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Vor einiger Zeit habe ich die Oscar Rede von Matthew McConaughey gesehen. Dort erzählt er davon, wie er als Kind gefragt wurde wer sein Vorbild ist.
Er antwortete: Er selbst in 10 Jahren.
Und ich kann aus eigener Erfahrung sagen: Das ist eines der krassesten Vorbilder das man haben kann.
@nicoschork und ich stellen uns jeden Tag vor, wer wir in 10 Jahren sein wollen. Wir FÜHLEN es richtig und versetzen uns in die Situation. Wir stellen uns also unser Ideal-Ich vor.
Das geile an der Sache ist: Man wird dieses Vorbild nie zu 100% erreichen, denn nach den 10 Jahren ist sein Vorbild WIEDER man selbst in 10 Jahren.
Aber das ist das krasse: Man entwickelt sich ständig weiter und wird immer besser.
Als wir mit TheSimpleClub angefangen haben, haben wir uns schon immer vorgestellt, wie wir den größten Channel Deutschlands für Online-Lernen haben werden. Wenn wir heute gefragt werden, ob wir von Anfang an wussten, dass es so groß wird, antworten wir meistens, dass wir uns das immer GEWÜNSCHT haben, aber es nicht WUSSTEN. Einfach weil es sich komisch anhört, wenn man sagt, dass man das WUSSTE.
Das ist aber gelogen. Wir WUSSTEN IMMER, dass es so groß wird. Wir haben es GEFÜHLT, wir haben nonstop daran gearbeitet und inzwischen arbeitet unser Team mit uns nonstop daran.
Und inzwischen ist es so weit. Das nächste Ziel ist, Schülern und Studenten auf der ganzen WELT zu helfen.
Wir haben uns IMMER vorgestellt haben, wer wir in 10 Jahren sein wollen.
Nein falsch. Wir haben uns im inneren Auge angeschaut, wer wir in 10 Jahren sein WERDEN!
Und das kann ich euch nur ans Herz legen:
Überlegt euch sehr gut, wer ihr mal sein wollt. Und dann versucht diese Person zu sein. Seid euch zu 100% SICHER, dass ihr diese Person sein WERDET!
Es wird nicht immer klappen, das kann ich aus eigener Erfahrung sagen. Aber ihr werdet immer besser darin und irgendwann seid ihr diese Person.
👉🏼👉🏼 Markiert jemanden der das lesen sollte! 😎
📸 @selinamariaangelina

I always forget about #fridayintroductions so hey, here I am 3 days late 😂. I'm Jen (with one n) and I thought I'd introduce myself to you new Insta-buddies. One thing you might not know about me is that EVERY wedding season I gain what I call wedding weight. It usually comes off when the stress eases up but this year I'm feelin' it 😩. What's your favourite healthy snack or life hack to make eating healthy easier? 📸by superstar @jennifersee.studios #helpme #carbaddict #torontoweddingphotographer
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For years women have been told to hate the body they were born with. Something they can't choose. Something they have no control over. They’re told to look in the mirror and mentally chop away at the bits that are curvy in the ‘wrong’ places and day dream of inflating the areas that society deems appropriate for curves. Through generations the target changes. Flat chests are in. Now curvy hips are in. Women, you should be thin, no you should be curvy, no you should be curvy only in the right places. The target shifts but the expectation stays the same. That women are inherently created to be stared at. To be visibly enjoyed and it’s our responsibility to make sure we shape shift and diet and squat until our body is society approved. Well, I call bulls***t. I’ve never felt more free than when I let that expectation go. When I remembered who I am and what that means. That I am living, breathing flesh with history and brilliance and fire pumping through my veins. Women, you are collaborators, you are encouragers, you are the threads that hold our world together through kindness and hard work and the ability to hold it all at once. You are sisterhood and magic. You are paradox. You are everything the world needs to heal this broken mess and allowing “them" to tell you that you need to be focused on the size of your waist only distracts you from the ultimate purpose you have on this Earth to heal and to breathe life and to move emotional mountains. My dear, don't you see, you are far far more than your measurements! Don’t let them distract you. 📸 @ladygroove

"Without hard work nothing grows but weeds." - Gordon B Hinckley
What projects are you working hard on today?
Photo @ashleygerrityphotography

Counting our blessings and loving on our little team a little bit harder today. As we head over to Milwaukee as finalists for Best Wedding Planner at the @wisconsinbride Awards, we're reminded of just how far we've come in a short time, and boy, are we ever so grateful and thankful for everyone who has supported us, given us tough love, and of course, trusted us to execute one of the most important days of their lives. Thank you, all of you, for your love, and to our team holding down the fort in our absence: you rock!! 💕

PC: @maisonmeredith

I'm all for the soft, romantic, whimsical portraits but sometimes you just gotta get into the photo booth and have some fun with it. Ps @ltupling you've got some pipes! 🙈 #happilyharvey #cantharveywait #jennkavanaghphotography @studiofivehair @esbridal @sherwoodinnweddings @sherwoodinn @seasonsinthecountrymuskoka @wethreeco @guelphtents

Celebrated the launch of shake your money maker in the best way ➡️➡️ acai bowl + @kookaburracoffeeny iced coffee. Weve got over 1300 signed up...and the response has been crazy. So happy to show bloggers ➡️ you don't have to wait to make money. It's all within reach! And everyone who helped promote 🙌🏼🙌🏼 thank you!

Anxiety looks different for everyone. Just because people post pretty pictures or can get themselves all dressed up and pulled together, doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling inside // One month ago, I went to Orlando for a conference. I had been to that conference before and I knew lots of people going, yet I was paralyzed with fear and anxiety throughout most of the trip. I actually called my husband crying on the second day, wanting to come home. Most people I interacted with probably had no idea I was struggling so much. I was in a very negative head space and it was, at times, minute-by-minute battle. I managed to stay for the whole conference but if I’m totally honest, I had a miserable time // When I was invited to return to Orlando just a few weeks later to attend a different blogging conference, my initial thought was “NO WAY!” I still felt like I hadn’t recovered from the last one. But the more I tried to sift through these emotions, I realized that it was an awesome opportunity and that IF I could get my anxiety under control, I could most likely have a good time. I saw my therapist three times in between these two conferences and during those sessions, I had a major breakthrough, realizing where so much of this anxiety is stemming from. While I’m still on a journey, she helped give me some tools to head into Orlando with a clearer perspective // I arrived back home last night and not only did I have such an amazing four days away, I actually felt refreshed and rested, both physically and mentally. I tried be truly present in the moment. Sure, I still had anxiety going into this trip, but there was a marked difference from four weeks ago. I’m still on a journey. I’m learning that it’s ok to admit that I’m struggling with this...because the truth is, so many of us struggle quietly with various forms of mental illness. So please, if you are struggling today, talk to someone about it. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t be embarrassed. Reach out and talk it out. That’s how you are going to start your road to healing. More to come my friends 💕 #blogher17 #wyl


I'm still really excited about my new website that I launched out into the universe last week! 💃🏻
Have you seen it yet?! Link in my bio.
#hellofunction #webdesign #entrepreneurlife #designer

Weight loss coffee for your fit and healthy body!

Click the link in the bio!

Celebrating FOUR YEARS with Rodan + Fields today!
Inviting YOU to shop ALL products at MY COST for TODAY ONLY.
Regimen, LASH BOOST, Active Hydration Serum... whatever you've had your eye on, grab it today at WHOLESALE PRICING! #BIGdeal

Dear fashion designers, I'm working on my new online course. Topic - selling collections to fashion retailers. I'm trying to understand what information I should include in this course.
There are so many directions that I can go but I would love to hear from you what is the biggest pain for you in this process:
A- identify the right stores for your brand
B - prepare sales materials
C - find the buyer's contact information
D - write a pitching email or make cold calls
E - negotiate the terms
F - your variant 🤔
Please type the letter that represents your situation. Help me to make the best product for you 😀❤

An abundance of blooms, bold hue and the most luxuriant fragrance to design with today!

June Gloom

Seeing our work out in the wild never gets old. Congrats to @aliceandwonder who recently opened their store front. 🙌🏻 If you're ever in the Chicago area be sure to stop in for the cutest pieces. All their stuff is online too !

Stand still 😂 @kepazafristad 🌸 Photo: @nathanfriton 🌸 #nouwinfluencer

#TrendyTuesday: Bun x Natural Make-Up...perfect for the summer heat!

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B R A V E 🔴// We're almost halfway through the year and this is the time of year I start re-evaluating my New Year's resolution and goals.⠀

My word for 2017 is brave. I entered 2017 knowing that it would be my most challenging year yet. I knew this year I would be challenged in finding joy in sadness, drawing strength from weakness and choosing bravery when in fear. And looking back, I’m so glad I chose 'brave' to be my word for the year. It reminds me that every time I get scared this is good... because I'm about to do something really, really brave.⠀


When you position yourself for success, people who have the resources and platform to propel you forward will take notice. Not only will they save a seat at the table for you, but you'll get a formal invitation and a drink ticket or two. Don't wait to be taken seriously. #BrandOnPurpose #BrandingByBri

Y tú ¿eres demasiado sexy para trabajar? 😁 Frase para tener siempre en el escritorio y motivarte a lograr tus propios sueños 🙈🙌😍 #mrpaperson #sexytowork #tuesdaymood

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