More from our garden! ☀️ This is over wintered Rainbow Chard 🌈 I love the bright colours of the stems and vivid green of the leaves! 💚💗 To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.
-Mahatma Gandhi

Success vs. Impact...pt. 2

Work work work work work work🎶👠

Success vs. Impact...pt. 1

E v a s i o n
Paris se couvre de gris aujourd’hui, mais tant pis puisqu’on s’octroie une parenthèse le temps d’une nuit que je vous partagerais évidement !
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Happy face. Been so busy having adventures with Anya I've barely had time to check my Insta. Felt nice to live in the moment. After a weekend at Flamingo Land (a theme park/zoo, sadly not all pink!) we're now heading to London for a few days.

This is pretty much the first time I’ve posted anything for #transformationtuesday .
My physical journey now has some serious progress. And the mental journey is feeling equally as amazing.
There’s nothing so motivating as setting a goal, working hard and feeling like you are achieving it.
You begin to trust yourself and the process. .
Here’s hoping there are more #transformationtuesday pics👊👊🤣 #progresspic
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Finally some sun in San Diego! What a beautiful city. Hard work and lots of fun and soon time to come home. 🌞💪🛫

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This is a great ass song @oumou.sang !! #kounkoun #mogoyaremixed

A lil elevation •

Affirmations are great tools to shift the mood. The way how I think triggers, the way I feel and it triggers my actions! Consciously focus on positive! Make your day! #goodmorning #positivevibes #positivethoughts #itmatters #createyourlife #yourreality #thinkpositive

It started to R A I N so we stopped beside the river and took shelter under these beautiful trees. Buddy chatted quietly about the boats and couldn’t comprehend why the otters weren’t there today🧐and I took a deep breath, enjoying the sweet smell of rain and greenery in the air 🍃 I think these are the days I’ll treasure most. The ones that don’t scream #singapore but just whisper “you are here, this is home now”

My life is pretty extraordinary and I have LEMONADE to thank for it 🤩 @just.squeezed

My TOP 10 on what to do when you hit a PLATEAU 💪💯

When you first start a new journey whether it is in fitness, weight-loss or self-improvement, you’ll make quick progress and everything rocks because you see great changes. However, after a while, the reward you get from your effort decreases & it might seem like you’re stuck and you’re hard work is not paying off. Sounds familiar? 🤔

Here's what you can do:

1. Reflect on WHY you're working toward your goals and why it's worth the effort.
2. Get back to basics, don’t overcomplicate things.
3. Focus on small WINS, always try to find a way to get just tiny bit better.
4. Don’t solely focus on one factor, e.g. the number on the scale, but find other ways to measure your progress, e.g. by taking progress photos.
5. CHANGE your workouts/diet. If you do the exact same thing over and over, your body becomes more efficient at that activity & will adapt.
6. Take a BREAK. Give yourself a chance to recover and come back stronger.
7. Accept that you have bad days or even weeks, it is NORMAL.
8. Have faith in yourself, stop making excuses, take RISKS and give yourself permission to FAIL. Growth comes when we stretch past our comfort zone. I usually want to get my technique to 100% right before moving on, but this actually KEEPS me from progressing.
9. Don’t listen to everyone around you who tells you you can’t achieve something, because you CAN.
10. Surround yourself with people who kick your a** from time to time & give you that extra PUSH that you need (even when they live 5732 miles away @dr.erie 😁🙋‍♀️)

👉 Bottom Line: To improve, you have to be constantly pushing yourselves beyond where you think your limits lie and then pay attention to how and why you fail, learn from it and move on.
👉 For me, changing my mindset aka point 8 & also point 10 are usually what I need! I finally hit a new max. squatting today after weeks of not improving. .
👉 So what are the points YOU need to work on? COMMENT BELOW! 👇

(Today’s leg workout in comments below)

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