in these two girls, please fill out an adoption application on our website at ctdr.org
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Sekarang mungkin baru sadar ,di tinggalkan orang yang di sayank itu emang sakit...tapi lbh sakitnya jika salah satunya berjuang..sedang yang di perjuangkan tak perduli lagi...jalan, dan satu" nya pilihan.pergiii

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St12 #CTDR

Thelma and Louise are two very bonded girls. Both of their personalities are starting to shine through. Louise is a very curious and a playful pup. She is very excited and learns fast. Thelma is a bit more reserved and calm. She is very sweet, and eager to please. Both girls are gentle and respectful when playing with other dogs. They do great on leashes and love going to the park. Thelma and Louise are both kennel trained, and potty trained. They enjoy all types of toys as they are still in the puppy stages. They sleep together at night and are by each others side throughout the day. They are very bonded sisters who entertain themselves for most of the day. The girls were found on the street in Lubbock. They are about 9 months old and do well with other dogs. Both girls listen well when asserting no, lay down, and come. They love to play and show their affection. Thelma and Louise are always in search of the next human to get a good back scratch from and are always excited for breakfast and dinner. If you are interested in making these two girls a part of your family, please fill out an adoption application on our website at ctdr.org
#CTDR #centraltexasdachshundrescue #rescue #weenie #adopt #dachshund #adoptme

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