First briefing.

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Register, get a ticket, check the timetable again, grab a coco-coffee and some merch.

#munichclash #cfmpicspam

Mobility drills and warm up throughout the day.

I loved the quiet moments in between the noise and rush of the heats.
As the actual event location was in a different part of the building, the chill out and warm up areas were sometimes almost empty.

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Box shirts.

Guess the event: 23 teams, 12 CrossFit boxes, 3 WODs, 2 categories, 1 coffee machine.

October 2016 was filled with fun and events.
While the #wiesnworkout2016 kicked it off and the #badtasteparty2016 closed my favorited month of the year event wise, there was also the 1st (and unfortunately to date only) Munich Clash happening.
On the 3rd of October about 100 sleepy, but pumped CrossFitters stormed our lovely place to find out who the fittests teams in and around Munich are.

This is gonna be a loooong event spam... 😁

Wiesn workout 2016, one round after the second WOD.
"Stefan, we're done, we've finished!" 😎.
"What do mean 'finished'? That's an AMRAP!" 😲🤔.
I still wonder how I managed to capture that moment... 😂

Lindi, was machst du außer hiken?

10-1 behind the neck push presses

How time flys by! Found an old picture with less beard and less tattoos taken by @alexb247_ at the old @crossfitmunich location at the werksviertel! I really miss this place and the „earlier“ times of our community!
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What sunday afternoon feels like.

#cfmpicspam #wiesnworkout2016

Only 6 more weeks until the Wiesn is upon us again, so get out your Dirndl, Lederhosen and Haferlschuhe cleaned and while you count down the days have a look at a small happening called "Wiesn workout" CrossFit Munich hosts every other year or so.

While in the beginning (unfortunately before I became a member myself) this fun event included for example Bierbankstemmen (beer bench presses) and other silly, but slightly risky ideas along that line, in 2016 it was basically an hour of normal CrossFit, followed by getting showered, styled and dressed in your traditional Bavarian attire of choice for time, before two dozen CrossFitters collectively made their way to the famous Theresienwiese and their designed beer tent of the day. 🍻🥨🍗

BABYABS ON FIRE. (Sehe sie heute auch zum ersten Mal.) 5 rounds
25 ghd sit-ups
20 alternating db stoh

The floor is lava!
...and still without any actual flooring to dampen the ear drum rupturing noise of dropping barbells.

This was about 3 weeks after we (coaches and members together) set up room 4, assambled multiple Assault Bikes, drilled holes in the cement, put up and screwed together the rig and literally carried tons of weights in plates, kettlebells, dumbbells and med balls.

The #Vereinsmeisterschaft2016 had to be carried out on the bare cement floor, because the ordered mats were delayed for over a month.
Does anyone remember the noise level back then? Seriously, NO FUN. 😬🙉.
And while probably no one misses the sauna this room turned into during summer, I do miss the space we (the East peeps) had there. Noisy or not. 😄


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