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Failing does not mean you have failed but when you don’t try again, then you have failed.👍
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As a batter you've got to learn to focus your attention on the present moment and clear away all the other thoughts. Having a clear mind allows you to:
1. Make good decisions in split seconds
2. Get your body into the right position to execute the shot well.
If you're cluttered or distracted in your mind it effects both of these things and therefore the end result of the shot isn't as good as it could/should be. Most players focus on their technique when they make mistakes yet it's almost always due to a loss of concentration or being distracted in their mind. So if you want to minimize your mistakes as a batter, you NEED to learn to focus your attention on the present moment! This is yet another example from the world's best players of how important your mindset is and understanding yourself so you can perform at your best.
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If Cricket is a class room 😀
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