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Be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle 💋 Waking up with a tender heart this morning as I sit here with Beau + consider the burdens our friends are carrying right now.
I want to share (anonymously of course) personal conversations I've had just in the last few weeks.
Not stories I've read. Things I heard second hand. Not even messages from students. I have just as many real life friends as anyone yet this is what that circle is carrying.
• Father sexually abused sister
• Brother died suddenly
• Restraining order against a stalker
• Husband is alcoholic
• PTSD from father's death
• Abortion
• Father is homeless
• Thoughts of suicide
This is not to mention finances, health, stress, overwhelm, self-doubt, conflict with friends, a breakup, unhappiness with weight... a hundred other hard things where everyone is dealing with something.
Yet instead of feeling gutted by the weight of it I find myself thinking "Wow we are strong!" and "Thank God we have each other".
Whatever you're feeling, fearing or carrying this morning, you're not alone. That doesn't diminish your pain - there's no contest. It simply means we see you.
If you're carrying something you haven't shared, please, ask someone to coffee. ❤️ I promise you every person above felt better when they shared.
Hurt people hurt people. We're all hurting. Loved people love people. Let yourself be loved. And even when someone is acting out of hurt, love them back. ❤️

Hi! There are a lot of new faces around here so I wanted to say
Hey! How y'all doin?
I'm Cici, better known around social media as The Six Figure Chick. I'm a brand and Instagram strategist which is a fancy title for chick who teaches you how get your brand life together and collect your coins from Instagram.
I'm on Instagram Live most days giving branding and social media strategies.
You can also click the link in my bio to check out my latest blogs,videos, and classes.

I teach brands how to define and attract their clients, how to create digital products such as eBooks, webinars, courses, workshops, etc. and how to turn what they know into something that pays.
Have any questions, leave them below or DM me.

Tap the link in my bio to check out my latest products!

It's back to the studio today! Getting back into work flow can be difficult after vacation, but looking forward to returning to this beautiful space certainly helps...and some @foxhillgarden blooms don't hurt either! Even when I was working at home I made my creative space a priority. Have you created a welcoming space {something as simple as a clean desk area to set up at} for yourself to help with your work productivity? If not, what steps are you taking to get there?

You do you Tiders, because you're all sprinkled donuts in a world full of plain bagels 🍩🍩
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Tomorrow we're headed out on the open road! 17 states + Canada in the next 20 days and I can't wait!! This meant a trip to Target because @targetmademedoit for all the road trip essentials. See you on the open road! What are your road trip essentials? 📷 by @brittanywood


A good soundtrack can make or break a film which is why it's one of the first steps I take when preparing to edit a vacation film like this one! But, where's a law-abiding girl supposed to find awesome music to accompany her films? I'm sharing my favorite resources in tomorrow's email postcard! You know where to find that link 😉 and as a bonus, I'll send you my free guide, 5 Secrets to an Amazing Travel Video 🎥💚

Lights, colors & star stuff. ✨

Franklin, TN ➡️ Knoxville, TN ➡️ Gatlinburg, TN ➡️ Asheville, NC today 🙌🏼🎉 Amazing first day on the road exploring middle America on our way east. See more in our #IG stories. Anyone have any must do's in Asheville we should try and hit tomorrow morning before we head to Raleigh? #circlesontheopenroad

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever. ~ Walt Disney

When your ring and mani are giving you all the feels 💕

🌸...we all need time to recover. Tomorrow's another day - have a great night!

I spent far too much of the last year too exhausted to do much of anything beyond survive in my day to day life. I had just had my fifth baby and was at the weakest I had ever been physically and emotionally. I was burnt out and dreaded the start of each new day. When I finally stood up and started taking charge of my physical/emotional/spiritual health, things started to slowly shift. Each day I moved one step farther from feeling like, "I HAVE to wake up and do this exhausting life all over again," and one step closer to "I GET to wake up and do this beautiful life all over again." The primary things I changed were: simplifying my life through home crafting (we embraced much of the philosophy behind minimalism); investing in my physical health through exercise, sleep & food; and tending to some emotional healing through ample self-care. Taking care of my skin and putting on a little bit of makeup each day were a few of the little self-care things that I put into place. So when I stumbled on a company that encourages simplicity within a makeup routine, I was immediately smitten!! I wanted to be able to put my best foot forward as I entered my days, without it costing me tons of time and effort! I wanted the bulk of my alone time in the morning to include exercise and some time spent reading...with just a few minutes focused on getting myself dressed and ready for the day! Maskcara was the PERFECT fit for me, led by women who value time spent doing the things with the people we love over those little in between things, like putting on makeup! So all that to say, I'm just really really grateful ✨✨ and really excited about all that is to come!!

Highlight the good shit in your life. Throw love and gratitude bombs everywhere you go. Even if you're by yourself. Allow magic. ❕💟🦄💓

I shared my #wip on my instastory a few days ago. Another beta fish in progress. It's been a while since I painted a beta fish. New colour combination that I'm trying. Stay tuned!!

I absolutely love it when you all thrive. Which is why I can’t help myself in sharing your success stories! ✨ If you don't know @acousticproduction's work, check him out now! If you’d like to start booking more dream clients with ease too, click profile link above now👆 #MBLoveNotes #IrresistibleSelling

Every day the sun rises and sets. Every day, you have an opportunity to learn, to grow, to teach and to serve. Most importantly, to add your value to the world in a way that is aligned with the call of your soul. If today didn't go as planned, if you didn't get what you wanted accomplished or if you talked yourself out of even beginning....the beauty is that the sun rises again tomorrow. And you have another opportunity to create the life that truly want. 💋

I love collaborations! Ive met some really wonderful people, eat some great food, have fun and then I get to be published. How great is that?

@Regrann from @studiowildflower - Feeling very celebratory today as I am part of today's feature on @smpliving honoring the lovely @annawuphoto and her ten year anniversary party. Ten years in any one career is amazing but when you get to drive your own business, fulfill your passion and document so many of life's moments on film, it is truly extraordinary (and many blessings). Congrats Anna! For more on the feature, click on link in profile.

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Hi cutie. Welcome.
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How often do you find yourself stressing over whether to post something, release a product into the world, or change what you're doing? It's been my experience that the best way to move forward in business is to STOP OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING. You know how they always tell writers, "the way to become a writer is to write"? Similarly, the way to be a business owner, or a maker, is to make stuff. And sell it. It doesn't have to be perfect. You learn in the doing. And anyway, no one's paying as close attention to you as you're paying to yourself. So cut yourself a break and just get it out there. Don't overthink it.⠀⠀
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The best is yet to come.🙌🏾 //#ssstylestudio .
Stay tuned for fabulous peeks into the brand. Dropping sooner than later 👌🏾

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