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"When you let go of trying to get more of what you don't really need, it frees up oceans of energy to make a difference with what you have. When you make a difference with what you have it expands." -Lynne Twist #infinitepossibilities #createyourownmagic #blissedoutbabes #infiniteloveandgratitude

Challenge yourself to come up with new footwork to work on your weaknesses. This is 13 year old @rushsoccernation running through an 8 cone drill that she came up with @racheldaly3… and she bossed it! ⚽️🔥🔥🔥

You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving and loving yourself and see what happens. That's when magic happens, you create it.✨🙏🏽#createyourownmagic

S M I L E. L A U G H. most of all LOVE.
So many emotions running through me right now.....from one end of the spectrum to the other.... but I don't want to act according to my emotions, I want to act according to my faith.....🙏🏽 #Godisgood #Smile #focus #createyourownmagic #blackgirlmagic

Немного вчерашнего бумеранга 😂 #gazdanceteam #happybirthday #students #armenycasa #createyourownmagic

Always love sharing how to succeed... there's a magical thing that happens - all you give comes back tenfold! Thank you @townresidential loved being part of your #topbroker panel #leadgeneration #thesaezfrommteam #createyourownmagic

One from yesterday! Good morning to you and have a great Saturday❤️


Two coach mentor calls and half my meal prep done-- time to head to the grocery to finish crushing this Sunday!
Absolutely LOVING the momentum of my tribe!!! 💕
Is it crazy that I'm looking FORWARD to Monday over dreading it?!?! What a crazy change of events!!

Sometimes you just gotta ✨

Create your own magic ✨

May you continue to believe you can do it all "because Jesus helps me!" 💕💫

🌛🦁New Moon in Leo🦁🌜
A new moon is a fantastic time to set your intentions, state your goals and visualize it happening. .
Now is the time to step-up and let the world see you.... how can you make this happen?
Let your creativity flow.
☆What new projects have you been planning? ☆What ignites your inner fire?
☆What makes your Soul sing?
☆What is it that brings out your inner passion?
Leo calls to you and shows you how to draw on Courage. It's when we allow ourselves to shine our true colours and sing our true soul song that our hearts beat as 1 💓
What will you do to honor what is so close to your Heart? 💜💛💚
#eternallotus #newmoonenergy #manifestation #universalenergies #leonewmoon #reikimaster #soulfood #heartsong #makeithappen #createyourownmagic #honoryourself #shinebright

This phrase kept repeating in my head all week, so I had to get it down onto jewelry. Create your own magic✨

Missing my PIC something fierce today 😂

This is what happens when we get cooped up in the car for too long 🙃🤸‍♀️

You feel that? It's your heart beat.
Telling you that you're ALIVE.

I remember how terrified I was before taking the leap of faith to invest in my health. To make myself a priority, but one day I realized I couldn't keep allowing myself to disappear and become numb to my reality.
So I'm extending the deadline to sign up for our exclusive test group to tomorrow, we start first thing Monday morning.
Since it's late in the game, I will do a personal call with you this weekend to make sure you are 100% ready to go.
There's no room for a comfort zone in our group-- but there's a whole lot of motivation, meal planning and budgeting, mindset, and fitness support going on in our fit fam 💕

The time will pass whether you bust out of that comfort zone or not...so what're you waiting for?!

At #papersource_boston we are getting our samples ready for our Geodes & Gems Card Making Workshop! They are super #cute !
In this workshop you get to make a set of stationery that shines bright! Capture the beauty of geodes, gemstones and butterflies when you create these multifaceted cards with pop-up features and gilded touches.
Stop by, call us, or sign-up online using the link in our bio.
#papersource #paper #cardmaking #cards #crafting #crafty #craft #butterfly #gems #geodes #geodeandgem #watercolor #embossing #heatembossing #boston #bostonmassachusetts #diy #washitape #envelopes #metallic #foiling #create #magic #createyourownmagic #lovely #hello #fun #amazing

Do you ever hear your own advice come out of someone else's mouth and just kind of hate yourself in the moment?? That just happened.
The girls have been all over me today, whining, fussing, crying, destroying things 🙄

Have kids, they said...it'll be fun they said...puppies are so cute and fun and lovable... 🙅😑 So I used it as an excuse to be grumpy. I was a witch with a big fat B.
Once they were finally asleep, I plopped my grumpy butt on the couch to veg on some Gilmore girls.
Rocky goes "have you done your workout yet today?" I have never hated my own words so much before 🤦‍♀️ He was right. I don't exercise for weight loss-- that's not at all why I decided to make this a career. I exercise for peace of mind, clarity, to challenge my body to new limits. To calm anxiety, reduce stress.
And I needed all of those things today....but hated knowing it would require sweat to get there.
30 minutes later, it's done. (Yes, that even includes the 5 minutes it took to drag my lazy butt off the couch and up the stairs)

It was NOT pretty. But now I understand why my challengers ignore me sometimes because they hate my advice 😂

So to them, and to you who think you could never live up to my expectations or my tough love know this.... Some days I hate my advice too...we can hate me together 😂🤷‍♀️🦄

Fall in love with colorful FUEL 🌈

Behind every great kid is a mom who's pretty sure she's screwing it all up.
It's easy to think I'm doing it all wrong. That there must be a right answer.
But there is no right answer.
By doing what you are passionate about, you are teaching your children to chase their dreams-- through all the sacrifices, set backs, and chaos of life.
You are teaching them that their dreams are worth pursuing 💫

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