Lemon water with tea this morning!⠀

Juice 1/2 a lemon, add a tsp raw honey and a tsp raw apple cider vinegar to release built-up toxins from the previous day.⠀

A rejuvenating way to start the day! 🍋

My first printed book is nearly ready! There are plenty of things I'd do differently if I could... but I promised myself at the start that I would not hijack myself with perfectionism. I'm more of a crooked, messy, love the details kind of artist... So I'm embracing the perfect imperfection of this labor of love. 😊

Don’t underestimate the power of BLOCKS! ⭐️
Sometimes people think that using blocks or other props during your practice is “cheating” or “not the full expression of the pose” or “the beginner version.” NOPE! Blocks are a way to get even DEEPER in your practice, it helps the body stay in proper alignment, and helps make yoga postures fit YOUR body, and most importantly, it CREATES SPACE!
In your triangle pose, a block under the hand allows you to keep space through both sides of the body, so there’s less crunching through the spine. A block under your hand in Half Moon Pose puts less strain on the hamstrings and the low back and allows you to feel the strength of the posture rather than the struggle of the posture! Blocks in your High Lunge gives space for your belly and your breath! In your Forearm Stand, place a block between the hands to prevent you from bringing the hands together and collapsing into the shoulders!
Blocks create SPACE for your body and your breath and allow you to go deeper in your practice (regardless of what “deeper” means to you!)
Don’t have a block?? No worries, use a hard cover book 📚 or even a plastic tupperware container!
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S P A C E & T I M E...
The final frontier to wellbeing. We all have those times when we've been a little over ambitious with the to do list. And things start to get overwhelming, anxiety provoking and exhausting. .
This was me for most of the week. And I've learnt a very valuable lesson.
If you're self-employed you'll probably relate to this - overbooking work because you feel that you need the money, or if you're a Pitta Dosha (you tend to be very driven and super ambitious - see my previous posts for more info) and may look at down time as unproductive, or perhaps you're a busy parent trying to juggle work, kids and maintain your home. .
Here's how to unravel that tense, anxious, stressed ball in your body - take some time to create some space in your life. .
Learn to say NO! You don't have to do everything. You are AMAZING just as you are.
Cancel something unnecessary in your day, or cancel something you don't really want to do in order to create some time and space for something you LOVE. .
Let go of the need to earn, earn, earn and do, do, do. Grab with both hands the chance to rest, relax, be still, laugh, eat something nourishing and delicious, be mindful and enjoy your one and only beautiful life. .
More space and time equals more zing in your mind, body and soul 🤞

How to develop an Intentional Lifestyle one day at a time.⠀
Join my FREE VIP Tribe and learn how to become more mindful to save time, boost your confidence, and achieve your Goals.⠀
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Over 150 copies of @ExperimentumTrilogy have been downloaded in the past 5 days via @AmazonKindle USA, UK & Ireland, Australia, India, Canada, Japan and Netherlands. It’s really a surprise being on TOP 100 FREE on Amazon retail websites. These could be specified as the top 100 most popular free e-books based on Amazon algorithm, and my novel is one of them on the specific list of categories.
The highest rank I got so far is Top 67 Free on main category Science Fiction on Amazon UK & Ireland, including Top 10 Free in its several sub-categories: Galactic Empire, First Contact, and Space Exploration, even I reached Top 3 Free on Colonisation. Whoa. Can’t believe it.
I got Top 20 Free in several scifi sub-categories on Amazon Kindle US. This is the hardest one to get. Most of the first downloaders are from the US, but, in fact, it’s the hardest to get my rank increase its position. Well, I took this as a free advertising tho.
Now, the truest challenge is being on PAID category. This is the elite of ALL Amazon’s lists. Being on Top 100 Paid means that you have sold hundreds of copies a day, even thousand. (This is crazy. Got stomachache just now thinking about it).
Well, today is the last day of my novel being free, happy to know that science fiction readers on Kindle thinking to read my book. I hope they all are happy with the story and left some positive comments for it and boost my PAID rank. Finger-crossed for everything.
Link on bio.
🎥 by @gigihkinda .
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so grateful for every day that I get to do what I love 💫 #easewithjamie #stralayoga

• Trying something new • I created some sort of acting portfolio today. #the100dayproject #the100dayproject2018 #day17of100 #createeveryday #createspace

Inspiring book 📖 #aprillove2018

“ARDAAS”means prayer 🙏 pray to god whom we believe it works it worked but might I didn’t clear the thing to my god, wanted to grow and did also but forget to tell that she should see this ... do clear the things to your divine .
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This is another stretch that I don’t love love. #headtokneepose #janusirsasana
Does the back part of your thighs feel tight after winter? Do your #hamstrings need extra attention?
Then #yogachallenge #HamSpringLove is for YOU!
Are hosting 12 days of #HamSpringLove starting Sunday April 15. The challenge focuses on #stretching the hamstrings, the muscles located in the back part of the thighs.
Enter and make a chance to win prizes from sponsors
@pranamat 🌸
- Repost the flyer of the challenge and tag some friends to play along - Set your profile on public
- Follow hosts and sponsors
- Practice the #yogapose of the day with the help of the hosts instructions - Post a picture or video of (a variation of) the daily pose, tag hosts and sponsors and use #HamSpringLove
- Remember that the goal is to practice, not to nail a “perfect looking” pose
Day 1 🌸 Standing forward fold ~ Uttanasana
Day 2 🌸 Extended hand-to-big-toe pose ~ Utthita hasta padangusthasana
Day 3 🌸 Standing splits ~ Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana
Day 4 🌸 Pyramidpose ~ Parsvottanasa
Day 5 🌸 Head to knee pose ~ Janu Sirsasana
Day 6 🌸 Heronpose ~ Krounchasana
Day 7 🌸 Seated forward fold ~ Paschimottanasana
Day 8 🌸 Plowpose ~ Halasana
Day 9 🌸 Splits ~ Hanumanasana
Day 10 🌸 Fireflypose ~ Tittibhasana
Day 11 🌸 Tortoisepose ~ Kurmasana
Day 12 🌸 Yogi’s choice

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