Two day Flash Sale on some awesomeness!! ✨❤️✨❤️ Message me if I can put any of these beauties in my order for you.
I’m so excited to try our gluten free pancake mix. I have heard amazing things.... ooo and Patchouli ... definitely stocking up on that ✌️❤️

Holy moly this cutie is a stunner😍💚 Grab this very energetically awake piece for just $25+shipping!! Comment SOLD to claim🍃 Scroll right👉 to see a video!!

Jade allows us to...
♡heal our hearts
♡be open to receive all things good
♡attract in wild abundance and prosperity ♡create harmony and happiness in our personal lives ♡encourages us to live life joyfully

Guess what’s back?
The Divine Feminine bath soak. The perfect addition to any self-care routine. Available online now 💗🌸

This gorgeous Moss Agate palm stone is available. ✨🍀💚 Its just beautiful!
♥ Prosperity
♥ Success
♥ Abundance
♥ Congeniality
♥ Compatibility
♥ Healing
♥ Restoration
♥ Fertility of plants
♥ Protection of the earth
♥ Creativity
♥ Confidence
♥ Strength
♥ Development of new friendships
♥ Finding a compatible lover .
Link in bio @thesacredcrystal
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✨Featured Service ✨ Gemstone massage combines the advantages of massage therapy with the luminous energy of crystals. This service is my signature Integrative Massage with the incorporation of smooth crystal palm stones used as massage tools that glide over the body and help to facilitate the release of stress, tension, and disharmonious energy. #gemstonemassage #integrativemassage #integrativemassagereiki #integrativehealingartsstudio #crystalhealing #crystallover #chakrastones #chakrabalancing #energyhealing

The first beautiful willow warrior to find our chakra balancing crystal set photo and comment the correct chakra order with heart emojis will get $5 off our amazing fall box subscription box! 😘
If you’re not first, don’t worry, we’ll also pick a second winner who will get a $5 off too! (Tag friends for extra chances to win 💕🙌🏽) See you in the comments beauties! 💫
Also can we talk about this insanely beautiful wreath from @thebohemiancowgirls?! Talk about LOVE! 😍😍😍

🎶Boix per tu 🎶 @kali_claire 🌟#crystallover #hijadelaluna 🌙 📷 @bonheuraunaturel

💎💜During this mornings #Facebooklive I spoke about my morning routine and I explained how I #meditate each morning with a crystal. Can you guess which #crystal this is?💜💎

#repost 😂 this is my face exactly, every time this happens, can’t they tell these aren’t “rocks” I’m collecting?! 😤

What are some of the silliest makes you’ve heard people call crystals? 🤔 A former coworker of mine would call them “happy rocks” and I laughed but cringed too!! 😭

✨ 📷✨: @sassymantras 💗
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