Mapping things out for a commission . #wip

I’m closing my online store for the fall; if you wanted to grab any pins and prints please do so before August 30th 🌿 shop.eringreenough.com

Little embroidery piece I made while spending some time with abuelita. 💚

My camera is on again today on #TwitchCreative.. I hope you've enjoyed peeking in at the creation of this piece.. though it's a decent size, it is only 1/3 of a much larger project I am working on with my buddy @heptadodeum, you may have seen him around.. You can follow his Instagram for his progress perspective on this project, as well as sneak a peek into his world of #oddmeter, music boxes, visual, and audio experimentation.. or if you just like the #7 😊..
View my #livestream all day here: http://twitch.tv/PeeMonster

Thank you and I hope you enjoy,
#PeeMonster #DieKinderSpielen

My dog is the real work of art here let’s be real

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