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So frustrating injuring your main tool, I haven't been able to use my left for a few weeks but its forced me to improve my lead hand and use my kicks more effectively, for everyone who keeps asking im hoping to heal up asap and get back to work.

Thanks @supersaiyanmagicalgirl for the photo.

God knows what I’d do without this mongey sometimes💗 #CringePost#Bestie

I can't believe how scared I was to post my first ever gym related video as I am so clueless I have literally taught myself any exercises I know off YouTube and instagram 😂 but if I'm spending 5/6 days a week there I thought why not lol. I love hearing criticism/tips off people find it so positive! I don't know if there's a "perfect" form or routine but I really wanna try learn as much as possible this year😂😳 #cringepost #gym #fitness #girlsfitness

This human is good, I like this human #butdonttouchme #cringepost #spammingyou #suchfall

No need for wishes, with blessings like these ⭐️️ #19 #cringepost

This is teresa lin, bae for life, we know each other for two years (ONLY) but i still love her ❤ teresa is my everything 😂 #cringepost #idontcare

couldn't of asked for a better roommate ♡ #cringepost #apologiesfortheinstalive

Swipe left at your own risk.

#CringePost #CringeCompilation

Swaq king overload, mr steal your girl, skuxxdeluxe, Dont mess 1v1 #cringepost


This human is good, I like this human #butdonttouchme #cringepost #spammingyou #suchfall

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