I really like the footprint of this 70's Univox Micro Fazer 👟 machine. This is a great sounding phase that can get you a similar sound of a Univibe but also take you deep down underwater. One of my favorites.
#univox #microfazer #vintage #pedalsandeffects #crossedwirespod

💥 When you're too loud and doubting your surroundings just cushion your tone with a couch and some moving blankets and feel yourself isolated from the 🌎For those wondering how I record these demos without disrupting my neighbors this is one way of doing it. #crossedwirespod

New blog post.
I interviewed Christian Terjesen, one of @adventure_audio creators who is in charge of Digital Design and PCB design. Christian was kind enough to send me one of their latest creations known only as the DREAM REAPER, a Fuzzy Feedback Modulation Machine loaded with weird features guaranteed to turn your tone into something unexpected. You can hear everything this pedal can do on episode 12 of the podcast as I run down all of its controls and functions. We spoke about Adventure Audios beginnings, the story behind the DREAM REAPER, and what's next for the Rochester, NY pedal company. Head on over to the blog to read more!
p.s. Thanks for this wonderful feedback machine!

#crossedwirespod #adventureaudio #dreamreaper #fuzz #feedback

You can hear these two creatures and more on today's demo episode of @crossedwirespod where I run down this Boss PS-3 Pitch Shifter/Delay using my 1978 Les Paul Custom ("Baby Blue") and @bensonamps Vinny. ⚡️👾🎛 #crossedwirespod #bensonamps #boss #bosseffects #bossps3 #geartalk #cleantone #notcleantone #pedalsandeffects

Getting acquainted with whatever the heck you want to call this thing by @adventure_audio. Check out a new demo episode of @crossedwirespod on Monday for a rundown of all the strange sounds this thing can produce. #crossedwirespod #adventureaudio #dreamreaper

Haven't had my '78 Custom up and running the way it should for a while. This week I replaced the original bridge that was collapsing with a new one from tonepro, gave it a setup and now I can't seem to stop staring at it. I did manage to play it on this Monday's episode of @crossedwirespod for a pedal demo. Tune in to hear how it sounds! #crossedwirespod #lespaul #gibsunday

Just finished setting up this beautiful 1965 Epiphone Wilshire that belongs to @biig_iis He brought it to me needing a bit of work to get it up to normal gigging standards. I replaced the output jack, re-flowed all of the solder connections, shielded the pickguard for extra measure, and rescued a broken tuner screw that broke off and was left inside of the headstock. I strung it up with some @ernieball Power Slinkies and this old thing is ripping and roaring like new again. I really love the sound of that mini-humbucker in the neck. #vintageguitars #epiphone #wilshire #crossedwirespod #guitartech #geartalk

I'm working on a '65 Epiphone Wilshire restoration project this week and it very quickly reminded me of how I've always wanted one of these guitars. I believe the first one that I noticed was when Polar Bear Club toured with the Bronx. Ken (their guitar player) had one very similar to this one, with a bigsby and a couple of added lipstick pickups wired with two output jacks for stereo capabilities. It was such a badass guitar. This image was pulled from the googles and is a lot different than the one I'm working on right now. Check my stories today and follow along with this project to see what all I'll be doing. #epiphone #wilshire #vintageguitar #crossedwirespod #vintageandrare

Got some new toys over the the last six weeks out on the road thanks to @smidleyband for the @jhspedals VHS, @ernieball and @timdovestuff for the Ambient delay, and lastly my new friends over at @carolinegco for the Météore lo-fi reverb. These are all up next in the cue for future demo episodes of @crossedwirespod so stay tuned in. #crossedwirespod #jhspedals #ernieball #carolineguitarco

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A new addition to the board is a Grand Orbter Phase/Vibrato by @earthquakerdev that is now replacing my EHX Small Stone that to me sounded like too much phase. The Grand Orbiter is a lot easier to dial in the right tone and gives me a more subtle phase tone. I haven't messed around with the vibrato as much but what I did hear sounded wonderful. Should I do another demo episode on @crossedwirespod featuring this pedal? I think so...
#crossedwirespod #earthquakerdevices #grandorbiter #geartalk #tigersjaw

These are my two main shredders on this run. Left is my pride and joy, a 2004 Les Paul Standard overhauled and aged by @brittonnash (I added the Bigsby later on). Right is my main 🎸 during the set, a @fender AM Pro Jaguar in olive green. Two totally different beasts but essential for my tone on this tour. #crossedwirespod #nashguitars #fender #jaguar #goldtop #lespaul #tigersjaw #geartalk #lespaul

I've been trying to visit as many guitar shops as I possibly can on this run. Today I was lucky enough to spend some time at @ecguitars before soundcheck. This is a really wonderful shop with a lot of great vintage guitars. They were even so kind as to let me play this '66/67 Fender Jazzmaster in candy Apple red that over time turned into a candy orange and I absolutely loved it. Thanks Trevor for handing me a handful of other cool vintage guitars for me to play. If I had to walk away with just one it would probably have been this. ---------------------------------------------#emeraldcity #jazzmaster #fender #seattle #vintageguitars #crossedwirespod #geartalk

Happy #gibsunday everyone! Here is a close up of the guitar that I mentioned in my previous post. This is 1973 Gibson ES-335TD that belonged to my grandfather. I remember seeing this guitar at my grandparents house next to a small Fender amp and an old organ from a very early age. My guess is that this is probably the first guitar that I ever saw and remembered and as you're all well aware from then on I was obsessed with this big old hunk of wood and guitars in general and definitely sparked my love and passion for guitars. I believe he played this guitar in church groups alongside my grandmother while she sang. Like any old guitar it has a lot of character and a story to tell. It's mostly original with the exception of the bridge being replaced in the last few years by my cousin Jayson (who is now the watchful protector of this fine instrument). The holes that you see just below the trapeze tailpiece were from when my grandfather installed a Bigsby on the guitar and after quickly realizing that he hated it, he decided to switch back to the stock tailpiece. This is probably where my grandfather and I wouldn't see eye to eye if he was still around today because I happen to love a Bigsby, and especially on 335's. I asked Jayson if he had it still but my grandfather must have thrown it straight in the trash after dismantling it from the guitar, bummer. However, this wasn't the only modification that he made to this guitar... (part 2 is coming)
#gibson #335 #gibsonguitars #crossedwirespod #geartalk #vintageandrare #bigsby #vintageguitars #vintagegibson #knowyourtone

There is a pretty cool story behind this 1973 Gibson ES-335TD that I played on the first night of tour in Orlando with @tigersjaw. I will be posting more photos of the guitar as well as writing a blog post about its history on #gibsunday. Needless to say this guitar had all the mojo and I couldn't put it down. Now I need one! 📸: @carlocavaluzzi #crossedwirespod #vintageguitars #gibson #335 #geartalk

Day one with the new backline was a success! Big thanks to @fender for being so supportive and making the best guitars/amps. This is my first time running two amps in stereo and I don't think that I'll ever go back now. #fenderforlife #crossedwirespod #fender #deluxereverb #tigersjaw #manchesterorchestra

I don't give bass enough love. Maybe it's because I don't own any at the moment. But if I did this Vintage Carvin SB60 from the early 70's that I came across in Future Music would make a great companion. This one was strung up with flatwounds and sounded really smooth and punchy. Carvin instruments/amps do not get the credit they deserve for craftsmanship and playability. I need to start hunting down more Vintage Carvins... #carvin #sb60 #geartalk #crossedwirespod

Repost from @patbenson using @RepostRegramApp - Here's a close up of the new whip. Olive green is my new favorite color on guitars and @brittonnash was kind enough to do this Wayfarer in said color. I'm really loving the pickup configuration and five way pickup selector with push/pull tone knob for some single coil "strat" tones. I'll be recording some samples of this guitar along with some new pedals next week for episode 9 of @crossedwirespod #crossedwirespod #nashguitars #wayfarer #oliveoyl #geartalk #nashguitarsig

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Excited to try out these new Solderless cables from @3monkeyssolderless for a new pedalboard that I'll be putting together for the fall. Thanks again @slam_dunn for sending these on over! I will share my thoughts & opinions about these cables after I put them to good use. #crossedwirespod #3monkeys #pedalboard #geartalk #guitartech #dcpowerplug #3monkeysamps @dcsolderless #solderisnotglue #betterthansolder #nowirestripping

Excited to try out these new Solderless cables from @3monkeyssolderless for a new pedalboard that I'll be putting together for the fall. Thanks again @slam_dunn for sending these on over! I will share my thoughts & opinions about these cables after I put them to good use. #crossedwirespod #3monkeys #pedalboard #geartalk #guitartech

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