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Was lucky enough to attend and meet #HannahPittard during her #WhatIf #CreativeMorningsLex talk. The talk was a really insightful and funny reflection on the what-if moments that can shape your life / creative path. Special shoutout to @cm_lexington for putting the event together, @thegiantrobot for printing the posters and the @ukartmuseum for hosting!!!

Time to get creative at @cm_lexington! Can’t believe this is my first time checking out @lexingtonlyric! #ShareTheLex #CMPioneer #CreativeMorningsLex

Got up early for @cm_lexington to hear Dr. Chris Begley talk about survival and understanding your situation in a broader context. #sharethelex #creativemorningslex #creativemornings

It’s that time again!! Everyone is creative! #sharethelex #creativemorningslex

🎵"Don't Stop... Believin'..."🎵 🎤What? This is how I evangelize. About compassion or ramen or anything else. @cm_lexington @thesummitatfritzfarm #creativemorningslex #culinaryevangelist

Super excited to be helping out with @cm_lexington tomorrow morning! We'll be slinging out coffee, helping all the creative minds stay caffeinated! #CreativeMorningsLex #CreateCulture #CoffeeSquad


Kudos to Lamar Wilson, CEO of @pheeva_wallet, a bitcoin app and serial entrepreneur from 212ths, once owning a Cold Stone Creamery, mover and shaker throughout the Silicone Valley and the world of technology, pioneer for community and more! .
Thanks @cm_lexington for hosting such amazing talent from our community!
#ShareTheLex #CreativeMorningsLex

Inspiring and entertaining talk by @lamar.wilson this morning at @cm_lexington! How are you a pioneer? #creativemorningslex #sharethelex #beapioneer

I could listen to @bigmarh talk for days, and still not absorb all the wisdom @cm_lexington #cmpioneer #creativemornings #creativemorningslex

Pioneers take arrows. Screw the arrows. Keep changing. Continue to have vision. Lamar Wilson at #CreativeMorningsLex #sharethelex

“Some people are pioneers and go out for greed... instead of tearing down, I build up. You literally sacrifice for someone else. You build community.” .
“We all were born to create... every kid with a crayon in his hand scribbles. We were born to create more than we consume.” .
“Be light. Light attracts. Light brings people in. Let people see you. You can’t create things and leave it in the basement for someone to find after you die. Let the World see your light right now!” - @pheeva_wallet Founder, Lamar Wilson via @cm_lexington .
#CreativeMorningsLex #ShareTheLex

Keep shining your light. - @bigmarh, thank you! @cm_lexington #creativemorningslex #sharethelex

“Every kid with a crayon in their hand scribbles. We’re all born to create.” - Lamar Wilson
#sharethelex #creativemorningslex

Be a pioneer for greed or love. Lamar Wilson chooses love. So fabulous #CreativeMorningsLex #sharethelex

You can tell the pioneers by the arrows in their back ... Truck is to start building up. #CreativeMorningsLex. #ShareTheLex

Really good talk by Lamar Wilson. #creativemorningslex #sharethelex

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