Do you want that sort of life?
I don't.
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At this time of year you are guaranteed to find me in a plaid top or a toque. If you’re lucky... both. It’s the most wonderful time of year, and also the busiest. In these last weeks of 2018 I hunker down in my office, review what has happened in my business, and begin to get excited for what’s to come. I plan out the goals I have, maybe change up the vision board, and begin to come up with an action list for the coming year. It is a magical time full of appreciation for my accomplishments, gratitude for my gifts, recognition of what I’ve achieved. It’s also a time to dream big and envision that blank slate of promise, just waiting to be filled with all the magical hopes I have for myself and my family. And of course, it’s a time to enjoy loved ones, and being reminded of my why. I love this time of year so much, and I truly believe that the energy it brings with it, can be a launching pad for a successful future. Whatever magic you are feeling right now, allow it to fuel your fulfillment in the year to come! Happy Monday!

You’re Ready.

That thing you’re called to do.

Do it.
That place you’re called to go.

Go there.

Those words you’re bursting to say.

Say them.

That dream you’ve always had.
Live it.
That call deep within your soul.

Answer it.

That thing that lights you up.

Lose yourself in it.
Don’t wait until all your ducks are in a row.
Go do it all now.
Don’t wait to feel ready.
Just dance extra quick.

It’s time.
You’re ready.
Go do. ~ Rebecca Campbell, Light is The New Black

I hope your Monday was as laid back as Betty’s!! #liveyourbestlife #bettypearl #createthelifeyouwant #feetup #donttakelifetooseriously

➕ gratitude➕ Last night I had the magical experience of witnessing these brilliant singer/songwriters (@lucyclearwater @ilyspresents @iammatthewgrant @flightofvoices ) share their passion and gifts in the tiniest of salt caves. What a wonderful evening of connection and enchantment. What are you grateful for today?

To the women in my fitfam,
Thank you for saving my life. For teaching me I am worthy and beautiful. I can see my strength again after so long of forgetting it.🖤
Love, a tired anxious mama who’s starting to love herself again. ✨If you’re ready too, pls join us! We’d love to have you on our team!🙌🏻😘
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The amazing and talented @sophmrusso to our Influencer Model team!
Companies looking for marketing to help grow your business, our company has an exclusive team with top of the line Influencer Model’s to reach out to their large following and spread the word of your products and services!
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I believe we have it backwards. 🤔
Most of us cling to our jobs as one of the highest priorities in our lives, even if we can't stand them.
Yes of course we need them to survive.  We have to earn money to live.  But then when do we get to do something really meaningful, something that's a true expression of who we are?
My dream is for everyone to decide that their Life Purpose is their highest priority.  Wouldn't we be able to transform this world into a paradise if each one of us offered our unique gifts to improve the quality of life here?
Yes, we need jobs to survive but what if we put Life Purpose as our higher priority and used our jobs as a platform to support us while we enact our purpose. 🎁
What if we used our jobs to pay the bills and also invest in learning how to bring our offerings to the world?  What if we consciously developed skills or networks at our jobs that would be of value to our Life Purpose?
Going to the job would start feeling like a platform from which to launch a more meaningful life.
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Do you ever feel less than? Incapable?
Maybe feeling like you can’t lose the weight you’re desperate to lose? Thinking you won’t be able to take that fitness class or lift those weights? Or maybe it’s in some other area of your life where someone is making you feel not good enough or maybe it’s even yourself that is saying you’re not good enough or you’re not able to tackle something?
Girl... We’ve ALL been there. And you know what? We’re going to be there again and have those thoughts and feelings again at some point in our lives. But those thoughts are NOT you! You are not defined by those negative words. Rise up and overcome those evil thoughts! Do not get held back from achieving greatness! Conquer that fear and negativity!
Of amazing things!! You are an incredible individual; a badass woman fighting every day to live the life she wants and become what she dreams. 🌼
Do not let any other person, and most definitely not yourself, hold you back in fear or negativity. You are more than enough and more than able to go after exactly what you want.
I challenge each and every one of you ladies to look yourself in the mirror at least once today and tell yourself that YOU ARE CAPABLE. 💪🏼❤️🙌🏼💖😘💪🏼💋👊🏼👑
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Leadership huh?
It is not the same as it use to be, the whole lead by instilling fear. Instead has evolved, thankfully, into understanding to guide a new generation.
Millennials were the first generation born into the "i" era, a time where we are more connected but more alone than ever.
A time where social media has replaced face to face conversation, a time where filters can hide *anything*. It is a whole new world.
As they grow, the need for developing new leadership practices is growing. Leaders who get them, who are conscious in their decision making, who have a full toolkit to nurture themselves and their teams.
In our Intensives, we put emphasis on leadership training because leading isn't always comfortable and it isn't always straightforward.
If you'd like to fill your leadership toolkit in 2019, reach out and say hello.

💜💙💛 BELIEVE ❤💚🖤 Nothing to lose, everything to gain!!! #believeinyourdreams #believeinyourself #makeitso #createthelifeyouwant #verwood #happinessis

If I have ever done anything to you in a way that has made you feel less than, or feel like you are not special to me, or I’ve made you to feel unappreciated, or made you feel that you are not the incredible badass that you are.... I am telling you now.... thank you so much for allowing me to enter into your life and motivate you and inspire you and you doing the same for me... you mean the world to me and if I have ever told you that we are friends it’s much deeper than that... We are FAMILY sis and there’s nothing you can do about it!!! Love you 😘

Sometimes your struggles are lessons for someone else to learn from too 🤷🏽‍♀️💕

LyneArt Designs is committed to 'zero waste' and many of these beads are the result - one of a kind statement beads making off cuts beautiful ⠀
Sometimes a larger statement is required - I love making beads with polymer and creating one of a kind statement necklaces! Takes me back to my early works with asymmetrical chokers full of statement beads - delicious! ⠀
Happy Tuesday - create something wonderful ❤️⠀
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Yes I have a morning routine. It involves exercise, journalling and prayer. I love my morning routine....but sometimes it's really, really hard to get out of bed. Luckily there is always tomorrow to try again. Here's my latest blog with some ideas on how to kickstart your winter morning routine. Link in my bio⠀

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