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One of the greatest pains in life is when God seemingly betrays you. You call on him at the point of your deepest need and he does not respond. Worse, he doesn't say why he won't answer. He's silent and nothing you do, whether fasting, prayer or works, changes things.
I've been there. I've been so angry at God that I became quiet, so I wouldn't say something I would later regret. I wasn't ready to speak to him about my anger and so he could wait. But relationships cannot be so easily ignored or broken.
At a practical level, if I ran from God, where exactly would I be running to and to whom? The alternative seemed bleak. Aso, anger is such an emotionally draining thing. You eventually get tired of being angry with someone you cannot see. It just seems pointless somehow.
It's really difficult to reconcile love with betrayal. I love God. I also like him. He has never struck me as the type to do sadistic things or to delight in punishing his children with sorrow. He has always come across as really kind.
So now I'm stuck in this uncertain place wondering. The things that happened, were they my fault? Did I lack wisdom and compassion? Was I deflecting responsibility? Was I being taught a lesson? Was it a trial or test? But why wouldn't God tell me so? Why wouldn't he have a conversation about it? Even bosses clearly communicate reprimands and those who love you, do not ignore you. Therefore, I am deeply confused and I am sorrowful. #CrisisOfFaith

...at least we can still depend on beautiful art.. ||πŸ¦πŸ‹πŸ¦„πŸ’‹|| @artbybryanbrown #ArtWillBeOurSalvation #StayStrongMakeArt #CrisisOfFaith #FinallyFramingCoolStuff #AboutDamnTime

Current reads, current feels. #crisisoffaith

Having a slight crisis of faith. When the more you read, the more the evangelical system seems to be not so much concerned with truth as with appearances, and all the older women that you've read for years as a young mom are bailing - becoming liberal or even ultra liberal in some cases, and then others are turning out to be frauds - where does that leave your faith? I know everything in Gods word is true, but I am questioning a lot of the cultural things I have been taught and praying. Things I firmly believed. As a young mom I devoured books that I thought would tell me how to live the authentic Christian life and I based a lot of my parenting and decisions off of those things. And now those same ultra conservative authors are doing the opposite of what they taught. I'm feeling a real need to get back to the basics. I am not doubting the God I know, just many of the leaders I somewhat blindly followed. #theimperfecthomestead #wednesday #crisisoffaith #justthinking

"I will be my own Knight in Shining Armour!" I champion. Turns out most days I feel more like a retard in tinfoil. #fakeittilyamakeit #crisisoffaith #throwback #travel #theyachtweekcroatia #midlifecrisis #whatnext #wethecreators #tattoos #ink

In a surprise upset, it was the Ibis Ripley LS that came out on top today during the test rides! #crisisoffaith #damnthatsgood #ibiscycles #mtb #iknewyouweretroublewhenyouwalkedin


Your Awakening Update for November 6, 2017: KEEP THE FAITH, even when you are having a crisis in faith, are questioning everything you know, are feeling doubt, are feeling like giving up and/or are feeling like everyone can see your failures. Keep your thoughts high and toward your goals! Now more than ever it's most important to keep the faith.
I have the feeling many of you are so close to completing a major goal or cycle, and this is only the last leg of the sprint. Yes, it can feel the hardest, especially when you can't see the finish line. But believe it's still there! Give it one more push!
Dear Universe, help us to have faith in our dreams, which are give to us by You. Help us have the strength to not give up, especially during the hardest hours. Help us! We ask for this or something better. And so it is.
Thank you dearest Awakening beings and may you keep the faith today. All my love and blessings. See you tomorrow for your next Awakening Message.
Kari Halvorson

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"It’s like there were these certain pathways in my life that had been so consecrated, that when some other things started to unravel in me, I just freaked out.”
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