Hé! les élèves de #crgr. J’ai perdu ces films. Est-ce qu’il y a quelqu’un qui les ont encore?

Christen and I have been huge fans of Anthony Bourdain for years. I saw a lot of my own struggles and journeys as a cook in his books and stories. Christen had actually seen every single episode of part unknown atleast once and by default so did Gary lol.
For Christmas she bought me his new cookbook and I got me Christen and Gary tickets to see his stand up in the bay. Awesome stories that night. He had such a high emotional intelligence, he really vibed with the crowd.
Christen and Gary are gone. Now Anthony is too. Maybe Anthony will catch her up on all the new episodes she’s missed...
The best keep going too soon. Rest in Piece Mr. Bourdain. Dam..... Christen, Gary I miss you guys. #CRGR #081817 Hope you are enjoying the show from up above. I got this. If one of us makes it, we all make it.
#anthonybourdain let shit happen.

Before the night ends. I wanted to say Happy Birthday Gary. Cheers. 🍻 I miss you very much my friend. @garythesnail209 @rhou87 @rosebuhd14 #happybirthdaymyfriend #cheerstoyou #tilwemeetagain #CRGR #imissyou #thatseattletrip

And we live baby !!!! Conversion: Artificial Dawn demo is officially on the oculus store. The journey is more important then the destination. Officially a game developer :) thanks for believing since day 1 Rocky. thanks for always watching my back #CRGR , hope I’m making you guys proud. 🙏 Rest easy, enjoy the show. If one of us makes it, we all make it. #gonebutneverforgotten

Thank you @hamillhimself .Dam Rocky would of loved this shirt. Haha dam..... he really would. Went from listening only to hip hop then one day riding with Rocky, top down in the mustang, he puts on #thebeatles . this is old school Rock! He laughed, “yeah man the Beatles are dope. You gotta listen to their albums. Each at a time to appreciate it. Like try hard days night to get where they started from then switch it up to some bat shit crazy yellow submarine and magical mystery tour. Get happy with sgt. peppers album. Then bro you have to check out the white album and abbey road. Thoose are my two favorite. But you gotta listen to the other ones first to understand how they grew up or changed as people with their music.”
So we listened to them all. That’s always been a favorite subject of ours: Seeing artists’s work grow and change over time.... I’ve been making cutscenes in the game and trailers for it. All recording real time animation and scripting dialogue with actions. Trying to remember all the little tricks Rocky would tell me he was working on for our short movies.
My Instagram trailer will be a single shot 1 minute trailer slowly moving back while the main focus is talking and walking forward. Shit like this I know he would of loved to help. And dam I would really love your input right now brother... Rest Easy. #CRGR Guide my hand to do what is right. Guide my work to do what is good. If one of us makes it, we all make it. Goodnight.

Not one moment experiencing this beautiful landscape did you guys leave my thought. I ask God that no one I love ever experience the pain of losing those who they were meant to share beautiful memories the rest of their lives with. This one is for you beautiful humans. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, and how life would have been if you were still here on this earth with me. Thank you for teaching me the true meaning of friendship @chaoschristen @lazyrayrc1 @garythesnail209 @rockysaefong #CRGR #grandcanyon

This whole week I don't know why but memories of our boy @rockysaefong been racing through my mind. It's been awhile but I just want you to know that everyone misses and love you truly. I know @lazyrayrc1 @chaoschristen and @garythesnail209 are having a blast together up there. Hope you guys enjoy the spring rolls and let's have a drink together! #CRGR

Beautiful day. I’ll be back soon Brother @rockysaefong #CRGR

Funny how we find strength man.... I wouldn't be able visit myself. I haven't. Anytime a friend ask me to come with them, I drop everything and drive up.

Feeling crushed today. Can't stop thinking about you guys. Not a day goes... Rocky loved the holidays. He just never cared to show up on time for any of the family ones. Swear he's shown up 5 hours after we started lunch, did he round of hugs and hibernated until the next day. I've never met anyone so loved by everyone. The hype master. The wing master. The toast master. ... Mimosas on football Sundays. How i met your mother. Suit up! Entourage. Mixing Avatar 3D drinks. Cooking up some red curry pizza. Golfing in the desert. Mid night drives up and down California. Sun Rises on the beach. Sun sets by the camp fire. Krzy Henry parties. Long quiet talks about the future while closing up Thai house. We dreamed big and lived it up together. But it was always together man. Love you Cousin. Love you Brother. More then anything. Since day 1. Now and forever.... The Force flows within you and without you. Although I am without you. You are always with me.
Merry Christmas Rocky. #081817 #CRGR

Found my superman stocking just in time for the Holidays. :) Christen made sure we had some dope stockings for the holidays each year. Three bestest friends anyone would be lucky to know, let alone be blessed with years of good memories. Richard always making outrageous claims and bets he would lose to. One time he bet all three of us and lost so we combined our pie times lolll. We were that krzy group that sat with mimosas on the porch and just sang to the people walking around SF. We really did everything together. Little stuff to the big stuff. #teamBDC love you guys. I'd never imagine a world without you. #CRGR #081817 Fuck I miss you guys.

Keep Going,
keep Seeing,
keep Doing,
keep Laughing.
Keep Loving... We have to.
Bless #family.
#081817 RIP Christen Rocky Gary Richard #CRGR love you forever.

Pengutil di alfa yang bikin ngakak.

Sunday morning conditioning #CRGR

How nice it is to know that God is the one who guides my steps and allows me to fulfill my dreams working on what I'm passionate about 🙌💛📈📌 #CRGR #ESA #resilience #empowerment #disastermanagement #foodsafety #riskmanagement #humanitarianaid

Rocked back breathing to start off our upper body lift day #CRGR

Another great training session with #CRGR Varsity boys team #shopgymstrong

Sitting here waiting. Not sure what for actually. For time to stop? For time to go back? I know it's hard, some of you have already said your goodbyes and made your peace. If you can't make it, say a prayer with us today as we take Rocky to his final resting place. Watch over us Brother. May we strive to do what's right. Help us leave this world a better place when it's our time just like you did. I love you forever. #CRGR

The Forces weaves within and without you. Even though I am without you, you are with me.

Rest In Peace. ------
Vj's Mom made this Dia De Los Muertos alter dedicated to our friends that we lost this year. Up to see for free in the downtown Stockton Mexican Heritage Center until Nov 4th

We got our first V6 @chaoschristen !!!!!. We have been working for a V6 for almost a year #CRGR

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