n0 Dr1nking iN cLaSS!

Some girls have one boy in their life I'm lucky enough to have two ✌🏼🤗💕#lovemyjob #travel #starbucks #heartfull #lovethem #cringepost

We miss you everyday Bob Ross.

This isn't my official season end post just something I thought I'd post
#cringe #cringepost
This has been a very fun season. Rookies, Giroux and Voraceks had great seasons, there was highs lows, a goalie that actually played half decent part of the time, highs lows and everything else. Making this account has been very beneficial to me and I love talking about this team with everyone and I never plan on stopping. Thank you to everyone for making the season more fun for me.
Shoutout to my favorite accounts
@flyershockey_ig @trust_the_patrick @ghostbae53 @phillysports_nation14 @tkiss11 @some.random.psycho @instant_flyers @broadstbullyjf @shayne_gostisbehere_53 @seancouturier @phillysports_gm. No disrespect if I missed you those are just my favorites
I love this team a lot and it's all have and its the only thing that makes me happy. Thanks for the season boys
@28cgiroux @jakubvoracek_93 @seashorst12 @npatrick19 @travis_konecny @waynesimmonds @jorsti @taylorleier @ipro13 @sanheim17 @roberthagg @kidells1

I'm shook

Lil Zucc

This meme still hasn’t died?

I’m calling the police.





Yayy to ticking another one off the list... Boyfriend Found! ♥️ .
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Better late then never.


3 years with this absolute Hobbit. When will it end 😰⏳ @its_joshevans
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