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Dritter Akt:

Die Platte ist wieder zuhause.

My new synth sympathizing, space cowboy side project, @principalmusic has a new single I think you'll love!! #crimedontpay 🚓🖲😱Link to the full tune in my profile!! Check it out, why don't ya!?

On Saturday Jan 21, 2017 at 3am, these two thieves broke in and stole several items from us. The police have been contacted and there is an active investigation ongoing. We are offering a $300 store credit reward for information identifying these individuals that leads to their arrest. Thanks in advance! #airsoft #arizona #arena #crimedontpay #reward

Early this morning we had a pair try to break in the store. Smashed the door glass and took off when the alarm sounded. They appear to have been dropped off by a white sedan. One was wearing a dark Hilton Head Island sweatshirt and camo face mask. Share this post and help us catch them. We are offering a $1000 reward for any info that leads to these criminal masterminds being brought to justice. #crimedontpay #reward #sheptac

Here is another look at the culprit and you can see his car in the background in our neighbors driveway. If you're not sure what this image is about please see our previous post. #crimedontpay 👎🏻

They arresting folks up in here!!! #police #crimedontpay #cops

Today's lunch at our local jail #comeandgetit #chowtime #tastytreats #crimedontpay

Born in the hood 
Life far from good 
Mama still the papa 
Daddy fell by the gun, paw

Desire to make it big 
Get off the hood
Buy own crib 
Maybe a ride 
Make mama proud

Joined a group 
Same like-minded youths
Glocks are the tools 
For drilling their pathways 
off the hood

Heist on heist 
Most wanted on police list 
Days numbered with each hit 
Like a ticking time bomb 
Zero clicked, our boy got hit

Tried to bring something good home 
Make life better for mama and self 
Put a smile on mama's face 
Instead, brought sorrow and pain 
A clear sign, crime don't pay
#Story #Poetry #CrimeDontPay


Seen this video while driving on my way home from work. I was about 10 minutes out from the house. I cruised the neighborhood for a few minutes looking for him and found this tweeker staring into a window holding my packages. Needless to say I got my shit back. I considered video taping me whooping his ass but hes white and the cops would probably charge me with a crime. Lookout my Chula Vista neighbors #fucktweekers#ringvideo #ringdoorbell #mcgruff #neighborhoodwatch #crimedontpay #copswouldshootmegivehimbackthepackages

Cause it's Friday and people tend to get wild...... call me, text me, snap me, DM me, messenger me, page me!! Just let me know and I'll get you or your loved ones out of jail!!

Mike Ness from TLE comix book. Almost all our big projects have a little cameo of Mike Ness
#madtwins #mikeness #comix #tattoos #cameo #crimedontpay #blackandwhite #socialdistortion

It seems my indiscretion served a painful lesson and I'm still begging for more 💋 #mikeness #crimedontpay #daddy #girls #selfie #rockabella #catliner #nyxcosmetics #pincurls #vintage

Drinking, gambling and women
Stealin' hearts and playin' with guns
But the laws the law and baby that's a fact
And now I'm on the run
But this song ain't about none of the above
We're not punished for our sins, but "by them"
Thought I'd get myself a little passion play
But I can still hear them sayin'That crime don't pay
My poor heart is aching
It never did before
It seems my "indiscretion" served a "painful lesson"
And I'm still begging for more
I tried to mix romance with deceit
A little pleasure now with my pain
And I felt the loss on judgment day
And I can still hear them sayin'That crime don't pay!
Pour yourself a drink now
Make it a double and chase it with tears
But take heed my friends to this warning I give
Before you're faced with all your fears
I'd rather face ten men than have a broken heart
My crimes of passion have done me in
I'm sentenced to life each and every lonely day
And I can still hear you sayin'That crime don't pay!
#crimedontpay #mikeness #hortonshayride #reverendhortonheat @mikeness @hortonshayride #sanpedro #california #rockabilly #punkrock #bnw #blacknwhite #blackandwhitemood

Work, work, work. 👍🏻 Sako, oblek, nohavice - všetko na mieru. Nicollas Berenique #lining #crimedontpay #jacket #tailoring #fashion #designers #wardrobe

New tune!! #crimedontpay Link to new visualiser featuring an animated astronaut in profile. Check it!

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