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don't be such a 'green-eyed monster' 🤑

Got a tickle in your throat?
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Don't have a tickle in your throat?
Grab an OnGuard or Breathe throat drop!

They taste great, they're better than candy and they accommodate those who have an oral fixation and they're a great way to stay in shape, probably.
So suck on that!
Happy Saturday 😁

Beautiful first day of Fall for college visits - pretty views of The College of Letters #wesleyanuniversity #collegeofletters #writer'sDream #senioryear #creativewriter

Dear Eve, Thanks for making back to school night amusing...I ❤️ that you started out traditional with your "Dear Mom" greeting but apparently changed your mind & decided to keep it interesting 😳#donttrythisathome #creativewriter #iwillalwaysbeyourmom #backtoschoolnight

I just published "Memories " of my story "PARALLEL (Nigerian Based Story) ". http://my.w.tt/UiNb/gggHaU1SxG Please check it out... I decided to kill boredom... Hope u enjoy PS 1st episode... Love u... #creativewriter @ujuazu @onochieamarasharon

new poem - "a yin and yang inside the dreams"
link in bio ✨

Our flaws make us different
Our imperfections make us unique
A collectors most prized possession is not the perfectly structured or shaped item, Rather it's the one with the dent, the cut, the tear.
He frames it and treasures it.
Why? It's the only of its kind and it's imperfection cannot be replicated on another.

Own your imperfections
Really and truly perfection is only best defined by the one who created a thing...
And to Him
You are Absolutely Perfect
Cracks and all.



Breadcrumbs |
In between losing yourself and finding your way back is that state of letting go, and so I do. •

That's the thing about breadcrumbs. You leave them so you can find your way back, and when I'm ready to be found, they'll be there.

Illustration @flowsofly

I only want YOU to heal me.
I don't want to listen to anyone
tell me I'm stuck
that I'm not seeing the light
that I'm not "living in abundance"
(I want to scream when I hear that)

I only want you
to run to me
scoop me up
look at my wounds.
I only want you
to wipe my tears
apply pressure.

I don't want anyone
but you
to ask what happened
where was I when I fell
why I wasn't being more careful.
you wouldn't ask me that.
You'd just wait
you'd just say
It's okay, Honey Pie
Daddy's here.
I only want you
to point out what about me
makes you sad.
I want you to do all these things.
But I want you to do them
My way.
And that's
that's what keeps us apart;
my stubbornness
my fear.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
I'm sorry
and please wait for me.

Playing with @instagram and becoming a comic character for one day. Being your own captain, being open to your future, accepting that you can't control everything in your life. #creativewriter #creativewriting #photoedit #instagramphotos #comicstyle #dunedupilat #sanddunes

Look like models at 12... don’t even get zits or retainers anymore ✋🏻#DoYourTime

Your story, your book, matters.

I jinxed myself by saying I'd have that blog entry up in a few hours... #blogdown once again. Like the ancient Russian vans that followed us across Mongolia, my website seems to break down at the worst possible times. I've said it before, I'll say it again: 100% would not recommend Bluehost. Enjoy this photo of our first campsite in the meantime, and fingers crossed for speedy repairs!
#rowywrites #blog #blogger #travelblogger #writersofinstagram #creativewriter #solotravel #solovacation #mongolia #visitmongolia #tourmongolia #nomadlife #nomadic #trek #horsebacktrek #horsetrekking #campsite #kombi #camping #canon7d #fisheyelens #travelphotography #oldvan #vintagetruck #vintagevan #bluevan #colourfulhouses #bluehost

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