Crumpets from head to toe! 💃🏻😬 📸 by @foodwinedine #crumpetsbymerna

Crumpets with butter and honey. I didn’t think I would like these more then my Nutella crumpets but omg so good 😍
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After a workout, your muscles are depleted from glycogen. What does that mean? If you don’t eat well after workout, you body will simply find whatever resources it can to repair. Once it has exhausted all possibilities, it will look to break down protein (muscle).
After a workout, your body needs to repair. Not considering post workout nutrition can affect your performance later in the day, and the week, and can affect recovery protocols!
After training, your glycogen is depleted, refilling these stores increases protein synthesis. After workouts is when you should consider High GI carbs – to help illicit an insulin response to rebuild muscle, reduce soreness and recover more quickly. Fats should be avoided post workout, as they slow down the digestive process – and this is the one time you don’t want to slow down nutrients into the body. .
Consuming a combination of proteins and carbs accomplishes both repair and recovery. The “go to” protein shake is a great option – as it is easily digestible, however, without considering carbohydrates with your shake, you risk proper repair. It doesn’t HAVE to be 2 minutes after
a workout, but the faster you get this meal in, the sooner the repair can begin. We suggest eating this meal within an hour after working out. .
We suggest pairing high GI foods with good protein sources! This insulin spike stops protein breakdown right after working out. Much like this delicious example of crumpets, protein, berries and maple😋 Other examples of what to eat after a workout are below.
🍓Special K, almond milk, protein powder and strawberries. 🍗Chicken breast, green veg and pasta. 🍏Greek yoghurt, muesli and fruit. 🍔Lean beef patty and burger bun. 🍌Protein shakes
with berries and yoghurt.
🥞Protein Pancakes.
🍫Low fat protein bars.
🍞Toast, banana, honey and a protein shake🍌
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My plating skills are vastly outstripped by how freakin' good these locally-cooked #crumpets are, especially with #kissanjam pineapple jam and mixed fruit jam (the reddest of the red jams).

Dehydrating chicken skin, in preparation for Sunday at @newcastleuni Freshers event. Chicken Katsu, with chicken crackling and fresh green chilli. Just one of the Krumpits available on the evening. .
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dinner : 2 crumpets (200), spread (45), 1 egg (~70), 2 egg white (34), broccoli (106), cauliflower (106), coconut spray (~40), garlic, pumpkin (67) 🎃 a splash of almond milk, onion powder and lots of nooch. (~680)
I struggled w crumpet number two but had a little break and a pace around the kitchen, then pushed on. The pumpkin came out next level awesome and i will definitely be using more tomorrow. I’m pretty fucking proud of myself for putting away 700 kcal in one go without relying on junk food, protein bars, liquids or supplements. Perhaps this will pave the way for normal eating in the future. 🙈 This means I’ve pretty much met my minimal/maintenance caloric requirements for the day. Meh. .
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No bread left for breakfast? How about some wholegrain spelt crumpets? They are the easiest to make, and ready from start to finish in less 15 min!
➡️ 1,5 cup water, 3,5 cups wholegrain spelt flour, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, pinch salt. Mix you dough and roll it out: it should be about 1cm thick. Cut out your crumpets using a mug, bake on each side in a frying pan (no oil needed)... Et voilà ! Enjoy warm or cold, or toasted! Amazing vegan butter recipe by @thehiddenveggies.
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The usual after school shnackle ☕️ @warburtonsuk #crumpets #teaandcrumpets #afterschoolsnack

Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight (1st-16th September) may be over, but since when should eating locally sourced Scottish produce be restricted to just a fortnight?! All week I’m going to be cooking up an affordable, comforting and absolutely delicious Scottish storm using ingredients from my preferred supermarket, @lidluk 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 My recipes are super easy to make, rarely involve any measurements (I prefer the ‘add as much cheese as you like’ method!) and create tasty dishes that people actually want to eat. First up, breakfast! I’ve made a majestic tower of buttery Orkney cheddar crumpets, Scottish smoked salmon and sliced avocado, topped with a free-range organic poached egg 🧀🥑🍳
Method: Toast your crumpets for 2 minutes ~ Smother them in butter then quality grated cheddar and chuck them under the grill on high for 4 minutes ~ Poach an egg; I won’t pretend to be an expert in this field (I don’t even use vinegar or create a whirlpool) but once you know, you know ~ Bring out the crumpets and assemble, trying to keep the layers reasonably flat so that your poachie balances on top ~ I went crumpet, salmon, avo, crumpet, salmon, avo then popped on my poachie, sprinkled it with chilli flakes and pepper then devoured the lot 🤤 @eat_scottish, @lidluk #ScotFoodGoals #PlateExpectations #Ad

I love rob!! I want to be more English to!!!!!
I would gladly take crumpets from him any day!!!!
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We are the Button Family! My husband Daniel has a soft spot for crumpets and won’t let go of the memories of his Grandad taking him to the dairy to buy freshly baked crumpets - these crumpets! When the Honeycomb Crumpet bakery appeared for sale after the Christchurch earthquakes, Daniel couldn’t resist and bought it, gave everything a spruce up and launched under our family name. We do appreciate all of you who support our little kiwi business, we are in it for the love of delicious crumpets just like you!
Much love,
Elisabeth Button. -
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It’s all about balance and whale mugs 💁🏼‍♀️🐳

Meal 4/21: CRUMPETS!!
Sometimes you just need crumpets & a massive cuppa coffee!! .
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Errrrr yum!
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