🍷Wine doesn’t yell at you for cutting toast the wrong way...
🍷Wine doesn’t headbutt you in the face for asking it to nap...
🍷Wine does not tell you it hates you when every waking minute revolves around wine...
Wine understands 🍷 ❤️ Shout out to all the moms who need a glass or two after this week‼️ We are all still standing‼️😍

What IF .. YOU •AND• I 👯‍♀️ DECIDED to LIVE 🕊💥 out the last 90 days of this year... With THE EXACT mindset we started it with.. Remember all the the NEW YEARS promises..we made.. Like: “I’m going to make this year my best yet.” “I’m FINALLY going to get through that workout program.” “I’m going to drop those last 15lbs.” “I’m not going to give up on myself.” “I’m going to accomplish ___________.” “I’m going to finish this year a stronger, happier, healthier person.” But what happens.. We start. We have the best intentions... Then life gets in the way OR.. Do WE LET IT🤔 We forget those initial goals. We make excuses😫

We start on AGAIN ON MONDAY and then the next MONDAY🙄

We carry on throughout the year succumbing to things that get in the way and vowing to start again next year. Then it hits.
Holy crap we aren’t even close🙈
to the goals we set! Instead.. We are still unhappy, unfulfilled, overweight, uncomfortable, embarrassed, lacking confidence...whatever your thing is😘

The hype of the holiday season tends to push us even further from the goals we once had..BUT, LOVE..it doesn’t have to.
That excuse can REALLY become your reason. 🙌

But what if it was different this year?
What if, instead of waiting we finished strong? What if we went all in.. What if we channel OUR girl, RH and go all in RIGHT NOW..well 10/1 😉
You asked and we’ve answered.. October 1st kicks off our FIRST EVER 90 day CHALLENGE🙌

A total health, fitness, nutrition, and mind/body/soul accountability group.
#thelast90days • Where you will be provided a selection of fitness programs to reach your fitness/health loss goals🤸‍♀️ • Nutrition planning, coaching, support, and NO DIETING.
Yes, crock pot recipes, holiday recipes, meal planning, grocery lists, holiday meal planning (and MORE found in comments💋)

Eeeeek!!! My FabFitFun Fall🍂 Box just arrived today🙌

Loaded with sooo many awesome goodies!
I mean....$289.98 worth of value to be exact🤣 and I ONLY paid $39.99 Can you say....SCORE?!💃💃 And the theme of the box...is so fitting considering the season, but it’s something you hear me talk about working hard to incorporate all the time...Grattitude💕

If you wanna see more of what came in my box and even catch a sneak peek of the insane chaos ...that went down when I opened mine with K...who had anxiously been awaiting our box...so much so that...she got busted eating the Luna bar (that she HAD to have right away) by big sister and well....you can imagine how well that went over🤣🤪✌️...all while Mama was LIVE unboxing it ...just 👀 my LIVE story🙈... Never a dull moment in motherhood, Ya’ll!

Despite the snafoos, the fights, and even the jealousy...I’m so ridiculous grateful for this 🎀 Girl mom life👯‍♀️ #EveryLittleThing


😬 So someone ate Kleenex today... a significant amount 🤦🏼‍♀️ ... any guess who that someone is⁉️
Yes I was with her. Yes she’s fine. She’s a sneaky and fast eater 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️😂
And nope it didn’t fill her up lol‼️😂😂

I know you all were wondering what Ellerie looked like in a kangaroo pouch 🐭 @lalabubaby

Camila Anna Marissa Rodriguez born September 14th at 2:12pm at 6 pounds 2 oz and 18 inches long. She has completely taken over every space in our hearts. We have been soaking in these past 8 days as a family of 3. Cannot wait to share her every move on here. #camilarodriguez🎀 #oneweekold #breechbaby #csectionbaby #summerbaby #allpinkeverything #firstborn #firstbaby #familyof3

@mother.ly 💕
By far my favorite account and the greatest resource I’ve found since Judah was born 💕
Which mama accounts are your favorites?? I’d love to check them out!! 😃

On the left is me the night before Darcey was born, v much ready to get her out!! On the right is our beautiful cheeky monkey who turned 9 months yesterday 😱😱. #9monthsin9monthsout #stopgrowingsofast #wheredidthetimego #csectionbaby #csectionmama #ourbeautifulgirl #ourworld #alreadymakingmeproud #couldntbehappier #wortheverysleeplessnight #learningeveryday #howcoolisshe #rockingit

🎃👻Fall is HERE... Holidays, flannels, pumpkin spice everything AND NOW PUMPKIN SPICE SEXY SHAKE-O‼️❤️
⭐️LIMITED TIME OFFER for my Canadian peeps‼️ (This was sold out in the US In less than 12 hours‼️) So do not wait... get yourself on my list now to secure you individual sample package or full bag‼️
🎃❤️Know a pumpkin spice lover⁉️ ⤵️⤵️Tag them below‼️

🙃❤️I swear my love language IS 100% GIFTS, I LOVE getting them and giving them‼️
I especially love giving to those who choose me to be by their side in life and join my bootcamps‼️😍
We start in just eight days and these women I’ve added are already sharing their goals and plans with me‼️ They deserve random gifts, and so much more because they are working HARD and we haven’t even started lol‼️💕 .
😁We all know fitness journeys aren't easy, but doing them together and having a tribe of women believing in you and cheering you on, that makes it just a little bit more doable‼️ Right⁉️

Vandaag zijn Willem & ik 6 jaar samen. Toen we precies 1 jaar samen waren was ik voor het eerst zwanger. Nu vijf jaar later zijn we eindelijk met z’n drietjes. Ik vind het heel bijzonder dat we het nooit hebben opgegeven en dat onze relatie altijd even sterk is gebleven. We zijn een goed team samen! 👌🏻 #teamwillempie #mylove #myboyfriend #myfamily #babygirl #babyspam #babiesofig #endometriose #endometriosis #ivf #iui #mompreneur #momlife #instamom #relationshipgoals #lovehim #loveher #csectionbaby #miscarriage #keepbelieving

My forever wedding date 💕

Tell me.. Do you have this annoying roommate in your head that NEVER shuts up?? Have you given her a name yet???
I feel AMAZING this morning... a chance to start again!! Kidding. I woke up this morning tired, unmotivated, and feeling like a sac of 💩.
I told Dennis as I rolled into bed last night that I just could NOT stop eating yesterday. It started with all you can eat 🍣 sushi... then the chocolate covered almonds that kept falling into my mouth and then GUYS.... I opened a bag of kettle chips and ate half the bag... dipped in hummus. THEN.... I went downstairs and ate a banana and peanut butter... .
I wasn’t hungry... but I just kept eating. The former obese self... She’s still in there. .
You ever pay attention to that annoying roommate inside of your head??? The ONE that keeps talking NON STOP. 🛑 The one that sabotages you??? Then justifies your actions... Then has this unbelievable POWER to make you feel worthless, GUILTY, not good enough and like a big failure then literally sucks the energy from you???

The “inner bitch” I call her.... and what I have learned is she will never be happy. There will ALWAYSbe something that bothers her. She will always want MORE, and it’s my job to stuff that roommate in a closet and not listen to her. .
She wins some days, and I pay for it. MY ENERGY is sucked dry... But THEN I get up the next day and fight 💪🏼 back.... because I REFUSE to let her win EVERY damn day.
So.... I started my day off right by getting out of my head... and into my body.
Meditation. Mindfulness. Gratitude. Movement.
Beauties... Not every day is going to be perfect. You’ll have days where you feel like you are losing, but you can fight back. You can tell that maniac inside your head trying to sabotage you and keep you small to shut the hell up. .
Trust me it’s hard. It’s going to take strength. It’s going to take work... But you got this ! Either you WIN or you LOSE. Don’t be a loser. Be a winner ok? .
Have a beautiful day friends.
#dancemom #mindlessbehavior #refeedday #refeeding #cheatdayeats #yogaposes #weekendvibes #startingover #csectionbaby

I’m the luckiest mum 💕

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