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Rooney Mara on the set of A Ghost Story. This image appears in the most recent issue of @filmcommentmagazine along with a great essay by Imogen Sara Smith.
Leica Q / Summilux 28 / f 1.7 / ISO 100

Building my African film library! 🖤 I started with a few classics and now I'm searching for a variety of titles, new & old, from throughout the diaspora. Hard copies can be hard to find/expensive so holler if you have any bootleg DVDs or digital copies on flash drives! 📽✨#africancinema #africanfilm #indiefilm #criterioncollection

Ya boy just went ham on the Criterion sale #criterioncollection

It's been a crazy month....and next month will be too...time to get some rest before it all. #criterioncollection #threeoutlawsamurai

Finally took part in the B&N Criterion sale and picked up two films that I've been dying to add to my collection: the quirky and hilarious Ghost World as well as the intense and unforgettable Straw Dogs featuring a great performance from the legendary Dustin Hoffman 👌
What are your thoughts on these films? What have you bought during this Criterion sale? Please let me know in the comments!
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Took a step beyond Kevin Smith and #ShootingClerks into our film's ultra meta world by Shooting #Slacker! My hetero lifemate Dan Ballester reprised the role of filmmaker Richard Linklater to recreate his 1991 cult classic opening scene which inspires Kevin in our movie. 🎥 @dr_diamond_moneygold @thatkevinsmith


Birthday present from the Brozak @thepha Love it! HOUSE!

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Two more noir films I picked up from the latest @britishfilminstitute sale on Amazon UK
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INTERESTING MOVIE. Insignificance, 1985, dir. Nicolas Roeg, starring Michael Emil as Einstein, Theresa Russell as Marilyn, Gary Busey as Dimaggio, and Tony Curtis as McCarthy. And if that ain't weird enough for ya: "All measurements of time and space are necessarily made relative by a single observer and are not necessarily the same to independent observers. And that is the specific theory of relativity." Which is what Marilyn playfully explains to Einstein in the film. The film is based on the stage play, but what's marvelous about this film is that it REALLY uses the unique medium of film to emphasis the themes, emotions, and tell the story in a way only film can express. The film constantly cuts to quick flashbacks in the characters' lives, to show their history and pain and give a better understanding of their motives. The film is fantastically put together. It's a witty, odd, and ultimately depressing film once these characters clash and, as you may suspect, the moral of the story is!: everything is insignificant! Understanding the pain and motives of others is not the same to independent observers, andnis nothing compared to other pain we know, or, say, THE BOMB, which this film highlights in a BRILLIANT way.

And may I say, the actors are all GREAT. EVEN GARY BUSEY! People tend to forget that he has done great work before. Emil is strong, and Russell's performance has to be one of my favourite portrayals of Marilyn Monroe: playful, sad, intelligent, naive, impulsive, all put together. But there's something perverted about hiring Tony. The man actually worked with the real Marilyn, and now he's acting beside a girl playing Marilyn. That's some inception shit right there. Oldest I've seen Curtis in a film, and he's still fantastic. This is a tricky and witty movie that takes you where you might not think it will go. Maybe even a little hard to stomach for some at one point, but especially it's downer nihilism theme. But highly recommend! #nowwatching #cinephile #lovemovies #cinema #movies #movie #film #cinephilecommunity #insignificance #criterioncollection #criterion #tonycurtis #80smovies #80s #marilynmonroe #theresarussell #garybusey

Picked up my first two criterions 😜 Heard nothing but good things on both these films so I'm expecting some quality entertainment. #bluraycollection #bluray #criterion #criterioncollection #blowout #mohollanddrive #barnesandnoble

Robert Bresson, The Sublime Minimalist Part 3
Diary of a Country Priest (1951, dir: Robert Bresson)

All is Grace
Diary of a Country Priest is the landmark film that signifies a turning point in Bresson's aesthetic while itself being Bresson's first true great work. All the melodramatic flair in his two preceding works is distilled to essence, non-professional actors dominate the screen (except Marie-Monique Arkell as a minor yet significant character), austere and minimalistic composition and mise-en-scène are adopted after stripping all overabundance. Bresson's philosophy of "cinematography" begins to take a perceptive style and form that continues to evolve and renounce the excess. All these are, at least partially, credible to the discovery of one of the greatest "model", Claude Laydu, and his internally resonant face.
(Full Review https://goo.gl/bhcpmA)
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Tonight's Criterion Hunk, Eduardo Noriega

Just found out my library has picked up @kanopystreaming #kanopystreaming - hundreds of #criterioncollection titles #kinolorber titles, #foreignfilms #classicmovies #documentaries #independentfilms - all included with your library card - 15 films a month - 3 days to watch each film - what a great way to see films you may not otherwise want to purchase - thanks #eastbatonrougeparishlibrary for this great service. Download the app and stream to your TV or stream to your desktop.
Check your local library (universities use it too) and if they aren't signed up for the service you can send a request to Kanopy.

Second viewing of the night: Dheepan. Monumental film!

My Strange Addiction: Criterion Collection Blu-rays

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