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Just my bestie and I celebrating 2 beautiful ladies in their union! ❤️Their ceremony was so amazing and touching. I was a mess. @suzanne.lopez thanks for being my date! Ha! #fitfam #crossfitgirls #crossfitclout #wedding #love

Clean plus 3 front squats at 75% of my 1RM. Haven't cleaned since July of last year, so it's good to see I'm not broken. #crossfit #crossfitclout #fitness #fitfam #iamopex

💕💪🏽 Flex Friday at CLOUT!! #crossfitclout #crossfit 💪🏽💕

Hump Dayyyyy!! Make it a great Wednesday! ❤️🐪🐫 #bettereveryday #fitfam #crossfitclout #crossfitgirls #humpday

Post 17.4 lol @paoamado comforts her love @williansroa ❤️💪🏼😖😊#crossfit #menarealittledramatic #crossfitclout #crossfitcommunity #love

What a great WOD today. We had a fun visitor come in again from Colorado. Tara is a a fantastic athlete, coach, and CrossFit owner.

Thanks for the shirts.
#crossfitsuccess #crossfitclout

💕 Missed my wifey, my bestie, partner in crime!! So glad we got to WOD together today and you are back in town!! 🙆🏼💪🏽 @taralynncarrillo #crossfit #bestie #fitfam #crossfitclout

Shenanigans while I was trying to put in some Smolov work!! @jeremynpace and Kolleen bustin out some dance moves! Lol 😂😖🏋🏼‍♀️ #strength #squats #crossfitgirls #crossfitclout #crossfit

Not a perfect Bar Muscle Up...but at least I got up there! 😁 #crossfitclout #crossfit #goals #fitness #gymflow


Grain so thick I could chew it...
#kodaktmax #kodaktmax3200

Left work late and missed class...so I did a solo session today and felt pretty 💪🏼 strong! Neck pain is gone (quick knock on wood) however I definitely don’t feel as strong as I was, but I have my nutrition in Check and my workouts have been tough but would it really be worth it if it were easy?! ❤️#crossfit #gymlife #stressreduction #therapy #peoplesaver #crossfitclout #solosesh #ohs #hspu #handwalking #gymnastics #bettereveryday #losing 5lbsbyhawaii

Happy hump day CLOUT!
New Blog post is up , with some tips for having a Thanksgiving without as much guilt!

Check it out on the site, under BLOG!! Remember to let your friends/family know to text CLOUT to 95577 to redeem their free week of CrossFit OR gym time!! www.crossfitclout.com

That cameraman was focused on the #bootygainz !! .
#Repost from @pinkrangermma .
When the CrossFit Gym down the road is close enough to run to, it’s a no brainer. @crossfitclout in Lakewood has a full gym facility 🏋🏻‍♀️. Check it out! #stronger #workout #fitness #fitchick #gymtime #mma #bjj #wbjj #wmma #chickswholift #fitfam #healthylifestyle #spats #boxingring #mma #athlete #crossfit #crossfitclout #box #girlswithmuscle #hottie

Functional fitness is definitely where it’s at as far as staying healthy, agile, flexible and injury free as we go through this life! Functional fitness is at the center of CrossFit and we would love for you to come and try it out if you haven’t! If you need a new place to train weights OR Crossfit, Text CLOUT to 95577 to redeem your free week of either! We can’t wait to meet you!

When the CrossFit Gym down the road is close enough to run to, it’s a no brainer. @crossfitclout in Lakewood has a full gym facility 🏋🏻‍♀️. Check it out! #stronger #workout #fitness #fitchick #gymtime #chickswholift #fitfam #healthylifestyle #boxingring #mma #athlete #crossfit #crossfitclout

Happy MONDAY Clout Crew!! I can’t wait to see the rest of the crew roll in tonight for a super good WOD or for some gym time after the weekend! Who is working out tonight?? Leave an emoji in the comments!!! .
Remember if you are looking for a gym or want to try CrossFit, text CLOUT to 95577 to redeem your free week of GYM or CROSSFIT! We can’t wait to see you!!!

Wow talk about true connections and the FAMILY we have here at Clout! Today was MY lucky day as I got to reconnect with crossfit athletes Paola and Will who moved away and are now BACKKKKK and with our LONG time gym Member JACK who was passing through town and stopped in to say hi, see his old stomping grounds and grab a workout! He said there is nothing like Clout where he lives now! The vibe, the community, the facility....what a WONDERFUL thing to hear! Hearing from the outside world that what Tara and I feel is true to our own hearts, means the WORLD!!! Remember if you are looking for a new gym to hang your hat, or want to try crossfit for the first time, just text CLOUT to 95577 and redeem your free one week pass! We look forward to creating more family ties and friendships and helping you meet your fitness goals!!

Hey Clout! Happy Monday!!! How’s everyone coming off the weekend? Be sure to remember to jump back in and start the week off right with your training!! Remember if you haven’t tried us out, text CLOUT to 95577 to redeem your FREE WEEK pass to either gym OR CrossFit!!! We would love to meet you!!!

It’s almost the WEEKEND Clout! I love it because I LOVE our Saturday class and the energy it brings to my day! Join us at 9:30am for an awesome chipper that is sure to make you sweat and feel your body WORK!
If you need to lift legs or shoulders, come on in as well and hit the equipment! Oh you didn’t know? We have BOTH a CrossFit area AND a traditional gym!!!!!!! Text CLOUT to 95577 to redeem your FREE WEEK for either gym or CrossFit! Clout wants to help you live a fit lifestyle!

Hey Clout! Is your week wrapping up well?? How many people like to earn cool things? 🙋🏼🙋🏼‍♂️ I KNOW you do!!! When you attend 100 classes at CtossFit Clout (count will be starting November 1st, 2017) you will earn a really cool shirt that shows off your achievement!! Be sure to mark your attendance so we can be sure to share with the world how committed you are to your fitness!! ☄️ Remember to tell your friends if they text CLOUT to 95577 they can redeem their free week of CrossFit OR Gym access!!!

Hump day workout.
Come join me later for part 2.... If you text CLOUT to 95577 you can redeem your free week of EITHER CrossFit classes OR Gym time!! You may just fall in love with what we have to offer!! *8500 square foot facility
*TONS of open gym time
*unlimited CrossFit memberships
*discounts for fire/police/military/student
*friendly welcoming staff AND member population!

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There will always be excuses. Ignore them and start your fitness journey today! Text CLOUT to 95577 for a week free of CrossFit Classes or Gym time! 💪🏽#crossfitclout #lakewood #crossfit #stronger #workout #fitness #fitchick #lakewoodcolorado #gym #fitfam #fitfriday #chickswholift #flexfriday

Getting together to workout with a group or just a buddy is a great way to stay accountable and get your stuff DONE! Even working in a gym, I am much more likely to do my workout if I jump in a Crossfit class or make a “date” to lift with someone! Set yourself up for success and become accountable to yourself and someone else! It makes a huge difference!

You have to be able to laugh at yourself! For being a professional athlete, I know that I still have a lot to work on as far as my coordination goes. Might as well have fun with it. Check out @crossfitclout if you are looking for an awesome gym space to get some work in! 💪🏽

Coach Brian is up bright and early every day to work with our early risers! The gym opens at 5am and our first class is at 5:30am! Lifting or CrossFit, we are here to help you reach your goals!!! Like the picture says, Text CLOUT to 95577 to redeem a free week of gym time OR CrossFit classes! Our facility is like none other!

Trying things that are either new to you, or something that you shy away from because it’s just so dang tough, is a great way to let your body know you are going to make it think twice! I will be the first to admit that I strongly dislike the airdyne bikes! We had them in a wod this week though and it PUSHED me to make my body work in a different way than it is used to! I see our gym members utilizing the bike a lot to perform sprint intervals and our Crossfit athletes using it for a burst of conditioning in a workout! Challenge yourself to try something new in the gym this week! It’s fun and maybe you will find a new hot ticket that you will grow to love! #letsgetresults !

Good MORNING CLOUT! The energy in the gym has been INSANE! Tonight’s classes have some fun stuff on the agenda that we have been seeing lots of athletes improving on! Double under work and some good metcon movements that are sure to challenge you and leave you feeling accomplished!!!

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