Don’t wish for it, work for it! There is a huge satisfaction in having a goal and crushing it! Now getting to that goal is a huge squiggly line, for virtually everyone! Don’t stress over over he squiggles, just keep moving forward!! Happy Thursday!!

Keeping the weight plates company! Happy hump day Clout! Let get it today, ok? Ok!!! Great Crossfit WOD in store for us (check the web site) and naturally, a complete gym of Crossfit isn’t your thang!!! Text CLOUT to 95577 for a free week trial!!

Agreed! Just do it! Little steps every single day are better than thinking it to death! Text CLOUT to 95577 for a free week! What better way to jump start your program!!

Good morning Clout and happy Monday! Kudos goes out to Member Jeff Cole for getting a muscle up in his 3rd month of CrossFit! Way to slay, Jeff!!! This inspires me to keep reaching for more and helping our athletes achieve their goals!! Keep reaching Clout!! Text CLOUT to 95577 for a free week!!


Happy hump day Clout! Who is working what today??? Need a new place to call your home? Text CLOUT to 95577 to redeem your free week!

Cajon chicken, brown rice & broccoli 🥦 Thank goodness for @fitstop_foods fueling my workouts and helping me with my nutrition!!! #fitstopfoods #girlsthatsquat #girlsthatlift #crossfitclout #crossfit #mealprep #fitfriends #fithygienist #fitcouple #caligirlincolorado

Happy Monday Clout! It’s a beautiful morning and a GREAT day to start something new! I challenge you for 1 week (that’s easy right?), to incorporate one new thing to your workouts! If you crossfit, maybe try heading over to the gym side for some isolation lifts, if you only use machines, try stepping i@to the squat rack or out on the CrossFit floor! Maybe some supplemental band work if you only ever lift heavy! Any other ideas on how YOU can switch things up this week? Enjoy and let us know!
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If you haven’t had your photo taken for our photo walls please come see Sue! I am trying to catch everyone and don’t want to miss a single face!! ❤️

Happy hump day Clout! The sun is coming up and it’s time to get another day started! What’s on your plans for the day?

Good morning Clout and happy Monday! When will you start YOUR 21 days! Is making a new habit easy? No! It IS however worth the struggle! Let’s start today! Text CLOUT to 95577 for a free week!

Happy FRIDAY Clout!! For a little Friday fun, here’s some shenanigans by some of the Clout Crew! @taralynncarrillo @williansroa @sspragu3 @smissmary come join us for a week free! Text CLOUT to 95577!

Happy Thursday all! It’s still early and plenty of time to start your day off right! Eat something healthy this morning, plan to take some time for YOU today! Maybe it’s a walk at lunch or a few minute break to get outside and lay under a tree. Remembering to recharge is as important as remembering to check things off on your list (note to self).

After a long weekend, let’s all make it a point to get back on track with our way of eating and our workouts! Heading into those summer months we want to maintain a strong body and health so we can be out enjoying all the great outdoors has to offer! Plus, it’s just fun to lift heavy stuff!! 💪🏽. If you are looking for a new gym, come give us a look! We are way more than you may realize!! Text CLOUT to 95577 for a free week!!

Mascara and chapstick like back in the day. Rockin my @crossfitclout hat from my ever so inspirational Tia @taralynncarrillo who just kicked ass doing #themurphchallenge #notalwayspinupready #mascaraandchapstick #crossfitclout #frecklesFTW #blemishesandall🤘🏽 #disme #naturalstate

Happy FRIDAY Clout! We have a beautiful 3 day weekend ahead of us! What are you doing to celebrate this Memorial Day? Join us for MURPH Monday morning at 9:30! It’s a workout to remember and one of my favorites (although it will make me sore for a week 😄)!

Getting back in the gym sometimes is hard, after a break, but it can also be so exciting as you regain new enthusiasm and goals! To all of us ( me in included) who has ever had to get back on track, my hats off to you! You are here, you are back!!!

Happy HUMP day Clout! The crops are going FAST abut not to worry, we still have a couple PLUS we have these full length tanks that are SO SOFT, in addition to being super stylish!! Grab yours today!! Text CLOUT to 95577 to get a free week at our bomb 🔥 facility!! I look forward to meeting you!!!

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