5min max reps full clean + jerks @ 110# in 100° heat got me like... #dead #crossfit #crossfitenvy

Baby’s first time doing block work...
#olympiclifting #weightlifting #stingerbarbellclub #crossfitenvy #cleanandjerk

I think once I'm healed enough to move to the tall rings, the strict muscle up will be mine!! #crossfit #crossfitenvy #whatmybodycando

I sustained a compression injury near the beginning of our Spartan Race (and finished anyway). I landed too hard after vaulting over the 6' wall, compressing my lower back on the left side. I have been in nearly debilitating pain all last week, with pain in my back and hip along with weakness in my left leg and nerve pain and numbness in my left knee.
I had a massage yesterday and I have good news! What I thought was a pinched sciatic nerve is NOT a pinched nerve in my back. I did compress my spine, but, the compression caused my entire left leg to lock up, resulting in a pinched nerve in my thigh. This explains the weakness, nerve pain and numbness in that leg. We were able to release the pinched nerve and loosen my quad up a lot. I am in 80% less pain and the numbness is going away. I'm hoping to be back to 100% soon!
If you've made it this far, please pray for continued and quick healing. Also pray that I would be wise with my recovery and not push too much too fast.
Thank you @kell.ieg and @lauren_benay for helping so much. I appreciate you both.

#crossfit #crossfitenvy #spartanmonterey #spartanrace

CrossFit pays off!! 😊💪 Representing @bornprimitive with my husband at our first Spartan Race this past weekend!

Use MSPIN13 for 15% off!

#bornprimitive #bornprimitivebrandrep #crossfit #crossfitenvy #guns #girlswholift

Last night a customer asked me, “When did you stop working out?” My jaw dropped to the floor as fast as my heart. He explained to me that I USED TO look so much more “muscular and cut.” He hadn’t seen me since at least last year. He wasn’t wrong, my weightlifting numbers have decreased along with my will to be there SOME days. However, my consistency and dedication has always remained. If you swipe over, there is a SCARY photo of me almost one year ago. There is nothing that makes me happier than being THE person in the body transformation story. I get excited off every personal improvement I see and I’m not here to fit someone else’s desired image. In the end, I don’t work out so I can love my body. I love my body SO I workout. @crossfit #Transformation #GunShow #topheavy #babysteps #crossfitenvy

Showing up on the weekend Because these days that's when I can take my time and get the best out of my training session.
💃🏼🤞 Hoping to go back to Crossfit SOOON - Can't decide to head back to @crossfitse11 OR try somewhere NEW 🤔😊

Yesterdays Memorial Day crew 💪🏼🇺🇸 •

#WOD #Crossfit #MemorialDay #CrossFitEnvy

Besides mistaking a 6x6 for a 3x6, post grad training has been goin pretty good. Pause split jerks may be my new favorite.
Also, congrats on graduating too to the two strong guest star envy ladies: @kellybuckband_, who will be the next morgan freeman of narration and @daniellebrandon7, the only person ive ever met saying "im so bored" as she jumps into muscle ups! #sacstatemade

#splitjerk #weightlifting #sbbc #stingerbarbellclub @stingerbarbellclub #crossfitenvy @crossfitenvy #ifcoachseesthisimmabedoingsquatstomorrow #ripme

@deliimelii & @kilosandstitch w/the vid bomb

This is how I feel about the workout I did today. #sorrynotsorry

For time:
80 cal assault bike
3min rest
60 cal assault bike
2min rest
40 cal assault bike
1min rest
20 cal assault bike

My time 22:18.

@crossfitenvy #crossfitenvy #crossfit #deathbyassbike

NEW shirt designs 🎉 We are taking pre-orders now, sign-up sheet in the gym. Pre-orders will be taken til May 19th! You can pay in person or Venmo (Matthew-Kahler) 🤩👕👚 •

#CrossFitEnvy #NewDesigns #Represent #GetThemWhileItsHot 🔥

Stones, man. I love them but they hate me lol.
#crossfit #crossfitenvy #stonekisses #lifthesvyshit

Went 8 for 9 in my first ever mock meet. Missed my last bench but hit 500 lbs on my squats!!! #feedmefightme #sbd #sinigangs #stingerbarbellclub #crossfitenvy

CrossFit Level 1, here I come!! #gonnacoach
#crossfit #crossfitenvy @crossfitenvy

Got to participate in @stingerbarbellclub’s mock meet. Went 6/6, had a lot of fun, can’t wait to do some more comps in the future.
#olympiclifting #weightlifting #csus #crossfitenvy #barbellclub

Had a blast today at @stingerbarbellclub mock meet. Went 4/6 on my lifts and got rid of my "first meet/wearing a singlet in front of people" jitters.
I cannot thank coaches @ndimarco123 and @britt.a.smithh enough! They are so awesome. They helped me, @laurasmiles01 and Lilly have a successful meet!

I am ready for the CTS meet in 2 weeks! Let's go @fourhorsemensc!
#snatch #cleanandjerk #olympiclifting #girlswholift #likeagirl #fourhorsemensc #crossfitenvy

Snatch work tonight. I'm so much more comfortable with power snatches over regular, as you can see.
I'm also working on slowing down the first half of my pull from the floor.

#crossfit #crossfitenvy @crossfitenvy

In an aviation safety training program for 5 weeks... had to find myself a gym. Thanks Alpha Omega Fitness for sharing your space with me and allowing me to finally snatch 170# ... and even a little victory walk at the end 🙃
#snatch #oly #crossfit #fitness #alphaomegafitness #crossfitenvy #pr #metcon #nikeflyknit

So proud of this boy!! I signed him up for Crossfit @crossfitreform few weeks ago to have some bonding time together and he’s already kicking my arse doing bar muscle ups. Missed those days of free flowing Testosterones. 😂 #fatherandson #crossfit #crossfitenvy

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