Does this count as a portrait or still life?


When your clients let you do you behind the camera.


What's your favorite color? Serious question

Posted this only cuz @jarvishues posted 2 pics today.. lol 😂😂 "you gotta be quicker than that" double tap her finger for good luck

Bust down, bust down, bust down, bust down, bust down ***** I'm drowning

Random lyric: "tryna be the GOAT while I'm alive when I die Ima be the god" - @bigsean

Model: @stinuhh
MUA: @down2marsgirl_

🌊🌊 #melaninart

Decisions decisions

Sunday Evenings...

How a good weekend feels...

Rage - @vicmensa

"Say I didn't"

"You gon learn today"

"Get me a persian rug where the center looks like Galaga" - @frankoocean

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