Don’t be afraid of taking the same trade over and over... trading levels always re-occur, we’ve traded BTC 9 times this years from the $6500 level with a 90% consistency!

Our BTC trades from this level averaged 200 pips profit p/trade giving us over 1600 pips and 21% growth by these trade only!

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Fascinating the whole concept of this life in time. Just vanishing what feels long in the moment nothing in the large spectrum ⏳💎 #BackSeatLife #RR

Imagine using Smartcontracts on our daily activities,I'm sure it would become more Easier,Transparent Simpler,less fraudulent activity.....Lol😎 cool right?
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Bitcoin is a world-class currency - on the query "how to earn bitcoin" search engine Yandex finds 29 million results🔎. The most difficult thing is to separate theory from practice and find a stable company, 👉 In my opinion, time and stability are the main criteria for selecting a quality project for club mining. Here are the main points:1️⃣ The company has been operating for 2 years and regularly faces skeptics and dispels doubts. The very fact of such a long existence and constant growth of capacity already proves the stability of the work and the seriousness of the founders' intentions to continue in the same spirit; 2️⃣ The capacity is currently being increased, the equipment has already been purchased and gradually put into operation. It's a matter of time 🕜 :3️⃣ The company offers different opportunities for earning: it is the profit from mining and the income from the network. ✅Formula of success - in the short term you focus on pumping your team, and in the long run you will have a decent income from mining (do not forget about the possibility of reinvestment and forecast the income correctly, and not simply multiplying the daily earnings by the number of days).📌The company responds to all current requests and regularly solves the assigned tasks - at the moment it is planned a cardinal update of the site and personal users' cabinets. Use proven ways to earn bitcoin😎 and work only with professionals! It is interesting to try? - DM, and join the most successful! #investment #cryptomentor #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #workfromhome #income #idle #savings #mining #empowered #entrepreneur

Y’all get together with your people and drink which causes hangovers & bad mistakes 🤦🏻‍♀️🍺
I get together with my people and learn a skill which creates unlimited income & a life of abundance 🏆💰📉📲
You ultimately decide your future, get around the right people take control of your income & most importantly your life ❤️ #cryptomentor #cryptoexpert #bitcoin #crypto #decision #WorkFromAnywhere

Everyday I get asked the same question... Is bitcoin a BAD investment?! Is it RISKY?! It’s a double edged sword that I can’t get myself to answer without offending a few people here and there.
The REAL question is can you afford not to be apart of something that has created the most millionaires ever recorded in history in a single year?! Now, I’m not saying anyone who invests will become a millionaire.
Absolutely NOT!

People lose money everyday with cryptocurrency simply because they don’t have the experience or the education that a successful trader has that has been doing it for a lot longer than the mainstream market has even mentioned “cryptpcurrency”. So my answer to many people is usually the same. Anything(and I mean ANYTHING) you invest your money into is “risky” . A couple of weeks ago Facebook, one of the top blue chip stocks plummeted and lost $120 BILLION in value in a single day. Marijuana Stocks , SAME THING.
No one can predict these things. BUT! With the right education, experience , mentorship it IS possible to mitigate risks and profit in any which direction bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency goes. I’ve mentored 4 dozen people for the last 6 months and my main strategy is not to trade often , but trade less frequently and SMART! Doesn’t matter if you make 30 trades a day if you’re losing money and equally as important , TIME!
One of the main principles I trade by is to DE-RISK , DE-RISK, DE-... I think you get the point lol. No one likes losing money! So back to the original question! YES , cryptocurrency trading can make you a LOT of money but you need the right* principles to create longevity and profit frequently.
Shoot me a DM for any questions or Inquiries!📩 I know I have a fairly new account that I have not used in months! but I finally decided to use Instagram for my program and expand my mentorship and help more people make better decisions with crypto trading!

Out here spreading the vision 🌴
First of many events in this market, looking to grow exponentially. Create new leaders & record breaking success stories! 🙌🏽
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So many people compliment me daily on my Instagram & content I post😇🙏🏼 So I wanna make this a little fun while giving back. Let me help by giving out something that I use myself to take the amazing content I post. An iPhone 8😁 So whats your favorite photo I posted⁉️ Follow all of the instructions below for chance to win👇🏼
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If you fuel your journey on the opinions of others, you're going to run out of gas ⛽️
You owe it to yourself to create something substantial for your future 💰
Have long term vision 🏆 If you start a new project, business, investment or idea that ish takes time! 🕰 Rome wasn't build overnight and neither was a Rolls Royce
Of course people won't agree with you, opinions are free... that's why everyone has one! 🤦🏻‍♀️❌💲
(BTW - when I took this pic I had multiple people drive/ walk by and EVERYONE had something to say aka an opinion) 😉👋🏽 #class #entrepreneur #cryptomentor #hot

Can I lose all the bitcoins in a second? -Yes We are used to the fact that our paper and electronic money "protect" banks or safes, and, in most cases, do not worry too much about their safety. If the funds are "burned out", then most often this is due to the bankruptcy of the bank, rather than the usual theft. Therefore, many newcomers in the field of crypto currency do not think about security. And very vain. ⛔️ With crypto currency, you can not be frivolous, before buying #bitcoins / making up a portfolio, you need to take care of the safety of your cryptsaving.Here are a few SAFE ways: 1️⃣ Cold wallet. Install yourself on a computer program weighing about 130Gb and copy the private keys to the USB flash drive or fragment. Advantage - in the maximum distance of stored data from the online environment. If you do not need to check your wallet every minute, then this is a reliable way. 2️⃣Purchase purse. For example Ledger or CoolWallet. Almost as reliably as a cold wallet, and yet much more convenient and easier for the user. Of the minuses - unlike online analogs it needs to be bought. 3️⃣ Paper wallet. In fact, these are private and public keys on paper. The printed code can be hidden in a wallet and can be accessed at any time. ✅ All other methods are suitable only for temporary storage or storage of small amounts. Do you think about the safety of your savings? #mentoring #needtoknow #cryptomentor #cryptocurrency #crypto #bitcoin #empowerment #toptags #btc #safety #experience

WOW! I wanna give a big shoutout to Mr Patrick for clearing his 1st $100K 🤑 He came to me few months ago hungry for success & no previous knowledge in crypto. He did exactly what I told him to do & Now he’s clearing thousands daily with the tricks I taught him. Great stuff broski, can’t wait to go exotic car shopping with you soon 🙏🏼🏎🏁

Like I said this year I’m helping 30 people clear $1 Million. Who’s up for the challenge❓

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Over 1700 new members after launching v2.0 of AdvanceCryptoAcademy & everyone is already in profits following my lead 🤑 limited spots left for the $1 promo so go to www.AdvanceCryptoAcademy.com & sign up for only $1 before registrations close‼️

I will do 1 more FREE public webinar today at 7:00pm EST where you can see what this is about & follow me trade live. WHEN I WIN YOU WIN 🖥📈💰

Webinar registration link in bio 👆🏼

As practice shows, even in the most favorable hands for all beginnings / investments only 20% of people are active. They come to success, achieve their goals and always ahead.The rest continue to wait for an even more favorable moment and come up with thousands of excuses until the recession (business, as is known, is cyclical) comes about in order to declare unanimously- "WE HAVE SAYED WE !!! SO KNOW !!!" "Actually accusing others often we justify ourselves, our laziness,indecision, ignorance and even cowardice! Favorable moment for everyone is your own, realize that it has already come and act! #cryptomentor #cryptocurrency #work #bitcoin #investment #mining #goodlife #advice #crypto

Financial planning is the choice of goals according to the reality of their achievement with available financial resources depending on external conditions and harmonization of future financial flows.
📌Standardly, financial planning consists of receiving a salary, deferring funds for compulsory expenses (communal or other regular payments) and then distributing the remaining funds for the days until the next salary. Well, periodically put aside money for a rainy day or important purchases. And so the whole life passes.
Most financial planning aids say that "every family can achieve financial freedom and independence if they learn how to spend money wisely." But you need to be able not only to spend correctly, but also to make good money. Set goals, including global ones, and see how many months / years of decades you will go to them at your current incomes. And make the appropriate conclusions - take your finances in your hands, create a positive financial flow and change your life for the better. Are you satisfied with your income🤔? #besmart #choices #planning #cryptomentor #bitcoin #crypto #empowerment #entrepreneur #business #goodlife #income

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