The first in our upcoming series of bringing yoga off the mat & into our lives. 💚 Each month a different theme! This month: Moving Beyond Self-Sabotage ⭐️ It’s true that a yoga practice brings the light of awareness; we begin to see the ways we contribute to our suffering. Even with growing self-awareness, it’s tough to translate knowledge into action. This intersection of seeing/doing is a passion project of @dancincamper Lesley Anderson & she’d love to share her insights on having your yoga practice work for you. Come explore this fascinating topic & expand your yoga into all areas of your life. Space is limited; only a few spots remain. * Friday, Sept 21st
6pm - 8pm $25 *regular friday evening class is canceled for this event. #alllifeisyoga #bohoyogastudio #winecountryyoga #beyondasana #svadyaya #selfstudy #practicalmagic #beyondselfsabotage #creativeprogramming

4 different mountain climber variations with a 10 sec change. From tempo to slow. A Tricep pushup every 10 seconds. And the ole switch single arm / single leg .
#homeworkouts #bodyweightworkout #mountainclimbers #planks #creativeprogramming #movemorefitness #fitfluential #Inspiringfitness #instructorinspiration

It means a lot when I get messages from people looking to get into audio programming and are looking to the channel as a way to get started! This one comes from Amit in Israel. 🙂

A big thank you to Professor Eric Tarr for sending me his new book! I’m up at 6am studying through it and it’s AMAZING!
If you’re looking for a book on audio programming I highly recommend it!

Class Planning 📝 .
🔸3 exercises 20 seconds each 🔸Remove last exercise and complete exercise 1 and 2 for 30 seconds each 🔸Remove exercise 2 and complete exercise 1 for a minute
3 minutes of work
1️⃣ TRX Ground Up Atomic Pushup 2️⃣ TRX Swimming Pike Froggie 3️⃣ TRX Hip Press Hamstring Runner 👈🏼 20 seconds each
Remove 1️⃣ and repeat 2️⃣ and 3️⃣ for 30 seconds each .
Remove 2️⃣ and repeat 3️⃣ for a full minute 😅
—————————— 1️⃣ TRX Tricep Press 2️⃣ TRX Shoulder Press 3️⃣ TRX Superman for 20 seconds each
#trxkario #trxworkout #inaminute #creativeprogramming #instructorinspiration #trxtraining #trx #kariofitness #takelifefurther

International Programmers’ Day celebrates the positive changes that programmers make to improve our everyday lives. It is usually held on January 7, but is also popularly celebrated on September 13, or on September 12 in leap years.
Many people observe International Programmers’ Day on the 256th day of the year because “256” (28) is the number of distinct values that can be represented with an 8-bit byte, and 256 is the highest power of 2 that is less than 365, the number of days in a year. 💻📲
# ProgrammersDay

Many people long to be more creative in different aspects of their lives. Not just creative as in producing something but also creative as in how they think.
You might have an idea or an approach to solve a problem that is born out of your natural creativity but you end up talking yourself out of it for a variety of reasons like, "who am I to do this or try this, other people probably have better ideas then I do, I'm not brave enough to share this idea with others, what if they think it's foolish?" And the list goes on.

Part of recognizing and developing your natural creative self is believing it is there in the first place and then creating space for it to come out.

We all have ideas, hopes, dreams, inclinations, and hunches that come from our best creative selves. Try not to squash those ideas with too much "good sense". Join Kanesha Lee Baynard and Kari Knutson from Knutson Speaks in the Creative Educator Collective as we tackle these issues head on in a supportive and welcoming CREATIVE community.

#creativeprogramming #creativity #growthmindset #educators #educator #teachers #teachersofinstagram #beliefsystem #readyforachange

People who are successful at anything usually have to take some sort of risk to get there. Gettting out of your comfort zone is a risk. So is failure, loss of status and all the time you will never get back. And of course financial risks can also be a factor.

Five years ago I had an idea that involved taking a risk. I wanted to continue my work as a counselor and also develop a new program for teachers. I wanted to a find a way for first year teachers at our school to not just survive, but truly thrive. I wanted to develop a year-long group that would offer support, resources, time to connect and extras like lunches and supplies. I wanted to run it with another teacher and I wanted our school to help fund it.

After so much work to set things up, find the funding, get everyone on board, change schedules and perceptions and mindsets.... I'm so excited to welcome our 5th cohort of teachers to CPA 1. Risk and reward, part of the same equation!
#teachers #educatorsofinstagram
#educators #risk #reward #changingperceptions #creativeprogramming #success

I created something magically delicious for Monday’s #InAMinute Class. Just wanted to test it out to make sure nobody dies
You know I loooove me some EMOMs. Especially add on rep EMOM. These will be the bread 🍞 and right in between will be a whole lotta speed bag variations on the paddles
10 min EMOM 11 Tricep Kickbacks *adding 1 rep each minute* You spend the remainder of the minute in the plank of your choice. hands. Forearms. Side. Reverse. .
P3 Partner Paddle Punching 🥊 Speed Bag PLUS (no video...yet)
10 min EMOM 11 Bicep Curls *adding 1 rep each minute* You spend the remainder of the minute in a posterior exercise of your choice. Bridge. Reverse Tabletop. .
I will repost back after class on Monday with the results 👍🏼👎🏼
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