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The only drug I possess: His/Her Smile. 😊😍
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Written By: Sushmita Nanda ✍️

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Holding on to me.
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β–΄wild is she β€’ pre order coming soon!
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β€œI could make you a map to my heart, but I know you’d still get lost” 😍 it’s not real until someone gets your words tattooed on their skin.

i told you, october was for ghosts. πŸ‘» #jessicakatoff

Rise! As the sun rises every morning, you can rise with it, too! Rise, you jaguar of a woman! Rise! 🌹Words Unspoken is now available on Amazon for pre-order🌹
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Introducing Remember & Release πŸ‘‘

A powerful collaboration between @omega_axsal , creator of internationally known @yusalife , and @annika_spalding , award-winning author and Writing Coach, this workshop intends to empower and inspire.

Beginning with an interactive presentation by Omega Axsal which will focus on an accurate and uplifting historical account of women’s role in society, and how their total inclusion and representation was the foundation for the success of many African societies such as Ancient Kemet (Egypt.) If you’re vocal and love to learn, you’ll enjoy the discussion around the importance, power and need for the uprise of the divine feminine energy. As a community, we’ll also discuss real-time solutions that we can implement today to fast-track the female revolution.

You’ll witness a showcase of black excellence, a showcase of powerful sisters that history lessons in schools fail to teach.

This is followed by a gentle writing exercise, facilitated by Annika Spalding, which will allow you to identify disempower and release negativity, making room for self-acceptance and self-love.
The Dear Inner Child workshop enables you to identify the parts of you that need healing, and allows you to address that through creative writing. Expect to address your past with the power of your written words, and indulge in the opportunity to share that with the sisters in attendance.
The aim of the day is to not only educate, empower and heal but to bring like-minded people together, the entire session will be interactive and will allow you to engage in conversations that are typically swept under the carpet.

Children may attend, but spaces are limited so must be booked in advance.
You may purchase YUSALIFE and What’s Your Story? From Omega Axsal and Annika Spalding directly.

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oh hey here’s a thing i did a while ago for class. πŸ‘€πŸ™ˆπŸ—’βœοΈ #Writing #CreativeWriting #Prompt #TenYearsTime

Somewhere in the internet, Mary Kay Ash once said 'Sandwich every bit of criticism between two layers of praise'.
Some people can't handle criticism very well. I envy those who could. Criticism may sound harmless but dwell on it long enough, it can affect your mood, confidence and self-worth.
The way Mary Kay chooses to respond to criticism is something we can all follow. Embrace the pinch of criticism and remember that it doesn't affect who you are. You're still a great employee, a great friend, a great student and et cetera.
How do you deal with criticism in school or at your workplace? Do you sandwich them between positivity too? (πŸ“Έ @kellyprincewright)

β€œThe Old Port”

The Grey Scene's
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select parts. never wholly. πŸ–€ #jessicakatoff

"Don't choose the one who is beautiful to the world. But rather, choose the one who makes your world beautiful."

#igwritersoct Day 17: Author Crush. Do I even need to say Jane Austen, because JANE AUSTEN. πŸ¦‹πŸŒΈβœ¨
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