#TBT to last years’ Revolution.
The REVOLUTION is coming back.
Registration is OPEN!
Do not miss out as this is filling up quickly.
Link in bio.
The REVOLUTION is coming! Our second ever individual comp will be Saturday January 19th! Registration opened November 1st with @competitioncorner .
This will be a 3-division comp with a seeding WOD to start the day. Will be open to 40 men and 40 women so this will sell out quickly again this year. #therevolutioniscoming #crossfitcomp #ottawa #orleans #orleanscrossfit #crossfitottawa #crossfit #nyrevolution19 #nyrevolution2019 #nyr2019 #cfnyr19

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Well damn. The thing I love the most about Crossfit classes is that it's never the same and it's never easy. The skill highlighted that even though my shoulder doesn't hurt anymore there are still movements I have to build a lot of strength for. The WOD was humbling for the weighted strict pullups. I need to lean out. My power to weight ratio is all wrong. It's as though I'm always wearing a 20lbs vest. My shoulders are fried having completed 100 push press at 115lbs.

Warm Up
7 inch worms
10 Pike Jumps
10 Ring Rows
20 Mountain Climbers

Max L- sit hold
30 sec Ring Dip Hold Top
30 sec Ring Dip Hold Bottom

"5 3-minute rounds of:
20 push presses 135/95
Max-rep weighted pull-ups
Rest 2 minutes between rounds. Each round, decrease weight on the pull-up.
Men: 50-40-30-20-10-lb. weighted pull-ups
Women: 25-20-15-10-5-lb. weighted pull-ups"


Back at it with some deficit deadlifts and a surprisingly devastating WOD. Ended up not going heavy for the deadlifts. Did 3 sets at 185lbs and the last 2 at 205lbs. The WOD was cryptically explained by @danfortis, telling us to grab a plate, lie on our back press it up. Same form as a pushup but we're pressing a plate. We were advised to pick a weight we could easily do 5 reps with. I ended up with a 45lbs plate. The workout is 15 seconds of pressing as fast as you can and the 30 as slow as you can. For 6 rounds. It got real very fast. Then a w minute break and then standing shoulder press as fast as possible for 10 seconds and the 45seconds of slow presses with no weight. Five rounds of that. My arms never felt so heavy... Sounds easy right? Try it out and get back to me.

Warm Up
5 mins
10 cal row
10 Good Mornings
5 push ups
5 sit ups

Deficit Deadlifts
4" off the ground or a high as possible without compromising form.
5 X 5 @ Heavy

"6 rnds
15 sec Plate Floor Press AFAP
30 sec same ASAP or Hold
then Rest 2 mins
then 5 rnds
10 sec Plate Shoulder Press
45 sec Slow weightless press"

If you aren’t having fun and enjoying your fitness process, you might be doing it wrong. Take a breath. Smile.
The group or community aspect of Crossfit can at times seem overstated, but it truly is at the core of everything we do. Friendly, encouraging, smiling faces across from yours every day going through the same thing and helping you get through.
Just smile. Throw them a smile and a high five. Make it the best hour of your day. Have fun.

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Imagine if we all fell in love with fitness at an early age? What kind of world would we live in? ————————————
The adaptability of kids and and teens is paramount as they are generally starting fresh. A clean slate, so to speak. This makes them incredible to train in movement patterns, before they begin developing bad habits.
Increased physical activity decreases risk for cardiovascular disease, obesity and associated health issues.
It also increases their cognitive performance and improves their overall performance in chosen sports and prevents overuse injury.

Group classes instil life skills for maturation and expose them to teamwork, community and goal setting.
Most of all though CrossFit is fun! Functional fitness in a fun environment. Classes center around BIG fun. BIG stands for Broad-Inclusive-General fun. Fun means we provide an active alternative to sedentary pursuits. The smiles are the proof we’re doing it right.
Our Kids and Teens classes are carefully planned out and taught by experienced, knowledgeable, caring coaches. Open to ages 3-12 our Kids Classes are Saturday mornings. Open to ages 12-17 our Teens Class runs 4 days a week at 5pm. —————————————————— #crossfit #crossfitfortis #fortisfam #fortisstrong #constantlyvaried #wod #orleans #orleanscrossfit #orleansstrong #crossfitcommunity #orleansfitness #wegrindtogetherweshineforever #proveit2yourself #crossfitteens #crossfitkids #fortiskids #fortisteens @crossfit @crossfitkids @crossfittraining

Tickets are available at the front desk for our Holiday Hoedown! 🐴🎄🎅🏻🤶🏻 Our annual Christmas Party is December 8th this year. It’s a Western theme and we’re not doing the potluck style this year. Tickets are $25 cash per person and will include your food catered by Lonestar.
#fortisfam #crossfitfortis #holidayhoedown #crossfitchristmasparty #crossfitchristmas #fortishoedown

Don’t worry about what Sally or Johnny are doing. What their times were. What programming are they trying? What weight did they use? Did they count all their reps? Did they do this or that?
Do you. Do you the best that you absolutely can today. Then tomorrow. Then the day after that. In the gym and out. The rest will take care of itself. Guaranteed.
#proveit2yourself #fortisfam #crossfit #crossfitfortis #wegrindtogetherweshineforever

Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.
#Repost @danfortis
Amazing day with @aerobiccapacity soaking in his wealth of knowledge! @crossfittraining @crossfit #aerobiccapacity #crossfittraining #crossfit #crossfitfortis #fortisfam

Our Fundamentals Class is Sunday mornings at 9am. This week we’re looking at the Overhead Squat. We’ll run through the points of performance, mechanics, common faults and proper movement patterns. #wegrindtogetherweshineforever #crossfitbasics #overheadsquat #mechanicsconsistencyintensity #fortisfam #crossfitfortis #orleans #orleanscrossfit

Saturdays aren’t just for cartoons.
Through physical activity, children are given the chance to try new things, conquer their fears and build their confidence.
It's been proven that when a child is physically active and successful in their movements, they show higher levels of self-esteem and a great sense of accomplishment.
Our @crossfitkids classes center around BIG fun. Broad-Inclusive-General fun. Fun means we provide an active alternative to sedentary pursuits.
We teach proper movement patterns which carry over to other sports or everyday life. 💪🏻 #crossfit #crossfitkids #crossfitfortis #fortiskids #fortisfam #orleans #orleansstrong #orleansfitness #orleanscrossfit #werisebyliftingothers #wegrindtogetherweshineforever

A yummy Friday workout! Did the strict press at 115lbs and then got up to 155lbs for the push press but ran out of shoulder power for the last 3 Reps of my 3rd set of 8. Got 2 rounds even for the WOD. So many box jumps!

Warm Up
5 mins
5 Pass Throughs
10 Squat Jumps
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Sit ups

"Strict Press: 6-6-6 worked up to 115lbs
Push Press: 8-8-8
ascending to AHAP" -worked up to 155lbs minus 3 reps

181102 completed 2 rounds even in 18 minutes
"3 rounds for time of:
800-m run or 1000 row - I rowed
50 box jumps 24"

Mmm. Skill weight felt good. This is a 3 rep hang power clean PR for me. Rad. The workout was scaled and still tough. Scaled the bar muscle ups to 6x chest to bars, the handstand pushups were scaled to slow negatives. I'm heavy so that was tough. Triceps are feeling it. But I didn't scale the 2pd kettlebell swing. Heavy AF.

Warm Up
5 mins
10 Cals
5 Burpees
10 Lunges
10 Ring Rows, or 5 Transitions

Hang Power Clean
4 X 3 @ Heavy - Worked up to 205lbs for last set

AMRAP 20 minutes: 
2 Muscle-ups - Scaled to 6x c2b
4 Handstand Push-ups - Did slow negatives
8 Kettlebell Swings 2pd (72.2lbs)


These two. The best. 🎃👻
Happy Halloween Fam! Get in and earn that candy today. #fortisfam #crossfit #crossfitfortis #crossfithalloween #orleans #wegrindtogetherweshineforever

Setbacks are nothing but setups for comebacks. 👊🏻
Wishing Coach “Wheels” the speediest of recovery’s. #fortisfam #onthemend #downbutnotout #shestough #crossfitcoach #crossfitfortis #brokeherfootonahandstandwalk

Ooooh my shoulders are tired now! Did the Turkish Get ups at 35lbs and scaled the WOD as well. Completed just 242 reps. Feeling a little 😐 about that tbh.

Warm Up
5 mins
15 Lateral Jumps
10 DB Strict Press
15 Jumping Jacks
10 DB High Pull

"Turkish Get ups
4 x 4 /arm AHAP" - Worked at 35lbs

"3 rounds for time of:
25 dumbbell push jerks 50lbs Rx scaled to 35lbs/arm
50 double-unders
25 weighted step-ups 50lbs Rx scaled to 35lbs/arm
50 double-unders"


Save the date fam! Our annual Christmas Party is December 8th this year. It’s a Western theme and we’re not doing the potluck style this year. Tickets will be $25 per person and will include your food catered by Lonestar. #fortisfam #crossfitfortis #holidayhoedown #crossfitchristmasparty #crossfitchristmas #fortishoedown

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