#tb to one of the few places which had plant milk in Buenos Aires🥛+🥑🍞 There’s such a striking cultural difference when it comes to how people accept and embrace veganism in different cultures… I don’t think you can fully understand what I am talking about unless you have lived in a country where veganism is as rare as it is in many countries in Latin America. Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying Latin America is worse or anything like that. I just think food is such an important cultural part there that it is very difficult for people to accept change, even if change is for the better. In Argentina the culture around meat is insane, and honestly, as a vegan, it is pretty depressing to see people around me consume meat like there is no tomorrow when I go there. Moderation does not exist.
When I say I’m vegan in places like Europe I am very rarely met with any negative comments. Most people accept the fact that veganism is good for the animals, the environment, and our health, even if they have not yet transitioned into a vegan diet. However, when I say I am a vegan in Argentina, I am met with a much more aggressive response, as though what I am doing is completely wrong. I hope this will change in the near future. I truly think it will. Veganism is still growing there, although at a much slower pace. I want to be a part of this change somehow. Hopefully educating people even through social media helps the tiniest bit!

Cecil County, MD

Truth be told, Alvin and I had no idea what this place was. We didn’t even mean to find it. We were looking for an abandoned school, but curiosity consumed us as we drove past these mysterious structures; we had to stop. ———————————————————
Sagging floor boards creak cries for help that will not be answered. Houses fester, decaying islands of isolation in what was once a vibrant archipelago of life. Most of the structures were too battered to enter, marked with signs that read “Caution: Lead Hazard” and “Danger: Asbestos Cancer and Lung Disease Hazard.” Former homes were few and far between, so we continued to walk down the abandoned arteries that once pumped blood through this corpse of a town. They had to lead to somewhere. Right?
As silence permeated through the air, as we stalked down the abandoned highway. We had no idea if we were to be the prey or predator; either way we remained in high alert. This was an apocalyptic wasteland, a free for all in which there are no rules.
We saw something, first on the map, then in the woods. Perhaps this was the Tome Boy’s School? Not exactly, the building looked like a school, but etched across the walls were battle plans and combat protocol. The occasional 5.56X45mm bullet casing littered the dusty floor “What was the place?” was the question that dominated my thoughts. ———————————————————
Two days later we would learn. Amber, the sister of our Couchsurfing host, had been to the Tome Boy’s School and told us that we were actually just down the street from it and that the entire property was once part of the campus which consisted of over 500 buildings. Upon its opening in the late 1800s the Tome Boy’s School was one of the most highly regarded primary education facilities in the country. It, however, was forced to close in 1941 after going through financial hardship caused by the Great Depression. Since then ownership has transferred from the Navy, as a Naval Academy Prep School, to the Susquehanna Job Corps Center as a vocational school. Now the 200 acre campus stands in abandonment.

Does anyone else has a similar piece? I can’t seem to perfect the water level.. any suggestions? #azweed #azmm #azmmj #allgreensaz #urbangreen #glass #pipe #bong #waterpipe #weed #wax #crumble #shatter #help #dabbing on a little of that #lemonhaze #yum #rickandmorty #azdabdr

In the mood to use my op shop pie dishes tonight: raspberry and apple crumble with nutmeg, with bonus leftover pastry flowers, and mock goose (layers of apple, potato and grated cheese with some stock poured through) YUM 😋 #cooking #pies #crumble #dessert #mockgoose #piedish #vintage #yummy #food #dinner #wednesdays although my child ate neither #Mumlife

croccante fuori dal cuore morbido e goloso, con tante ciliegie succose e profumate
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Hope u can stay a little longer. #crumble #counfusion

Fragranti quadrotti farciti con marmellata, veloci da preparare e facili da servire!
Stasera la ricetta nel mio blog!
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Hij cake naar mij! Het was liefde op het eerste zicht #food #crumble #debroersvanjulienne #ijzerenwaag #antwerp #antwerpen

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