Debating bore me to death. My life is too short for it. I deliver my opinion and you deliver yours. Either we resonate or we don’ t. I never hang around for days in a highly inflammatory commentary frenzie on social media. Or spend time convincing people or defending myself. I speak my truth, you speak yours. And then it is over. I might write a blog about it, but that’ s it. On to new things. Bigger and better. One thing, I have learned over the years. It is not everything you know that the World wants to hear. And the more defensive and attached people are to the argumentation, the more scared they are. When Paradigms shift, there will be anger, drama and criticism. Just look at Mother Nature. Storms happen. Tsunamis. Thundersyorms. And then there is silence. And the landscape has changed.
Do not EVER think that you will convince people who are stuck in the past.
I also don’ t do politics. Nothing is more boring than watching two opponents agreeing that they dissagree. Yawn.
Be your truth. Live it. Breathe it. Speak it once and let them do with it what they want. Your results will speak volumes and that’ s all there is. My results has always been my proof. I do not care for approval nor do I need acceptance. I am a lone rider. In fact, when I am bored, I simply block people from my social media platform, just like I turn off the radio when the frequency isn’ t music to my ears. And guess what? You can do excactly the same. Turn it off. And it is gone. Peace. Blogging tomorrow about light, sun and self healing on my danish blog while my amazing marketing team prepare the English blog as well. Snd it is all good #critics #peace #letitgo #beyourtruth #hormoner #ninkasdetox #ninkabernadettemauritson #debat

Two wonderful speeches from our senior editor George and Colin Chambers about the incredible #PeggyRamsay, agent to Alan Ayckbourn, Caryl Churchill and Joe Orton, as well as many others, at the launch of her selected letters, #PeggytoherPlaywrights.

Week 4 of 52 weeks exploring the wonderful , intruiging work of Lukas Vandenabeele. Lukas started his work as a visual artist in 1986. Before he was a dancer and a choreographer who had a small but intensive career . ‘Wassen’ (washing) which was his most successful dance performance was based on rituals and repetition. His first visual works dealt with classifications (used toothbrushes, soaps) but also counting branches on a tree or indicating the way we (men!) look at lingerie ads or recording in drawing how many times he inhales within a limited timeslot #artworldtoday #stillunknown #worthdiscovering #eversoactive #norepresentation #becurious #contemporaryart #conceptualart #oldiebutgoodie #belgian#gent #based#artist #weeklyselection #foryou #art #curators #critics #people #spotters #passionate #collectors #52 timeslvvda


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