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Seattle -> Anchorage -> Chinitna Bay -> @lakeclarknps ✈️ See ya in two weeks for the solar eclipse, St. Louis fam. ❤️#createyourownmagic #fullmoonblessings #neverstopexploring #Alaska

Guess what? :)

"Do more of what makes your soul happy" - like accessorizing your desk space with inspirational goodies!✏️

#atPS #PaperSource #CreateYourOwnMagic

S M I L E. L A U G H. most of all LOVE.
So many emotions running through me right now.....from one end of the spectrum to the other.... but I don't want to act according to my emotions, I want to act according to my faith.....🙏🏽 #Godisgood #Smile #focus #createyourownmagic #blackgirlmagic

What a wonderful day...... because every picture tells a story! DIS picture is perfection! #neemakeup #createyourownmagic #hairdressers #fordisloveofhair

Good luck to all of our college kids who rejoined their teams this week!
Check out @mpkicksagain with a simple passing drill with a huge amount of progressions available. This was her first time touching a ball after injury, a few months later and she's smashing it 😎


Close your eyes and take 5 minutes to envision your dream life, the one you feel you are DESTINED to live.
Open your eyes.
Is your current path taking you there?
Is your train heading in that direction?

Yes? Great! Keep doing those daily tasks. Even when it gets hard, because it WILL. Don't jump off that train.
No? Get off at the next stop, or heck if you're going the OPPOSITE direction, GET OFF THAT TRAIN. Because the farther away you go, the longer the right train will take to get you where you want to go.
It may not, will not be easy to change trains. Because you have probably worked really freaking hard to get there -- but other than developing you into a hard working individual, what are those efforts doing for you if they're for the wrong vision? Put that GRIT to use on YOUR TRAIN.
YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. But it won't happen overnight. It's going to take a whole lot of sweat and grit and elbow grease and hearing no over and over and over again.

I used to train hop, going in every which direction struggling to find the clarity for my life and my purpose. But man, this weekend, oof. That vision hit me hard.
I'm boarding that train RIGHT NOW we are going places and WILL NOT QUIT until we get there. Don't let the train leave the station before you finally decide you're "ready" to buy your ticket --- here's my hand, let me help you on and lead you to your destined life.
Because, y'all. You were made for big things. Don't let your current path, your current train, take you in the wrong direction -- or worse, stuck in the train yard going nowhere at all.

The other half 🌓

Guess what? :)

The gorg @sophiewhiffen has started to read our next book recommendation! 'Rise Sister Rise' by the beautiful @rebeccathoughts absolutely in LOVE with the Clear Quartz & Amethist Crystals 🔮 #chiosemagicalways #createyourownmagic #bookrecommendation #risesisterrise #sisterhood #virtualassistant #femtech

🗺🌷👀💘Some things are beautiful because they don't last. Things that last require hard decisions and risks. Decisions can be brainy but risks take the intuitive heart to bear. The hopes are to guide such intuitions and yet they're barely realistic. How much wisdom do we have to solve our immediate needs? #why #lifeisstrange #omg #createyourownmagic #theuncomfortabletruth #drunkpoets

It’s a beautiful day. 🌴☀️ Take a deep breath. Remind yourself to relax + take things one step at a time.
The magic is in the details of making memories and having fun in the process! 🤗💖✨

Thanks for coming out today @statecollegeceltic

Come join the finishing academy today with @rafajr

💫Paying off student loans. 💫Funding vacations and adventures around the world (🙋) 💫Covering those extras (coffees, eating out, nails and hair done..🙋)
💫Replaced 3 jobs with one that can be done from anywhere
💫Provided community for someone struggling to find her place in the world (🙋)
💫Helping single parents cover and eliminate the need for extra childcare
💫Getting paid to be in the best shape of their lives. (🙋) Our stories are all different.
We come from different backgrounds, different stages of life.
But the one thing we have in common -- this opportunity, a business that literally costs 1% of the average business start up cost AND gives you the tools to not only build a business but get in the best shape of our lives -- it has COMPLETELY CHANGED OUR LIVES.
And if we can do it...SO. CAN. YOU. 👊

Theres no "perfect time" to start.
You can keep saying, "oh when I get my next paycheck" until the cows come home.
But what if instead of waiting, you start WORKING? Start EARNING? Start BUILDING? ---------
And because NO ONE should ever guarantee you'll make a certain amount, each coaches income is based on their work ethic and GRIT 💁

When you're shuffling your deck and some cards fall out, & you gotta figure out what the universe is tryna say 😄 #tarot #tarotcards #tarotbeginner #itsinthecards #tarotreading #tarotandwine #learningtarot #selfcare #happywitch #whitewitch #doyoubelieveinmagic #createyourownmagic #wannabewitch

Some women fear the fire, others become it. 🔥💫

For me, it's not enough to simply exist.
I want to be more, achieve more, create more, inspire more, explore more, love more, and allow my true nature to be more fully expressed.
Be more of who YOU want to be ✨💖✨ You are MAGICAL! ✨🦄✨

Low key dying from 30 minutes of core...but it's all good because the excitement CANNOT BE CONTAINED --- heading to the resort to meet up with my boss ladiessss 🙌🙌🙌

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