This guy right here is where it all started. The crazy thing is, I asked him if he wanted to hold up an oil for the picture and he picked up not just one, but TWO of the very same oil bottle that was implemental in bringing him here. 😱 #whoa
I was on the search for support for my hormones while dreaming of this sweet little boy God had promised me long before. I was starting to learn that most of what I had been using in our home was fighting against my health and hormones. I was learning that I could do something about it. That I could start to transition our home to a much healthier place for a baby. And that I could eat in a way that could have a huge impact on this as well. Lemme tell ya the world sure wasn’t doin me any favors on that front. 🙄
Once this little guy was born, I started to realize things like, hmm maybe if our laundry detergent isn’t safe for babies, then it’s not safe for all of us? Or hmm, that dish soap I was using....should our little one be eating off of those dishes? Hmm, what’s in these products I’m rubbing all over his skin that basically gets absorbed right into his bloodstream?
So, here I am 4 years later with well supported hormones, 2 healthy children who I’ve never had to take to the doctor for a sick visit, leading a team of 630 families (growing by the day) who are experiencing things like better sleep, better breathing, healthier immune systems, healthier emotional wellness, and so. much. more.
For the first time in over a year, there is a sale for getting started with Young Living. It’s the best I’ve ever seen and I can guarantee you there won’t be a better price than this. I would’ve paid triple this for my family if I’d known what it would do for us. There is a 10% off sale on the oils kit (with gorgeous diffuser 😍) or the makeup kit. Plus more back from me. We want you to know whether you get essential oils from us, your dish soap, toothpaste, supplements and/or makeup, you’re getting way more than just those safe (good for you) products. You’re getting a family/community that will love you and pray for you and maybe bless you more than you could’ve imagined.
We are here and ready to serve you. 😊💜

Latest podcast is up. Link to full episode in bio.

Introducing the New Baby Welcome Kit!!!! Do you have a new baby or know a Mom to be? This kit is the perfect gift for the natural minded Momma!! It is specifically designed to give you safe tools to care for your little ones!! On the plus side, adults can benefit from them too! For This month only get an additional 4 items FREE with a purchase of a kit!! Tag a Mom who needs this in her life!!💪 #babyline

Need the perfect lip balm to pair with that Orange Patchouli soap that you love? This Orange lip balm makes the perfect match! Sweet juicy orange reminds me of the height of summer! 🍊

I was shocked when I learned how your gut is connected to so many things throughout your body! Your gut is linked to your brain 😳 with issues involving: Depression, anxiety, and adhd. Skin: Acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. Thyroid: Hashimoto’s, Hypothyroidism, and graves. Colon:🙈Constipation, diarrhea, and IBD. Adrenals: Fatigue. Joints: Rheumatoid Arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches. Sinus and mouth: Frequent colds, and food sensitivities... To name a few! Is your mind blown? Mine sure is!! Can you imagine what you can heal when you target your gut health head on. I’m healing myself from the inside out and I’m here to help you do the same.🤗

This super amazingly dreamy photo has been making me smile all day 😍 I was going through all our photos and losing it over how pretty they turned out. But then I stopped at this one because it reflected the state of my heart in so many ways. It’s a perfect representation of where we are right now. Dancing and laughing in the beauty of what our God has so graciously given to us. Victory. We’ve learned to dance in the grace of Christ not because we’ve always known how to do it or because we’re good at it - quite the opposite - because He has been so kind to us and has lavished us in love and mercy. We’ve learned we’re not enough and that’s okay. Because our Savior is enough. And when He is in the midst of everything all you can see is beauty, hope and grace - like I see in the beautiful trees and light in this photo. I am so thankful for this amazing man I get to call my husband. He’s the bomb 🙌🏻 AND THANK YOU to the amazing @emilieaphoto for the most breathtaking anniversary photos ever. I’m still crying over them 😂📷.

The best sale in over two years is coming at you! 🙌🏽
These tiny bottles have changed the way we do life in our home. How we combat almost anything in our home from our health to cleaning to skin care. You name it, we use oils for it.
It's empowering to be able to run to your oil stash when your baby has the sniffles or a belly ache or everyone is feeling the long work week and that headache won't quit.
Peace of mind knowing these oils don't come with a long list of side effects. I can't tell you how invaluable they've been to our family.
This kit is well worth the $160 that it is. But today through Friday, you can snatch this kit for $119.
11 oils that you will most definitely use - I will teach you how!
A gorgeous diffuser that runs up to 10 hours intermittently 🙌🏽
Samples of my favorite (and only) nontoxic household cleaner and an incredible antioxidant drink.
A welcome kit from our team and a roller of your choice!
A community of women, endless resources, Facebook group with content and videos to get you started and more.
Say yes. You won't regret it. I pinky promise.

It makes my day when I receive photos like this!! 💛 This little tiger is just the cutest all swaddled up!! 🐯Thank you @jmhastings7 for sharing!

So this is kind of a big deal... 🎉🎉🎉 Premium Starter Kits almost NEVER go on sale! But today through the 25th they are all 10% off!! The kit is already a huge savings--more than 50% off--over buying everything individually which is why I always recommend it!! So this extra discount is just plain bananas! Immune support, sleep support, glowing skin, spa-vibes diffusing throughout your home, all the natural tools to care for you and your family and none of the toxins! Click the link in my profile to get your kit + join the fun! 🙌🏻

{swipe >>>>} THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! Don’t miss this!! In the two years I’ve been a part of the Young Living family I’ve never seen a sale this awesome and I truly mean it. I SO wish I could’ve gotten in on this myself when I started! So if you’ve been sitting on the fence or waiting for a paycheck to come in, now is your chance friend!! I would jump up and down to have the honor to walk alongside you in your wellness journey and provide you with education, resources and support. Our community is amazing. So life-giving. I love all my girls so much and their sweet families. Don’t miss out on the party 🎊 The premium starter kits are only $119 (instead of $160!) and the Savvy Minerals kits are just $110 (instead of $150!!!!) when you use my link and join my team. SO amazing 😍
Here’s the deets!
☀️ Sale valid today until Friday, May 25th at 11:59pm MST.
🌱 You will see an immediate 10% off your kit at checkout. I will send you the $25 back via PayPal or Venmo as a gift from me!
💧 Make sure to keep an eye out for happy mail from me as well. I always send a welcome packet to my lovely new team members! I have a thing for gifts and happy mail so prepare yourself ☺️
🎓 You’ll get instant access to all our community resources, classes and ongoing education.
How do I sign up for this goodness you ask?? Good question love. Super easy - just go to the link in my profile or shoot me a DM and I’ll help get you started. Can’t wait for you to begin your journey toward wellness for you and your family 😘

These little boxes represent a lot for me and my family. The box on the left is a Premium Starter Kit full of essential oils, which was the FIRST step I took in switching my family over to a more natural lifestyle.
The box on the right is the Savvy Minerals Makeup Starter Kit which was the LAST step I needed to take in swapping out harmful products for safer alternatives in our home.
The journey to a more natural life wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight but it was the BEST thing I have ever done for my family. This is not to say I eat perfect (I don’t) or exercise daily (I wish) but I do watch what goes on and in our bodies in the form of our products that are in our home.
From today until 5/28 BOTH of these kits are on sale for 10% off..plus I’m throwing in an extra $25 back taking the cost down to $119...a FREAKING steal for how these products will change your life.
Check out my stories for more info and then shoot me a DM. I can’t wait for you to start your journey ❤️

If you've been eyeing the oily lifestyle but have been waiting for a sign.... I've got your sign that T O D A Y is the day to hop on board, partner with me, and kick of summer with a switch to a more natural lifestyle 😎
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Ahhhhh!!! ⚗️🌿⚗️🌿 this sale NEVER happens (last time was 2 years ago)! ⚗️🌿⚗️🌿 get all of this for only $144!! From now until Friday! And when you order I’ll give you a free bottle of cedarwood or free shipping (up to $10). It’s time to get oily — best decision ever!!! •

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This glorious line-up joined the oily nook this month and I think they’ll fit in just fine 🤤😍 the FOUR oils to the right were free! Unboxing these beauties in my stories! #youngliving #essentialrewards #whatsinmyer #myoilyday #crunchymoms #sahm #essentialoils #plants

Hey friends! I know you know I love and use essential oils (specifically Young Living) and right now they are having 10% off of their Premium Starter Kits! I absolutely LOVE their products and would love to have you join me! The sale is good from the 22nd-25th and I’m also giving a recipe box full of my oily DIYs...I’ve got stuff in there for skin care, household, and wellness! You’ll never regret signing up! We’ve got an AWESOME community of people to help you along the way! 💚💚💚

Summer vibes!
Workout mostly complete ✔
Deck lounging✔
Absolutely loving being outside with these kiddos😁

THIS IS THE GREATEST SALE!!!!! Starting May 22nd at 10 AM MST until May 25th at 11:59 PM MST, you can grab any of the six Premium Starter Kits that will be on sale!!!! * * * US ONLY * * *

If you're a part of this community, you most likely started your journey with a PSK. Did you know that you can, at any time, quick order another one!? This is the ONLY way I will buy a new diffuser because I get those 11 amazing oils for a STEAL when buying them in the kit vs. purchasing a diffuser and each of those oils individually!!! Haven't gotten your hands on any Savvy Minerals yet? It's your time!!! Today's the perfect day to break up with your other makeup and get that Savvy goodness you've had your eyes on!!! The following PSKs are available at this extraordinary value!! + Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop Diffuser + Premium Starter Kit with Desert Mist Diffuser
+ Savvy Minerals by Young Living Premium Starter Kit – Cool 2
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Have friends or family who've been wanting to jump in on this oily journey with you?! There isn't a better time than now!!! ✨ Message me or use link in bio and I will hook you up!

Have you been waiting for the perfect time to get your premium starter kit? Oils or Makeup is 10% off now until May 25th! This hasn’t happened in 2 YEARS!! Message me for details or go to www.oilylifers.com

Love my reusable snack baggie from @beegohandmade 🖤 thank you!!
This is the cutest reusable baggie shop I’ve found on Etsy. If I had any more money, I’d have them take it all! More more more reusables! Less less less plastic waste!
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Our “Oily Baby Line” features adorable Oily onesies perfect for the crunchy Momma in your life! 😍 Available in 8 gorgeous colors, perfect for girl or boy!!!!! These onesies make AWESOME baby shower gifts, just because gifts, and even splurge on yourself gifts! 😉

Check them out in our shop! *Direct Link in our profile!* Happy Tuesday, sweet friends!!!!

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