Calling all mommas!!!! 💜💜💜 So I have been looking for months and months for a probiotic for my four year old that he would take, and I had no idea that Young Living was coming out with one this summer. Y’all this stuff is amazing and reminds me of a Pixie Stick 🍭 🍬 Plus it’s a prebiotic too (win win!!)!!! If anyone wants to try one of these with their kiddos (and you’re not already a member) let me know!!! #probiotics #probiotic #prebiotic #healthykid #probioticsforkiddos #probioticsforkids #naturalkids #naturalkidsrock #wellnessjourney

Gratitude is a magnet for miracles. ❤️ I have been in a complete funk today...anyone else been there??? 😉 Do you want to know what finally got me out of it? Inhaling lots of Joy, Stress Away, and Frankincense and focusing all my thoughts on what I am grateful for vs. what I am frustrated about. We all have bad days. The key is to have the tools to pull you out of that space of feeling like a victim and moving into a space of empowerment and joy! With that mindset you can take back your day and enjoy all that you are truly blessed with!

Want to know one difference between fresh raw heavy cream and store bought grass fed heavy cream? If you whip store bought heavy cream for too long... you still get whip cream. If you whip fresh cream too long, you get butter. (Butter is on the left, whip cream is on the right.). #accidentalhomemadebutter
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What are you doing July 9th to 13th? I bet you’ll be on Facebook, and I bet you would LOVE trying some oils for free, while you learn just how amazing they are and how empowering they can be as health and wellness tools in your home 👌🏼I’m not lying when I say this: I only wish someone introduced me to oils sooner #truthbomb #gamechanger .
Send me a DM, I have a few spots left for this free😍 educational Facebook event: 6 oils, 10 minute live videos, watch from anywhere 🎉🦄💎 #spoiled #educationandoils #goinggoing #youknowyouwantto #oilmama

I didn't think that I'd like this oil. I'm more of a citrus kinda girl. When I first got my kit it was all orange, all day. But I added the little bottle to my ER last month & this has claimed the place of my 2nd favorite oil. Northern Lights Black Spruce smells woodsy, as you'd guess, but it also pairs amazingly with citrus. It has a calming and grounding effect... I love it so much that every time I pass my oil shelf, I open the bottle to take a big whiff. Today I'm diffusing Grapefruit + Citrus Fresh + Lime + NLBS and it's 👌🏻...

My forever wedding date. ❤

My #ylconvention2018 stuff finally arrived! Check out my stories a little later and I’ll share with you what’s in this box of oily goodness!
Oily friends: If you already got your Convention stuff (jealous), what’s your FAVE?

My big kid indulging my selfie ways. Headed to the splash park one more time before we head to New Mexico.
#texas #familyfun #roadtrippin

Flipping through photos on my phone and came across this gem. I have countless photos of friends I “met” online through this oil journey, who I got to hug last week at convention. The community that came with my kit of oils really is the best part 💗




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Played with these NEW products today. LOVE them all 😍 The orange blossom charcoal bar is soooo good! My skin looks and feels amazing. #savvyminerals #youneedit #crunchymamas #mychemicalfreelife #

I am woman! Give me chocolate! #momstash

All the weekend vibes coming at ya ☀️💃🎉...and all the Lychee...probably my fav local fruit, that or mangos. I can't decide.
I stopped at a roadside stand for these beauties with tired and fussy kids, crossed a busy highway, and jogged a couple hundred yards just to get my hand on a 3 pound bag. WORTH IT!
Packing these up for a day at the beach today. Throw me a comment or emoji ⬇️ of your fav local eats.


Christmas came early! 😍 The newest Young Living products have me giddy! They listen when we ask for non toxic, plant based, really, truly all natural products for ourselves & our families.
A gorgeous glass & metal lantern diffuser that runs up to 11 hours! 😲
A great new single essential oil, Kunzea which Tazmanean natives call the tick bush 🤔🌱
Orange Blossom cleanser (reformulated), a moisturizer, & a Charcoal bar soap for normal to oily skin! 🍊
Einkorn wheat cereal - the ancient grain, better for those with sensitivities 🌾
Savvy minerals makeup!!! Matte veil, 5 cinnamint infused lipstick colors, eyeshadow palette, hydrating or mattifying primers, 3 more multitasker colors, a kubucki brush, & MASCARA! 😍
Over-the-counter FDA approved ingredients - Max Strength Acne Treatment 😍 & SPF 50 Mineral sunscreen lotion 🌞
What are you most excited about? 🤗

This sums it up perfectly! And I have two of them! 🤣
#threeyearolds #twintoddlers

You know those moments where reflection just kind of hits you, and you think back on your life and realize just how far you’ve come? That happened to me last night as I talked with a new friend.

It was interesting explaining to her how I used to have terrible anxiety, how I used to live my life so exhausted (and that was before Avery), how I struggled with so much of life.

It was interesting because all of it was past tense. All of it. Don’t get me wrong, life isn’t totally easy now by any means (we have a teething baby right now, remember? 😅), but so much of what used to make my life feel unbearable doesn’t come up in my day-to-day anymore.

I don’t lay awake at night feeling overwhelmed by life anymore. I don’t stress out about being around people. I don’t go home and worry and dwell on conversations, wondering if I sounded stupid or if the people I was with even liked me. When I do feel panicked, I know it, and I can physically/mentally calm myself down. No more panic attacks.

And even though this stage of life has me incredibly sleep deprived, I’m not exhausted most days. I truly enjoy my daughter. I love our time making memories. I’m physically AND mentally present with her. And I used to worry about that. I even convinced myself for a time that I didn’t want kids, and that was because I didn’t know how I could ever take care of someone else when I was barely taking care of me.

Needless to say, I’m grateful for all the changes in my life. I’m grateful that someone cared enough to share plant-based, life-changing supplements with me, supplements that have literally helped me physically and mentally heal. I’m grateful to be a part of a company and culture that promotes personal growth, vulnerability, and servanthood. I’m grateful God gave me the nudge to just try it. Because without all of these things, I know I wouldn’t have the crazy-beauty life I have now.

If you’re hurting, if you’re struggling, if life is just hard, I want you to know I’ve been there. And maybe the supplements I use won’t help. But maybe they will. And I’m more than willing to walk the path with you to find out 💗

27 weeks as of Wednesday w/baby boy #2
& the only reason I know that is because of the midwifery appointment I had. #mushbrains
Which got me thinking about my birth story w/Eli + all its moving parts & memories because I rehashed it again at said appointment.
I love all things birth + pregnancy + maternity + placenta + nursing + postpartum + adoption + foster related & I never tire talking & learning about it all. Anyone else feel me on this? God designed the female body so perfectly, so intricately, so special to have the ability to grow + carry a human soul. But more importantly, He created the female soul to care & nurture & love your child (no matter WHICH way your baby graces your life) like no one else can. That’s astonishing, my friends. A true privilege.
I was thinking about doing a future post about Eli’s birth since it’s fresh on my mind again, anyone interested in reading that?
P.s. these totally rad, NON-maternity pants are from @oldnavy! They also come in olive leaf print & a few solids. 🌿🌿🌿

These are just some of the treats I picked up from Marlene’s Market today! I look at 2 things mostly on every snack food I buy; sugar and ingredients! I try and keep sugar 5g or lower per serving if any sugar any at all. I also stay away from ingredients that spike your blood sugar!

“I believe that essential oils are the closest physical and tangible substance that carries the spirit of God on earth.” - D. Gary Young 🙌🏻🌿

Relax, also known as my “Hot Mess” blend - helps calm me when I’m stressed, busy, anxious or just moody. I use ten drop of Wild Orange,
Citrus Bliss, Balance, Lavender & Serenity and fill the rest with FCO. What oils do you use to calm down?

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