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you do you // @wework X #creatorawards // πŸ’ͺ fam on stage // @wolfferwine @greatsbrand @theannakaiser @nataliezfat @andpizza // πŸ“· @wework

What an incredible night with @wework and @risingtidecapital. I am inspired by all the wonderful personalities here tonight and look forward to all the great work we'll be doing together in the future. #creatorawards

What a night... We’re winners! CONGRATS to Team @levarburtonkids EVERYONE at the #CreatorAwards and especially our @wework family!!!

From the Master Classes to the big reveal of our winners, we had the best time in Austin and can't wait for our next #CreatorAwards stop. #wework @Sophiabush @ruthielindsey @office

Tonight. Admission is free.
#Repost from @MissInfo: NYC entrepreneurs! This Thurs, I can't wait sit with the gawd @dapperdanharlem for a fireside chat about vision x tech x culture at @wework's #CreatorAwards πŸ† There will be masterclasses, music, investor pitches, and more! Details-> http://we.co/nycrsvp

"What we're trying to do is create something way bigger than ourselves" @wework #CreatorAwards

This thought has been resonating with me so hard the last few days. On Tuesday night at the #CreatorAwards, once @ruthielindsey and I finished our masterclass, the room opened up for a Q&A. One woman asked such a thoughtful question, and to sum it up, basically wanted to know how we each got to the point in our lives where we stopped being afraid. How we pushed past fear and came into confidence.
Now. Here's where shit gets real. We didn't. That whole "get past x and you'll be onto y" thing? It doesn't exist. No matter what you achieve, you'll set a new goal that will be out in the distance. You will never "arrive." No matter how much success you have -- or in many cases the world perceives you to have had -- it comes with a shit ton of failure too. But you definitely miss 100% of the shots you don't take. So you've got to choose to take the first step. The big leap. The one that feels so scary that you shut your eyes and scream when it starts. Do that.
Whatever you're afraid of -- the questions usually look like this, right? "Can I do this? Who do I think I am to try to do this? Why would he/she pick me? Am I crazy to think this might be something? How do I ask? How can I tell them? How can I get my foot in the door? How can I get on that plane?" The list goes ON
The fear won't magically subside. You've got to pick it up and carry it in your pack with you. Roll it up next to your ambition and your tenacity. Tuck it in with the confident thread that runs up your spine. Right next to your big idea. Your big love. It's part of you. The sooner you make yourself acquainted with it and quit trying to pretend like it's not there, the sooner it becomes just another piece of you instead of a larger than life monster in your closet.
You'll rack up successes and failures in your life. They'll all be pieces of your puzzle. Regret will be the thing that keeps you awake at night. It's the thing that makes you ask the unanswerable "what if?" Next time you ask "what if," finish it up like this. "What if I AM as capable, smart, lovable, and worthy as my best friend says I am?" Yup. Now leap. Fuck regret. Don't let it own you. You're worth so much more than that #Creator

Haaallo πŸ‚πŸ Ich freue mich, fΓΌr Deutschlands Top Creator bei den @wework #creatorawards am 26.09. in Berlin singen zu dΓΌrfen, kommt vorbei und meldet euch an auf we.co/berlinrsvp // I'm excited to be performing for Germany's top creators at @wework #creatorawards on 9/26 in Berlin, come celebrate and RSVP at we.co/berlinrsvp


Happy Thanksgiving from our @denimrush family to yours! πŸ‚

Denim on Denim on Denim!

you do you // @wework X #creatorawards // πŸ’ͺ fam on stage // @wolfferwine @greatsbrand @theannakaiser @nataliezfat @andpizza // πŸ“· @wework

Our @denimrush jackets are great conversation starters!! Each vintage jacket is hand selected. We work hard to create "a second life" for each individual jacket by turning them into wearable art! So let the conversations begin and #jointherush !! πŸ—£

@denimrush represent πŸ˜‹πŸ™ŒπŸ»

When painting - it's as if nothing else exists in that moment - it's only the painter and the painting πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸŽ¨ (in our case it's our designer and one of our denim jackets but you get the point πŸ˜‹)

Win-win. πŸ†πŸŽ€πŸŽ‰ Head to @wework’s Facebook (link in bio) to watch my Q&A with these 4 big winners from last week’s #CreatorAwards.

Each @denimrush jacket has its own unique one of a kind design - yet every jacket begins the same way - with a big stroke of some fresh paint! 🎨

Always be Honest.. Good Morning , thank you @wework for this photo #creatorawards

Morning Affirmation: What belongs to you shall come to you. S/o to @joshuakissi for the dope portraits!
#portrait #headshots #Dope #WeWork #CreatorAwards #NYC #LES #picture #photography #JoshuaKissi #smile #fun #instagood #instadaily #goodmorning #morningvibes #lyndastarrmusic #fall #photooftheday #potd #pictures #snapshot #picoftheday #color #exposure #composition #focus #capture #moment #fallvibes

We wear many different "hats" in our busy lives - one of them should totally be a @denimrush hat! 😜

We loved meeting & networking with everyone at the @wework CREATOR Awards! We love collaboration! ✨

We just won the @wework #creatorawards and are now doubling our goal to raise $144k and train 8000 new #coders Link is in our bio to donate and join our What’s your #Slash campaign. β€’ β€’
#creatorawards #wework #nyc #tech #diversity #inclusion #diversitymatters #technology #startups #code

We just won the @wework #creatorawards and are now doubling our goal to raise $144k and train 8000 new #coders Link is in our bio to donate and join our What’s your #Slash campaign. β€’ β€’
#creatorawards #wework #nyc #tech #diversity #inclusion #diversitymatters #technology #startups #code

Our Creative Director winning the Community Award at the 2017 NYC Creator Awards

WeWork Creator awards = #hustlerinspo for this week. So many amazing ideas and people with guts to follow their dreams and make a difference #nyc #creator #stateofmind ✨ β€’
β€’ #wework #creatorawards #creator #create #superpowers #startup #startuplife #ideas #dreams #reality #newyorkcity

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