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On project homes. We have always had a fascination with project homes because, whether we like it or not, they have an enormous impact on our cities, suburbs and landscapes. Today, we think of project homes as big, bloated McMansions - and yet project homes used to be something else entirely - they were simple, stylish and small. Our interest in project homes relates back to mid-century modernism and, in particular, the era of ‘Designer Suburbs.’ It was the time of Pettit + Sevitt and the Small Homes Service - when you could build a good, well designed home for a reasonable sum. Sadly, we have lost sight of this tradition - but we would love to bring it back. This same idea inspired our Smith Street design. Smith Street is a new, twenty-first century project home. It is compact but crafted, has loads of natural light, and is built from good, hard-wearing materials. Over the past few months, we’ve had a few clients approach us about building their very own versions of Smith Street. So if you - or anyone you know - has an interest in the design - DM us or let us know.
PS. This era was wonderfully chronicled in ‘Streets of Your Town,' which is one of the best architecture docos we’ve seen in a long time. Check out @streetsofyour_town for more info.

@soad_arch 'Hagia Sophia Museum' Model by 1st year students. (Course ARC123 History of western Art, 2017) 📷:Christian SoA+D #soad_arch


An Acoustic Lyrical Mechanism 02: Section through quarry showing the proposed building sited within the rock mass. By Basmah Kaki from our AA Inter 3 #vertical #india #quarry #acoustic #architecturedrawing #architecturemodel #architecturestudent #architecturelovers #architecturedesign #critday #superarchitects #arquitetura #architektur #aaschool #architecturalassociation #aainter3 #3dmodeling #digitalpainting

Cordoba project

1:500 development application model , context with removable detailed insert. 🏦🏫🏢🏤🏠 Get high resolution 3D prints fast with our newest in-house printer @polygenicdesign
Enquire now to get your design printed! We can produce parts on demand, fast and efficiently.👌👌

Changing our built environment one block at a time. #ThinkWTA #SocialArchitecture

It's been a while since we had to do a charrette in the studio. Good to know that we can still pull out something like this in 12 hours. #ThinkWTA #SocialArchitecture

Had the privilege of visiting this beauty yesterday! 🌿 // Curry House II by Bruce Rickard (1980)

Model on scale 1/50 for "the Barn - the Factory - the Warehouse - the House" in Wuustwezel. #burobauer #architecture #antwerp #model #architect @critday #critday

Threshold Gallery Space, Economy Housing in Aarhus, 1:30 Model.

The UNSW Master of Architecture program is divided into four studio streams; Urban Conditions, High Performance and Technology, Social Agency and Housing each of which is represented in our logo. The specialisation and focus of the studio streams allows students to align themselves with projects and approaches that will shape their architectural and professional pursuits. The diverse streams produce a rich tapestry of projects which are linked by their focus on the future of Sydney.
We are looking forwards to sharing detailed information about individual stream's sites, briefs and proposals over the next month. Stay tuned! .
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