Congratulations to the Fredericton Dawgs for winning the Bronze medal at the Eastern men’s Masters! ⚽️🥉
The Eastern and Western Masters are an annual regional club championships where the top O-35 clubs from provinces and territories compete.
Félicitation à l’équipe des Fredericton Dawgs pour avoir mérité la médaille de bronze au Championnat Maîtres de l’Est!

Hey quick question 🤔 who or what do you reach for when you’re down? .... 🤔 What do you do or where do you go? I’m just curious to know what are some things you would do when you’re in a tough place? I remember when I didn’t have nothing but just my book bag with an empty Gatorade bottle to refill it with water, a blanket, tooth brush and my free phone from the government... I didn’t have much but I would always reach to God and ask to guide me and to give me the strength to reach the stars! I am no longer afraid to say my home was Central Park, the train stations and hotel bathrooms for almost 2 years. Everyday I would practice my singing and writing skills. I didn’t allow temptation to lead me to the fire and make me give up on my dreams. God gave me the talent to sing and write amazing songs that’s what I do when I’m down. Joy fills my heart after every melody!! At times I take the train or take a late night walk to appreciate the world God has given us!!! Now I have so many deals on the table to choose from for my artist career, I write songs for major artist and tv shows and own an amazing recording studio in Times Square. God listens and will continue surrounding me around good people if I continue to do the right thing. Thank you God for given me a beautiful family and incredible friends!
P.S I won’t ever stop singing even when I’m gone! ACOSTA PARK

Разыгрываем слитки, определяем народные марки, пьём водичку .
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