the difference a little access makes: cleaning (if you are blind and require textual descriptions for any of my content, please feel free to ask! it takes me a while, but I am happy to provide it.)

Oh my gourd! 🎃 Out of the 8-10 bushels of all different varieties of squash, potatoes, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons that @flygirlbuf so generously gifted me from her family farm.... This is all that's left! We are eatin good in the hood, folks 💯👌🏼 #meatlessmonday #local #organic #fresh #ohmygourd #fallfoods #nofarmsnofood #supportlocal #buffalo #buffalogirl #buffaloeats #buffalovegan #whatveganseat #veganmeals #veganeatsplease #simplefoods #eatwholefoods #naturalhealing #holistichealing #putgoodingetgoodout #mmjcommunity #mmjgirls #chronicillness #chronicpainwarrior #dysautonomia #gastroparesis #lymedisease #crps #spoonie #positivevibesonly

PT session this morning. Loved doing boxing in personal training sessions years ago so my goal is to get back into it, but first I need to get my bad leg (CRPS) and back stronger. Enjoyed my PT session lots today although I sweated a lot! Ha my thighs are definitely going to be aching tomorrow after all the squats today! (There is a bath, toilet and sink in background as we are getting a new bathroom put in!) haha #personaltraining #weightloss #fitness #boxing #squats #rehabilitation #crps #PTsession #personalgoals #ontherighttrack #positivity #goingtoachetomorrow

Love being in the country again. Sarah is doing so good after her cancer surgery this past. I have finally convinced Sarah to retire from service dog work. She is enjoying the life of leisure. (Picture on left & bottom right) Hammy and Rosie (top right). Both are service dogs too.
#retiredservicedog #lovemydog #ptsdservicedog #crps #rsd

I love adventures with this man- hiking always reminds me of how good God is and how beautiful his creations are. 🍁 🍂 🍃 ⛰ We lost the path and climbed straight up the side of the mountain for a good half of it- but it only added to the adventure! Halfway down, my CRPS flared up really bad- and in those painful moments it reminds me just how blessed I am to have such a loving man by my side, a man who would literally offer to carry me down a mountainside because I’m in pain. He’s a keeper. ♥️ #adkliving #crps #hikingadventures

Trying to rise above all the heartache around us...
#rsd #crps #noonefoghtsalone

Well played Monday, well played.
Well, it was a good 9-month-no-hospital run while it lasted. Effing RSD.

For those that missed my big announcement last week, I have been invited to be a keynote speaker at a movie premier in Ontario, Canada!
This is an incredible opportunity and my first large speaking engagement. The film is about #mentalillness and is part of a campaign to end the stigma and open up conversation about #mentalhealth.
At the event, I will be sharing my personal journey with #chronicpain and #depression, as well as highlighting the hundreds of stories from ALL OF YOU who have shared your lives/journeys with me through this online outreach.
I am very excited to be a part of this event, but I NEED YOUR HELP to make it to Ontario. The campaign is still in its infancy/grassroots and the movie director cannot afford to pay we who are traveling and speaking at the event. I wish I didn't have to ask for help, but a trip like this is hard to afford--especially with such short notice (November 14th!) Please know that ANY amount--no matter how small--helps! And you are not only contributing so people can hear "Emily's story"....by my going up and participating in this event I will be bringing awareness to every single one of us who suffers with mental illness and chronic pain or chronic illness every single day. My story is your story as well in so many ways.
If you can help, the link to my GoFundMe account is in my bio and will remain there until November 14. If you cannot I COMPLETELY understand! I appreciate all of the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes that you all could send my way!! Thank you!!! GO FUND ME
LINK IN BIO #mentalillness #adrenalfatiguerecovery #adrenalfatigue #holistichealth #adrenalhealth #chronicpainwarrior #chronicfatigue #arthritis #rheumatoidarthritis #chronicallyill #spoonieblogger #spinalinjury #CRPS #autoimmunedisease #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthrecovery #fibro #spondylolisthesis #depression #backsurgery #spondy #anxiety #panicattacks #thyroiddisease

What you see: Someone looking forward to cheering on the Brewers (and Packers!) tonight! So grateful I said “Screw it!” to my pain and went to my Grandma’s anyways. It’s been awhile and I missed her. We are having a viewing party- flipping between the Brewers and Packers games tonight. ⚾️ + 🏈 = ❤️ *
What you don’t see:
4 hours of sleep (plus a 1 hour nap), abdominal binder, SI belt (I always take it off for pictures), the never ending heating pads, headache, nausea, and a nagging cough that triggered a level 7/10 pain. I feel it with every single step I take, and it would be so easy to stay in bed today. But I firmly believe conquering small battles is what keeps me going during the flare ups, and today I really wanted to be with my family. 😍 I won today’s battle with chronic pain- one day at a time! 👍

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