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Feeling tired? Sluggish? Think You need to lose some weight or just be in better shape so you could be more active with family and friends?

Then STOP making excuses and do something about it. Change your mindset today to begin working on the new you tomorrow. Don't wait for it to be 60 days from now and tell yourself "I wish I started 60 days ago". Nothing in life worthwhile is easy. You have to take that first step and work you butt off to obtain it!
If you need help starting or even stuck where you currently are, I can help!! 🌿 #cardio #BOD #gorillacrawls #Burpees #transformation #fitover50 #P90X2 #shakeology #fit #fitness #over50 #healthy #cleaneating #beachbody#T25 #createthebestyou #eatclean #exercise #superfoods #workout #fitlife #motivated #Fixate #GetYourFix #holistichealth #muscleandhealth #workout #lifestyle #bodybeast #21DF #22minhardcorps

If you’re waiting for the perfect moment, you’re gonna be waiting a loooooonnng time...yup I said it!!!
How many of y’all have “put something on the backburner” knowing that it’s never gonna come to the front burner again?
Whether it’s finding love or a life partner, getting a career back on track or starting your own business, getting in shape, moving to a different state, or even taking a vacation (which I need right now, HELLO🏝), the answer to success is not to wait for the right “opportunity” to come along. It is to turn whatever opportunity that exists right now into the outcome of your dreamzzzzzz!!!! (lol wow how is it so easy for me to write insta captions but not papers for school...asking for a friend🤔)
I’ve struggled with this myself. A long. dang. time. I’ve always been the one to wait until “my ducks are all lined up”(or whatever the saying is😂🤷🏼‍♀️🦆). It took lots of time and lots of reading to realize that opportunities are literally all around you!
As cliche as it sounds, when one door closes, another door opens to FRIKIN GREAT THINGS GUYS!!! I’m telling ya, don’t wait for what you think is the “perfect time”...THERE ISN’T ONE! Waiting has never been the answer to your success, your happiness, or even creating the life you want to live.
Get out there and DO THE DANG THING!
Okay I’m done yelling love y’all byeeeee have a great FRIYAY JR.!!!🙃❤️
P.s. I’m sorry I’ve been lacking on the fitness posts...I’m in need of someone to film mehhh!!!! WHO CAN HELP A SISTA OUT?!? LMK

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Hi guys🌼
It me (@toridavisfit), just popping in to wish you all a happy Wednesday! Even if you haven’t accomplished everything you’ve wanted to so far this week, remember it’s only half over so you have a bunch of second chances coming your way🤗 •••
Heads up to anyone who hasn’t seen @desb___’s story, her next CAMP DESB has been announced! I attended the last one and if you’re contemplating going...JUST DO IT. Plus it’s at @katyhearngym so it’s a double whammy🤷🏻‍♀️. Food, friends, pics, goodie bags, and the Queen herself (Desb of course) you don’t want to miss it! Make sure to snag your tickets before they sell out! •••
Reminder if you’d like to purchase any of Des’s guides you are more than welcome to use my code “TORI” to save you a little money, every little bit counts💸

Same workout outfit, new week 🤷🏼‍♀️ Yo girl finished up her last booty workout of #LitLeanFit and I am pretty sad although was stoked to say adiossss to pistol squat to front lunge ✌🏻 I have two workouts left of the guide (Plyo + Abs and Pull) and I plan on doing them both tomorrow, one in the morning and one after work 😦 I still can’t believe 6 weeks have already passed, I swear it felt like I started a week ago. I can tell I am stronger—mentally and physically. My diet needs some major adjustments, but other than that I am loving this new kind of training/eating 💪🏻🏋🏼‍♀️ NEXT UP: DBFT 2.0 😬🎉✨ Who’s with me??? @aurorajacynda 💦 Okay time to finish putting away dishes and start packing for the ultimate girls weekend in CHICAGO ♥️ •

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STRESSED was an understatement. I actually cried at work today 😭 from everything going on. Luckily, one of my "mom" coworkers gave me the best piece of advice I didn't even know I needed.
☄ You need to pick one area to be stressed about, either work, or your life. Decide what you can control, and fix it. Decide what you can't, take a breath, and let it go. You can't do everything at once, and you can't do it alone. ☄ I fixed what I could, let the rest go, and watched it as fall into place. ☄ I was able to go about the rest of my day, and have a productive evening 👐

As the beautiful @juliealedbetter always says... DONE & DUSTED! ✨ what about you?!

It’s my last day of work and tomorrow I’ll be heading to Indiana!! Prayers/positive thoughts for a safe day of travel (literally will be traveling from 7am-7pm) and for my sweet girl @mprough___ to have the absolute best wedding weekend would be greatly appreciated. 💗 anyone have anything fun planned for the long weekend?! #wednesday #humpday #youcandohardthings #loveyourbody #createthebestyou #whydoikeeptouchingmyhair

Estimating macros out ⬇️

What do you do when macro info isn’t available?! I figured I’d share how I tracked this pizza last night to hopefully give you some ideas on how you can estimate and stay on track while eating out!

When I discovered @nkdpizzascotland last weekend I was PUMPED to try them out when I realized they had the macros for their pizzas online! Since I’m at the end of a cut right now most of the pizzas were too high in fat for me so I decided to build my own! They don’t have the macro info available for their build your own pizza feature (they’re working on publishing this info soon though!) But I was NOT gonna let this get in between me and pizza though 🍕 So here’s what I did ⬇️
. ✖️I took their macros for a medium skinny Margherita 🍕as my starting point (skinny is their thin crust that makes the carbs way more macro friendly) ✖️Went to Blaze pizzas macro calculator (their pizzas are the same size as a medium Nkd pizza) and looked up the macros for just mozzarella cheese
✖️Subtracted the cheese macros from Nkds medium skinny Margherita pizza (since I wasn’t having any cheese on my pizza)
✖️Added the veggies I wanted to the Blaze calculator and added those macros to my estimated Nkd pizza
✖️Plugged the resulting macros for my “build your own” pizza into MFP
✖️Accounted for 2 Low fat sausages in MFP. I decided to add my own protein onto the pizza to have better control of the amount and be more accurate since sausage can vary A LOT in fat content

While this may not have been 100% accurate it was definitely VERY CLOSE. The majority of what I was estimating macros for were veggies, which don’t have a high macro content.

So what can you take away from this? If a restaurant doesn’t have macro info available there are ways around it! ✖️Find a company with similar food that does have info available (for example, if you’re having Mexican you could use Chipotle)
✖️If you want to be more accurate add your own protein source!

While estimating food will never be as accurate than weighing and cooking it yourself, if you’re not on contest prep you can’t let counting macros run your life! Live a little and use IIFYM to its fullest!!

Lighter weight, higher rep leg day in the books today! 🔥🔥🔥
Stayed on the green for most of my workout and surprisingly loved it.
Here’s a few plate only exercises you can add to your next leg sesh:
▪️lunges with plate overhead
▪️plate RDL
▪️squats with plate overhead
If I ever incorporate DBs or plates into my workouts I usually hold them in front of me, so putting the plate overhead gave me a whole new challenge today. Killlaaaaaaa 👏🏼
Let me know if you give these a try! ❤️
Happy Wednesday!

Summers Coming! Come get it right, get it TIGHT! Visit link in my bio for fitness inspiration! #wellbeing #dumbbells #tone #sculpt #tighten #summerscoming #createthebestyou

Tonight’s post-12-hour-shift back/bi pump brought to you by @1stphorm MegaWatt V2!
If you’re looking for a killer lift, great focus and an even better pump... this preworkout is PERFECT for just that 💪🏼
Plus I’m never going to shut up about this strawberry kiwi flavor bc duh 🍓🥝
Let me know if you have any questions and use the link in my bio for free shipping always! 🖤

I guess this is a longgg #transformationtuesday post? I was hesitant to post because I stared at these pics for so long, I stopped seeing the difference in any of them. I've been on my fitness journey for 2 years now. Over those years I've fallen in love with lifting heavy things, eating healthier, being comfortable in my own skin, educating and sharing knowledge about the fitness lifestyle or workouts, and possibly and hopefully inspiring someone else. I have bad days in the gym, I have great days. Some days I'm disciplined and some days I'm not 🤷🏻I try to stay on track with my eating habits, but by no means, I'm not perfect! I have my share of Oreos and ice cream on the weekends 🍦🍪🍩. I try not to compare myself to others journeys. I keep grinding. I keep pushing myself. I take a breath and take a minute to look back at how far I've come and use that as fuel for my fire 🔥 moral of my rambling story... KEEP GOING! 💪🏼
"Never give up on a dream just because of the time It will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway" -Earl Nightingale
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Checked in yesterday with my client Marc who has been on top of his game 👌 In three weeks we’ve gone from 188lbs to 182lbs. When Marc first came to me his initial concern was being able to make progress due to a hectic schedule and slightly picky eating habits. We’re all different in what we like and don’t like as well as what our days consist of but I assured Marc we would be able to achieve progress if he stuck to the game plan accordingly ! Being able to get people the results they want drug/surgery free is a great feeling. I want people to know that you don’t need anything other than your own hard work to achieve a physique you can be proud of and to live a better life ! #ConfessoreConditioning #CreateTheBestYou
Currently Taking on Online Clients for my Natural Fitness Transformation Coaching! Email me here if you’re interested 👉confessoreconditioning@gmail.com

D30 of 60💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦
Today was full body cardio and Plyo with a dumbbell. And awesome 30 minutes of functional fitness training. Then recovery/superfoods/breakfast made with water+banana+70 superfoods mixture+the coffee fruit+pea protein powder+dash of cinnamon powder = YUMMMMMY 🌿 #cardio #BOD #gorillacrawls #Burpees #transformation #fitover50 #P90X2 #shakeology #fit #fitness #over50 #healthy #cleaneating #beachbody#T25 #createthebestyou #eatclean #exercise #superfoods #workout #fitlife #motivated #Fixate #GetYourFix #holistichealth #muscleandhealth #workout #lifestyle #bodybeast #21DF #22minhardcorps

Do more of what makes you happy ☄
Today, happiness is my last push day of #leanlitfit , a huge scoop of peanut butter melted into my oatmeal, and an iced Americano. ☄ What makes you happy?

@desb___ has amazing online guides to follow in the gym! Give this push day a try on your nect push day! ☄ db overhead press (single arm) ☄tricep dips ☄lateral raises ☄db bench press (try it Left, Right, then Together) ☄pushups.
Want to find out more? Check out the link in my bio!

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