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i am here. (illustrated by @ashsgreen )

#throwbackthursday to meeting this amazing human at #saltlakecomiccon last year. These are my babies and yes I am paranoid about putting their faces on the internet. :) •

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On Thursdays, we cook. 💁🏽‍♂️

I'm reminded of this piece today as I watch @natasha.welch fighting through her recovery. She's at home now, which is fucking awesome for both of us, but she's still in a lot of pain. She's trying to do things without my assistance. Mundane things, like standing up and sitting down, that we always take for granted until something happens that makes something so simple feel like climbing Everest. It hurts me to watch, but it also makes me proud as fuck. She's doing exactly what I would do in her situation. This is, by far, my most popular piece. I originally wrote it after watching Natasha grind out a 250 pound deadlift during a brief 6 week period a while back when her health allowed her to workout with me. God damn that was a sexy sight to behold.
Now she's starting over after a very bad car wreck. There's a GoFundMe link in my bio if anyone would like to help with medical expenses. She's going to make it, because she's a fucking fighter, just like me. This is the first time I've reposted this piece since I found out that it had been plagiarized and shared with about a bamillion mother fuckers without my name on it several weeks ago. I've been waiting for that to happen, I see it happen to other writers all the time. I handled it exactly how I had planned. I just let it go, but right now, I would like to say this... anyone can be me for 3 fucking lines, but there's not a mother fucker alive who can be me every god damn day of the week. Even my 3 or 4 line pieces hold a story that you word thieves couldn't live through. You can have that, and I've got plenty more when you bitches need some more likes, but know this... You will never get to look at your own eyes in a mirror and see what I see when I do the same. That actually makes me feel quite sorry for you...

Conditional Love: many men have asked me to straighten my hair permanently to fit their idea of beauty. I refuse to change, and you should too! #dealbreaker #lovemycurls
Tagged by the wonderful @shan_passionpurity_shakespeare for #tbt so sharing some art from last year 💛

Double post in one day but I took forever to write this in a way I'm happy with so I wanted to share. Formatting's a lil off (should be in three-line stanzas), but whatever. You don't have to put already vulnerable people down to make yourself heard; so, for gay folks who do, here's some punching up. 🌈

| infinity |
I simply cannot wait
To share every shred
And splintering of more
with you. : Nicole Elizabeth Poetry

🥀 one by one the petals fall at your feet, each one a wish that we'll find ourselves and each other again. We were so certain about everything back when we knew almost nothing. Our knowledge expanded and so did the number of people who know what we sound like in our sleep, know what we look like only covered by shadows. And this is where we are now, separate, and unsure every time we speak.



She wears wildflowers in her hair
The sun fuels the radiance in her stare
A haze of summers from years gone by
Trail behind her and dissolve into the sky
Flowers turn their heads as she walks past
No shadows behind her, no darkness to cast
Just shimmers of hope and faith she provides
As sadness in this lost world subsides.
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⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀
You are allowed to be a work in progress. Trust in the process. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be. Trust your creative intuition. Art can teach you trust. Self trust !⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀

If you're ready to trust in your bones then tell me in the comments.

Get on the wait list for Art YOUR Heart Out to learn HOW to find trust in creativity.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀
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"I Believe"
I count stars on nights when the rain speaks to the rest of you of pain.
You see, I find comfort in believing in that which is not possible or that which doesn't exist.
Like thorns that don't prick my finger or perhaps the rain that doesn't smell of hurt.
Like rainbows that last forever and warmth from a stranger that does not burn.
Like days filled with laughter and hugs filled with promise.
Like memories that fade or perhaps people that love me.
-Neha Kabra
Featuring Neha Kabra (@_stardustandfire )
A TQC Writer
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Stay tuned for more.
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Today's #drawing is about #chickens that molt and then grow their feathers back. Kind of like us when we are in distress we feel naked but when happy we feel like we've had a makeover. Something I've learned along the way now that I have chickens. Mine haven't gone through this but now I won't go crazy if I see them start to lose their feathers! 🐓🤷‍♀️

One last one for the #8wordstory challenge before I go to bed.
It's been storming,🌩⛈ these last few days and it's crazy to watch just how aggressive nature is.
Surrounded by both beauty and violence I'm in awe of the scenery.🏖

Good morning Nigeria!!!!!! For the next few post, we would be teaching you how to laugh out loud because the precious Tomisona just clocked One. Did you get to read her birth story? Scroll down then come back here to celebrate with her parents. She was dressed by @aiekids, we love this piece and we truly appreciate. Thank you from all of us @ buckles Memoirs. Are you ready to laugh? Meet our true Lagos princess.

There's more people
that become blinded by
the sunshine and
then later can
see better from
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Still stuck on that #8wordstory challenge.
Enjoying the concept. I have a million and one broad and extreme ideas and this is a fun way to summarize them.
Focusing this idea on how power corrupts, and how quickly the freedom fighters can become the oppressors.

⬇~Read The Caption~⬇
I do rock & role on the avalanche.
Breaking the hush of winters.
A warmness of welcoming.
Beholding the crown of mine.
Surviving the snowstorms.
Surfing on sinking iceberg.
I am haze of the winters ,
And dew of the springs.
I belong to the himalyas,
Chanting goldly hymns. ~Inderjeet Singh

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