I didn’t miss a Monday, y’all!! Since summer started I’ve been way off track with my workouts and macros...my life has been split between two cities & the kiddos have gone with their dad for the month...it’s been madness 😩🤦🏻‍♀️😴

Butt 🍑(pun totally intended 😜) I’ve still tried to adhere to training glutes twice a week & yo girl is seeing some baby gainz 😍
Tonight’s workout was by @cristinacapron , day 17 on her fit for life from #ccfit
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I feel so uncomfortable taking selfies in the gym ... or in general. But hey sometimes ya gotta get out of your comfort zone and take an awkward mirror selfie where your hand looks disproportionate, but your back is starting to look damn good in a tank 🤷🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ #ccst18 #ccfit #cristinacapronfit

#transformation of your #tuesday comin’ in hot 🔥
Left was summer of 2015.
The right is summer of 2018.
Proper nutrition & exercise is all it took 🤷🏼‍♀️
But also a crap ton of mindset games that helped me stay on track when my body was craving unhealthy, processed, sugar filled foods. We have to feed ourselves what our bodies need! Our bodies don’t crave all these things, our heads and minds do. Once you realize this, eating healthier is a lot easier than you think ♥️
#motivation #inspiration #patience #fitspo #fitspiration

Today I did a resistance workout with weights with a help of CCFIT app 🏋🏼‍♀️ I needed a little more equipment than usual but that’s okay, I love mixing it up 🙂 I added a 10 minute ab blaster from SITSI for a complete Tuesday sweat sesh 💦💪🏼 #sezzysquad #sweatittoshredit #ccfit #cristinacapronfit #tuesdaysweatsesh #weighttraining #equipment #fitbitversa #healthylifestyle

a few clips of the workout I did today
Day 9 of @cristinacapron ccthicc program, with some of my own modifications
s/o @maddiesturgis for dying with me & for the killlaaa video skills

Dinner tonight fajita chicken salad with refried beans, avocado, salsa and jalapeños.
Upper body weight session and run completed today. Run was absolutely hideous, such a struggle and didn’t finish, but being kind to myself after a long break from it and will ease myself in gently.
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Full body workout done earlier today ✅ I’ve been trying to put more focus in not just doing leg days, and I’ve really seen a change in my upper body. Funny how when you put in the effort, results happen 😛 Also do you spy the toy that Steve bought himself after we saw Infinity War? It’s a replica of Iron Man’s arc reactor, and he banished every other piece of decor from his nightstand to make room 😂😂 Too funny ❤️❤️

My take on the #bodycoach bruschetta chicken 🐔
Cooked the peppers and toms in balsamic and kept the mozzarella cold.
Keeping the #italianvibes going.
Just booked greece 🇬🇷 for the next hols to get rid of the current #postholidayblues . Also gives me some workout motivation which has been lacking a dash with house buying and work etc. Also hence the insta nudge that helps me stay on target too to help burn off the #italiancarbs and #cinzano .
Cardio completed this morning.
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Officially done with @cristinacapron’s Burn Fat, Get Fit after finishing the leg day I accidentally skipped a couple weeks ago. But after doing split squats X one legged deadlifts, I totally understand why I subconsciously avoided it the first time 😬 Those suuuuuuck while also burning the hammies so good

Leg day is completeee 😁
& I hope you all enjoy your long Memorial Day weekend with family & friends and just relax & enjoy this BEAUTIFUL Michigan weather 😎🌞🌼 Don’t stress about working out, if you do, great! If not, no biggie - living a healthy lifestyle is all about rest too ♥️
*Still trying to get the hang of this selfie thing 😉
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This has been such a good week for me all around! I’ve eaten right and worked out every day! I have a wedding to be in this weekend so it was really important to me to kill some bloat this week which I was totally successful at! Overall good week! Only have arms left 🤗 #ccst18 #cristinacapron #cristinacapronfit #progress

Was not thrilled by my progress pictures this past weekend BUT I killed this back workout today and I’m impressed with the progress I’m seeing in these great lights 😂 #ccst18 #cristinacapron #progress #cristinacapronfit

Time to be real and honest. Today was hard. I was stressed, tired, frustrated, etc. I had every excuse to not go to the gym and zero motivation. I sat in the parking lot for about 10 minutes before going in. Once I was in there though, I pushed all that frustration out into my work out and felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Not every day is easy, not every day feels worth it. But today? Today, I killed it. 💪🏻

In looove with my @gymshark ombre seamless leggings 😊 always chasing the 🍑 gains, slowly but surely 😂
Currently following the @cristinacapron app, absolutely loving it and highly recommend!! #girlswholift #gymbunny #gymshark #cristinacapronfit

*when she’s still chubby but has baby muscles 😂😂* Had a great back workout today! I’m not going to lie I’m so nervous about the progress pictures because LIFE happened and my workout schedule and my eating was way thrown off. I’m trying to be good this week but I’m still so nervous. I don’t have to win the tournament but I do want to make improvements so I have to kill the rest of this week and the next 3 weeks. I won’t give up yet! #ccst18 #cristinacapron #cristinacapronfit #progress

Good morning everyone!! I’m FINALLY finished with college and I couldn’t be more excited! Graduation in 2 days!! Hard to believe how quickly the time has gone! This morning was my last workout in my campus gym EVER, and post workout I thought about the way I used to be so afraid to lift weights and use different machines in fear of being judged so I constantly did cardio and nothing else; my mentality has completely flipped, and I’m so happy I’ve grown in that way. This morning was another CCFIT leg day, and it killed (per usual). I videotaped a couple of the exercises (sorry for low quality video)
Single Leg Cable RDL ea. Leg - 10x4
Cable reverse lunge to curtsy lunge ea. Leg - 12x4
Stiff leg deadlift - 8x4
Lying Hamstring Curls - 10x4

This workout also incorporated a lot of leg press, calf raises and leg extensions!! Needless to say I’ll be sore for the next 1000 days - ALSO sorry i look like death but i had about four hours of sleep; hope everyone has a great day!! ❤️ #ccfit #cristinacapron #cristinacapronfit #burnfatgetfit #legday #legworkout #legsfordays #progressnotperfection #progressinthemaking #fitspo #fitnessfreaks #fitnessmotivation #fitness #beyou #beconfident #confidenceissexy #loveyourself #workoutmotivation #workout #workoutroutine #workoutinspo #fitnessjourney

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