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The sun is out and so am I #crystalbeach

Aunque no lo crean es una laguna de agua cristalina, está en Uruguay y yo estoy feliz... #crystalbeach #uruguay #solanasesgenial #laguna @solanasvacationclub

Marami na nagsimula ng summer. So, itutuloy ko na lang po.. LOL

Attended my first @ls_foundation retreat serving our veterans and active service members this past week/weekend. What an amazing experience. I'm so proud I get to be a part of something so much bigger than myself. Thank you @marcusluttrell and @melanieluttrell and everyone at LSF for all that you do for this country. 🇺🇸

Господи,как я буду жить,когда вернусь в Сибирь⁉️😱😭
А пока мы провели ещё один супер день,в супер месте #crystalbeach 🌴🌞🌊.И пусть море все ещё не спокойно🌊,волны вместе с водорослями,плевать,это 💯% лучше,чем ❄️☃️#АннаБрыкалова

Summer is ❤



Don't worry BEACH happy ❤️

Day dranks with @sarahbulk on the Isla. Good times!

(Alot of ppl not in pic) Thank you all who came out to hang out n surround lil Isaac with love. Video should be out soon.. Hope we get together like this again sooner than later #SiClub_Houston #SiClubFam #TeamLucid #Cruise #Chill #CrystalBeach #TooMuchFun

Unfiltered beauty.

emote lang ng emote! 😂😂😂
#zambales2k17 #crystalBeach #CB

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