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"Suffer in silence" or with a smile. Just another day in the playground with @provinggroundscomps last weekend. #latepost #crossfit #flexoffenders #crossfithumanity @a_brooksie @rckrjesse

Swimming with the crew😎 #crossfithumanity #swimming #running #coronado

New PR today thanks to the encouragement {abuse} from Phillip 🍀💪🏻95# Squat Snatch 🏋🏼‍♀️ #crossfit #girlswholift #crossfithumanity

🔈sound on: 1.5x speed makes this video so much better. | @chilljillll @wuisms @kai_lee671

Sore AF and still able to hit close to my max. #snatch #cleanandjerk #strength #crossfithumanity #soreaf

Happy Tuesday! Here's a nice little video of Jordan staring at a really heavy bar for a while 😉

NEW TRAINING CYCLES: Humanity Barbell is open to ALL gym members. New Training Cycles for both Powerlifting and Weightlifting will begin next Monday (03/20/17). Contact the Barbell Coaches to find out how to hop in! •
#crossfithumanity #humanitybarbell #growingstrongtogether #humanitystrong

Prior to this, we got called out on our California accents by some locals. Just a few beach dudes taking on the Midwest 🤙🏽 📷: @jhimageexpert
The new @pastparallel ROLO series compression shorts are definitely multi purpose. No rising up during the run and thick enough to keep warm and unexposed during the swim! Use code "dc20" and try for yourself!

Looking forward to giving these to the competitors who will earn them on October 7th, 2017.

#crossfithumanity #humanitybarbell #humanityopen #usaplca #usapowerlifting


#CrossFitTeamSeries Events 3 & 4 went down for Sunday Funday!! Nice job, everyone 👌

Saturday night 🥂 |
#Repost @cthipschman
Early morning endurance class with Humanity peeps and ending the night with whiskey and some of my favorite Humanitarians #perfectSaturday #family #superfit #superfun #whiskeyismyfavorite @crossfithumanity @ohashhh @a.hipschman

👌 clean. | 📷: @fraziergraphix

Saturday morning Run + Swim + Brunch crew 😁 | #crossfithumanity #growingstrongtogether #lajolla #endurance

Don’t forget tomorrow we are heading to La Jolla for the 7am Run + Swim!! Followed by ROMWOD at the gym at 9:30, our FREE class at 11, and mobility at noon. #weekend

Sore AF and still able to hit close to my max. #snatch #cleanandjerk #strength #crossfithumanity #soreaf

Do you even #crossfitteamseries?

When you finish Event 2 of the @crossfit #crossfitteamseries ✌️ #ropedrop 🎤 | Nery + @colleen.c23 👯


Coach Jenny put together a “no excuses” easy 10k running plan starting October 2 for the Turkey Day Run. You only need to run 2 days a week. Since the mileage is light one day, feel free to do it on a crossfit day. All distances are in miles.
Ps there is a 5k option for the race too! So don’t feel like you have to do the 10k!
Week 1- 2 & 3
Week 2- 2 & 3.5
Week 3- 2 & 4
Week 4- 2.5 & 4.5
Week 5- 2.5 & 5
Week 6- 2 & 5.5
Week 7- 2 & 6
Week 8- 2.5 & race day! (6.2)
If you have any questions or want any help, Coach Jenny is doing the Turkey Day run and Coach @a.hipschman is also available (ps - we have an endurance class on Saturday mornings!)
Last thing: prices for the Turkey Day run go up this weekend, so jump on it!!

We only have a few of these left at the front desk... make sure you grab one!! #neighbors

I just never see myself that way. The weakest lift of all but less than 3 weeks (!!!) before our Humanity Open Powerlifting Meet - and my first one ever - and gotta put all the work in. I still need to get into the "it's heavy but you can do it" mindset. Still doubting a lot but trying to get more confident. It's a #werkwerkwerkwerkwerk in constant progress.

#powerkegathletics would like to take the opportunity to thank @crossfithumanity for being such a great host for our members while we work on regaining our gym! Truly a great facility with welcoming staff. If you're ever in San Diego, hit them up for a #workout!
#CrossFit #community #crossfithumanity

Squats on squats on squats | oh, and ‘Merica 🇺🇸

3rd place finish for Team Invictus but all smiles all day 🙌🏽😊💯 Last weekend at the Proving Grounds-So Cal Fitness Classic

#Repost @powerkegathletics
For everyone looking to snag some of the best athletic wear around, be sure to go to @PastParallel and use code Rolo20 for 20% off your order!

"Suffer in silence" or with a smile. Just another day in the playground with @provinggroundscomps last weekend. #latepost #crossfit #flexoffenders #crossfithumanity @a_brooksie @rckrjesse

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