Truly hypnotised by these Sumatran Tigers. It's a shame they're critically endangered. @wildlifewarriorsworldwide

Can not explain the euphoria & joy I felt from visiting Australia Zoo. You can really feel that the rangers love their job and more importantly love the animals they're working with, ensuring the upmost care. With their reasonably open & large enclosures, plus efforts to do things like walk the tigers (as if dogs) outside their enclosures; Australia Zoo does their best to protect species whilst still providing them the closest thing to a natural life. We live in a world where there isn't much of a life for these animals outside of Zoos, unfortunately due to their habitats and selves being threatened. I hope that changes and I hope @australiazoo continues to do an amazing job!!

We were at Australia zoo yesterday. It was sooo coool. #Australiazoo #steveirwin #crocodilehunterzoo #cangaroo #Beerwah #Australia #Queensland

#1kThrowback selfies with the roo @cj104fm Queensland Australia #radiocontest #crocodilehunterzoo #roos #queensland @k935fm

When animals attack!!! Don't let this cute Koala Bear fool u. Those claws are something serious!!!! He was grabbing for dear life and would not let go. Young Mik, 19 at the Sydney Olympics. Great time at the zoo. Sydney, Australia #crocodilehunterzoo 🐨🐨🐨

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