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Very proud of @diascris.2387 for killing her prep with me, showing up and grabbing her WBFF Pro card on her first attempt. The grace that she carried with her throughout her prep was pretty impressive, even when grinding down to 95c, 4 days of MISS and 2 HIIT during the last few weeks. So much potential in her physique with a mindset like that. This won't be the last we see of Cris!
Stage photos didn't come out so this one works 🤷‍♀️
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Another day, another salad! 🥗 I decided to jazz this one up a bit with some arugula instead of spinach and it added an entirely new flavor to the mix, which I am pretty excited about! The container count is listed below for all my Fix friends! 😄
Arugula and Brussels sprouts = 💚
Onions, tomatoes and carrot shreds = 💚
Grilled chicken and 1 hard boiled egg = 1 1/2 ❤️
Balsamic Vinaigrette = 🔶

My very favorite person, and someone who in the course of three days became my best friend, otherwise know as my Miss Arizona roommate @misstempeaz always liked to recite one very true quote by Shonda Rhimes. "People always told me that if I wanted HALF of what other people had I had to work TWICE as hard. But I didn't want HALF I wanted it ALL so I had to work FOUR times as hard". This is so true! Although I didn't get called into the Top 11 this year, I have five more years in this awesome program to make my dream a reality. And you better believe not even 24 hours after finals I'm already working FOUR times as hard for next year! I didn't walk away with a crown but I did walk away with the preliminary talent award which anyone in pageant world knows is a huge honor and accomplishment, and a new passion for life and to achieve my goals.
I can't WAIT for the rest of my year of service as Miss Town Of Marana💕

Now, let me preface this by saying that homie could neither dive off the starting block, nor complete a length of the pool 2 1/2 months ago when he arrived at his first swim team practice. The first goal was simple; correct both of those shortcomings... and it was achieved in a week. The second goal was to leave everything in the pool in the first meet, and do our absolute best... and he walked away with 2 blue 1st place ribbons. Six swim meets later we arrived at our final goal.. to qualify for the prestigious Texas Red White and Blue swimming Invitationals... the last meet of the year for all those quick enough to qualify... which he did. THIS... is the result of that final meet, where one Charlie Dude quite simply... SHOWED UP! #HeCameFromMyBalls #TheSeaBiscuitGeneIsNotRecessive #UnderdogOfTheYearByFAR #CrushingGoals

On a mission! Nailed my first headstand, and even played around a little. #crushinggoals @katie_collard thanks for pushing me, and @laelashallal for the 10000 takes 🤷🏻‍♀️

Bring on my final season. Ready for memories of a lifetime. #wenotme #huskiesstrong #crushinggoals

I have some really exciting news that I want to share with you all-- You are looking at 24 Hour Fitness' newest Personal Trainer up at the West Woodlands location!!! I've always known I wanted to help people in some way and I am so so excited to be able to guide clients down a healthy fitness journey! If you or any one you know of is looking for a fitness instructor to help push & motivate you to crush your goals, I'm your girl! First Session is free, so come check out our gym & let's create a better & healthier YOU 💖😉💪🏼🤘🏼✊🏼 #24hourfitness #WestWoodlands #PersonalTrainer #cpt #motivation #fitfam #fitlife #fitnessjourney #gymlife #crushinggoals #werkit #workhard #BetterYou #fitness #striveforgreatness #fitspo #oneonone #training


So today we got to a lovely high point in our life! We officially became big kids aka homeowners!!! I did post something about this around a month ago when our offer got accepted lol but deleted due to not wanting to jinx us during escrow 😂It feels so surreal! When we first started looking I didn't think we would find something that so perfectly fit our needs. This was definitely one of the more taxing times I feel we've gone through, I'm so happy it's over, and we have this amazing home to grow in😊 At the beginning of the year in one of my sales meetings at work we were asked what we wanted to accomplish in 2017, mine was to give birth to a healthy baby, and become a homeowner with the love of my life! We did it!! 😘 I love you, Zackery none of this is possible without you and your sacrifices 😘 #firsttimehomeowners #bigkids #allgrownup #crushinggoals

Coaching has completely changed my life. Financially. Personally. Physically. In every way. Last night I had the HUGE PRIVILEGE of speaking to our entire team of incredible Girl Bosses. I was able to share with them what I have done to make my business successful. How to juggle life, fitness, health, and several jobs, and manage to enjoy it all. I helped them to appreciate EMBRACING THE CHAOS of life. I want to HELP YOU to do the same. I want you to experience being a part of this incredibly supportive community.
I get so many questions about what it really is that I do as a coach, how I got into it, and what it takes to be a coach. That's why I am hosting an incredibly EXCLUSIVE 3 Day Event on Facebook. Beginning this Wednesday, I'll be going live sharing my story and my heart with you. Comment below or send me a DM to gain access to this no-cost, no-obligation, no strings attached event! Can't wait to meet you!
*must be in the US or Canada only
*must NOT already be a coach or be working with a coach

Because when it's only 56% humidity in June you go for an impromptu run! The picture isn't the best, but I'm SO glad I walked out the door and got a couple of easy miles in! And that sunset!
My pace was 10:32 and 9:39...for some it's not fast but just a couple months ago, my easy runs were around 11:30-12:00 minute miles.
After consistently doing strength training, putting in the hard work, and determination, I saw these paces tonight. It was such a nice surprise and makes digging deep and pushing harder on my workouts even more motivating!
Wanna join in on the fun and crush your goals? Join me starting July 17th for my Sizzling Summer challenge group! 3 weeks of 30 minute workouts that you can do in your own home (Hello AC!), with an easy to follow, no calorie counting nutrition plan.
Y'all, it's possible! With hard work and persistence it is possible to reach your goal! There's no magic, I'm not doing anything fancy or taking any magic pills - just good old fashion strength and cardio workouts that offer variety and fun all while getting support and motivation through a challenge group!
Save your spot now by commenting below or DM me!
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Taking a stab at Focus T25, it was a little tough after a long 12 hr day, but that's history now! Looking forward to tomorrow! #beachbodylife #crushinggoals

My heart is happy today😊
My challengers have done such a great job in week one and here we are starting week two and not giving up! So so SO proud!
You ever feel so full of life when you find something that really brings joy to your soul?! This is it for me! These girls pushing towards their goals and me running right beside them lights such a fire in me🔥💪🏻 Can't wait for final results of our group! I'm about to take this excitement and kill this workout! 👊🏻 You ready to join us yet?! #GOALdiggers #OnFire #CrushingGoals #WeGotThis #NoExcuses

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