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Hello la team!
Ce matin j’avais envie de vous parler d’un truc qui me taraude depuis quelques semaines maintenant... a savoir, le ventre plat!
Levez la main celles qui ont cette ambition 🙌🏽 😅 je te vois toi la bas au fond!
J’avais en admiration les ventres fermes, dessinés ou creux, des certaines femmes sur la toile. Et TOUTES sont nullipares... sans antécédent d’obésité.
Alors moi avec mon passé d’obèse et mes deux grossesses... faut être réaliste! 🤦🏾‍♀️ j’ai porté la vie et aussi beaucoup trop de gras 🐷 Je ne suis pas résignée ni découragée. J’ai revu mes objectifs, j’ai abandonné depuis bien longtemps les séances d’abdominaux, je ne compte pas les réintégrer volontairement dans mes entraînements.
Vous êtes des tonnes à avoir un ventre normal, pas creux ni rond comme un ballon. Il varie au fil de la journée. Vous êtes normales!!! Soyez réaliste et gardez votre optimisme. Ne comparez pas! Suivez votre propre chemin et obtenez ce que vous voulez vraiment.
Mon ventre n’est pas ferme, il a longtemps était très rond emplie d’amour et de beignets au chocolat 😅 il n’est pas si rond et n’est pas plat non plus. Et je ne fais rien pour changer cela. Pourtant je suis motivée et je reste focalisée sur mon maintien en forme et en santé.
J’ai repris la course à pieds aujourd’hui... je ne dois plus lâcher... objectif 10kms par semaine
Mon ventre et moi vous souhaitons une bonne journée 💋🐼

I know I already shared one of these shots from earlier - but I had so much fun getting in my #p52radness today.
Also — it feels kinda of good to be doing things in my own terms. Not worrying about how the grid looks, if I am following the “rules” or saying the right things or any of that stuff I used to drive myself crazy over. I am truly inspired by all the hustlers and go-getters that fill my feed each day. And admittedly- I chased after all of that too. For me - all of that hustling and posting and selfies came to a screeching halt because it was fake. It wasn’t me and the pressure to be something more, more, more was suffocating. Is it wrong to just want to BE!? Meaning...I kind of just want to be a mom and wife and go to Crossfit and the beach and take pictures of my life. If I get to get to all the other stuff - great. If not, that’s okay. It’s not that I don’t have goals and hopes and dreams - it’s just that I was chasing after empty goals and now to be enjoying everything and savoring this time in this exact season of life now feels amazing.

When your weekend at the beach was so good, how do you attack Monday? @shakasandsnatches ☕️ @drinkgreenenergy ⚡️| 📸: @uplif73d

Well i may have hit a post surgery PR, but swipe left to see the face I made when i was told to increase my weight! IS YOU CRAZY??? #diditanyway #crossfit #hangcleans #crossfitmom #asstograss #fitmom #fitlife #stillprogressing #clockwork #fitaid #momswholift #crossfitchick #personaltrainer #cfl1 #gainzbox #iwannamakeprettyliftingfaces#goals

Last night before we fell asleep I whispered in Hazels ear “Tomorrow is going to be a good day”. She woke up a bit on the rough side but within a few hours she took my hand and said “ You were right Mom, today is a good day!” She was out of her bed more today, she even stole some of daddy’s food ☺️. We are hoping to get her off of IV nutrition so we can go home soon. It’s been such a good past few days I felt like I could take a few hours to myself while Noble was with Hazel.
Every time I think I’m ok I’m reminded, things aren’t the same. I’m not ok yet. This is going to take some time.
With permission I sneak into our Crossfit gym after hours and sweat some of my bottled up stress, anger, and anxiety out.
This gym was.. is our second home. Hazel did kidfit here, Noble and I spent hours here with Hazel. Daily. Its been our family daily activity for so long. Hazel knows it almost as much as our house. “It’s kidfit time!!!”. I get there. I’m alone. I forgot how big this place is. I start my workout, a workout I’ve done before. It should be easy. It’s not. I’m on my second round. And it hits me. I can’t breathe. I drop my bar and scream out loud for the first time since Hazel was diagnosed. She can’t see me, so it alright. I’m not ok. Everyone says I’m so strong, but I don’t feel strong.
These ropes. Hazel loves to climb on them. These rings, Hazel turned them into a swing. These mats. Hazel would run and jump on them. These boxes. Hazel would jump off of. Scratch her arm, cry. Then run and play all over again. I’m reminded that life outside of those hospital walls are going to be very different. Just because we get to go home soon doesn’t mean we get our old lives back. I pick my bar back up and start over again. That’s how life will be when we do get to go home, we will just start over. Find a new normal. Sure, it’s definitely not going to be the same, but one day, a few years down the road when she is completely cancer free we look back and see how far we have come. We will be so much stronger then we ever have been before. Until then.
We will Fight. Together. Always.

Omg, had a great day now I think I run out of energy for the rest of the week 😂. #busymonday #feelingaccomplished #crossfitmom #crossfitzeke #blacksidebarbell #strongmom #betterthanyesterday

1RM 40kg Power clean, PR. 👌💪 ____
#pr #powerclean #crossfitmom #fitness

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