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Ook tekenen hoort er bij..
Een film is niets zonder een goed verhaal. 📝🎬 #RippleFilm #CreatingRipples

I’m doing this for me💕

Friday feels

So excited to have @hotshottcafe support! They are women in business boss babes and run a crazy good cafe! Thank you for supporting creating ripples. One lucky raffle winner will leave the ball with a hot shott cafe voucher ☕️

Ook foto’s maken doen we wel eens. Deze keer van de leraren van het Leonardo Onderwijs op het Kompas.
Maar alleen foto’s maken doen we natuurlijk niet. Volgende week hebben we ook een draaidag gepland! 😎🎬 #ripplefilm #creatingripples

If you visit a dealer and don’t take a selfie for Insta, did it really happen? 😉

Here’s to another fantastic dealer visit - this time to Naples, Florida to catch up with our friends from NSquare, Inc. #OneTeam #RedefineOurIndustry

The wait is over! Trades of Hope has just launched the new 2018 spring line and is available now. Whether you may need a gift or two or something special for yourself, your purchase will help empower women all over the world and change their lives! #tradesofhope #fairtradestyle #springline2018

I love it when clients send me photos of their packs arriving across the lands and seas. #lifechange .
Creating change in your life starts with taking 100% responsibility for your life. Regardless of where you live. What your schedule looks like. Whether you believe you can do it right now. Action is what creates #momentum. .
And that's what my beautiful clients do when they commit to themselves. For some it's the first time they've put themselves first and the first time they've called themselves out on all their excuses. .
And THAT is where change takes hold.
What was the last thing you did too put YOU first? Share with us below 😊
#mefirst #creatingripples #livelife #wholeness

Net terug van een interessante Masterclass door @daannieuwenhuijs over Cinematografie! 🎬

#RippleFilm #CreatingRipples

Montage voor @gidiofficial
Glitchy stuff incoming! 🎬

#RippleFilm #CreatingRipples #montage #glitch

Weer een bedrijfsjas er bij. Eindelijk klaar voor de winter!
Beetje laat misschien..? 🤔
Beter laat dan nooit 🙃🎬 #RippleFilm #CreatingRipples

Filmen bij Alleman in drielanden voor Harderwijkse Zaken met @irenehhop . En ook nog eens lekker verwend! #creatingripples #ripplefilm #filmakers #hwz

Afgelopen week heb ik ook voor ZOA mogen filmen.
ZOA helpt mensen in rampen en conflictgebieden. En niet eenmalig met geld, maar met langetermijnoplossingen.
Hiervoor is alleen wel geld nodig. Vandaar dat ik 2 video’s maak waarin opgeroepen wordt om te collecteren in jouw buurt! Het kost maar een uurtje tijd, en het betekend veel voor die mensen!

#CreatingRipples #RippleFilm #ZOA #hulp #hoop #herstel

NEW BORN WORLD CHANGER! Welcome to the world little Maleeq Adams 😍born 4th Jan 2018.
Dear God,
We pray your loving protection over Maleeq Adams and his family. We pray you give his parents and grandparents and all those that are in any way connected with this child the wisdom and grace to care for him in a loving and secure environment.
We praise and thank You for the special plans and purposes you have for him.
Amen #creatingripples #worldchanger

Haiti [Hā-tee]
The population of Haiti is 10.7 Million. The ave Haitian makes $400/year.
Haiti had this century’s worst natural disaster in the form of an earthquake in 2010, with an estimated death toll of 230,000.
Trades of Hope works with up-cycled cereal box beads, clay beads, & steel art artisans. Our work in Haiti is helping with the orphan crisis by providing parents with a sustainable business so they can keep their children & raise them with dignity! These artisans spin beads out of recycled cereal boxes & mold beads out of clay, the same clay that the Haitian poor eat when starving. They are turning what was full of brokenness into a symbol of hope & healing. The Haitian steel art is developed out of used oil drums, which Haiti has a surplus. This craft originated when Haitians tried to make something to mark their loved one’s graves. Today, this steel art is a part of Haiti’s culture & gives them the job opportunity to improve the lives of families. Artisan spotlight: Before joining the artisan group in Haiti, Shirly had a difficult childhood. She is the oldest child in her family & was raised by her mother, aunt & uncle. Like the majority of Haitians, she grew up poor. Her hard-working, resourceful mother kept various jobs in order to provide for the family, even taking jobs that took her away from her kids for wks at a time. The earthquake of 2010 destroyed all they had. Shirley’s mom sent her to an orphanage 2x & sent her brother away too. She wanted the best for her kids but couldn’t provide for them. She kept working hard & promised she would return for them. After their reunion, Shirly started slowly working with our artisan group. At 1st, it was very difficult. She remembered all her mom’s sacrifices & mustered the motivation to try out for a more advanced job of bead roller. She advanced & began growing into new opportunities. Shirly says of her job, “My life was really stressful before I was working-it’s made a huge positive impact in my life. I have hope & believe some of my dreams can come true. I’m confident & can do so many things I never thought possible! (Continued in comments)

Vandaag weer een reeks films opgenomen waarin Joël het heeft over verschillende thema’s binnen leiderschap. Waar ook zijn nieuwe boek over zal gaan!

#RippleFilm #CreatingRipples #leadership #development

When we put #positiveenergy out into the world it is always hard to gauge the efficacy of that energy. One thing I have come to understand is that we don’t need to know. We just need to #trust. Putting positive energy and intent into the world is like casting a stone into a pond. That act of Light and Love will ripple out and away from us, touching the lives of others in ways that we may never be aware. It may also create secondary ripples that arise from our own, giving that first action or idea new life, continuing and enriching our original effect.

A few of my favorite things that have impacted women’s lives positively.

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