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Here's an image captured by @mrpetergonzalez while kayaking off the coast of Thailand 🛶

"Being on a kayak in this bay is an experience I won't soon forget. Thankfully I was able to bring my A7rii with me because of it's form factor. I've been in love with mirrorless for a while now, but this was the moment I decided I'd never leave the format" | a7RII | Vario-Tessar T* FE 16-35mm f/4 ZA OSS Lens | ISO 100 | f6.3 | ss 1/80 |

With you I got lost so much that I’m still looking for myself.

Стейк из лосося 1 кг.
Всем тёплого субботнего вечера 👀
Salmon steak 1 kg🍽

Shot by: @sashalevin
Selected by: @j.mos
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That state of mind 😎🚲☀️🌴💦🌊 #Mexico #amigo #chico #RivieraMaya #Cancun #easyrider #foreveronvacation

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I know Hershel feels when he spits.

He travelled with the spirits until he found their home. It was from that day he remained there, promising to save the forest

Hey guys, so we just hit 10K!!!! I'm honestly in awe, I feel like I'm dreaming. You guys are all shining gems and I appreciate all of your support. It's just the fact that 10,000 people decided to follow me, I mean that's a lot of zeros, and so many people!!! I wish I could thank you all personally and tell each of you how grateful I am for your constant support ☺️ ⠀

@nathanielgerdes set a challenge and mentioned to us to include a brief description of ourselves, who we are, and what art means to me. So here I go...

My name is Ragib Choudhury and I live in England. Editing and photography are a passionate hobby of mine. It is a way for me to escape reality for a while and enter my own world. this has to be one of the most influential reasons for why I took on art in the form of photography. Besides creating, I study Physiology and Pharmacology at university Biology is also my passion and I can't decide which, photography or biology I prefer more. What I know is that both have allowed me to appreciate nature and the world in general. They have helped me shape who I am.

Some facts about me:
I really like cats, and cows, and practically all animals
My favourite animal is a Caracal or a Glaucus Atlanticus
I often talk to myself
I'm a morning person
My favourite vegetable is mushrooms
My favourite people are my friends and family
I'm originally from Bangladesh
I love playing sport
My favourite organ is the kidneys
I can't swim

If you have any more questions about me, drop them below. I hope you have a wonderful evening ❤️ #thegerdesgames

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground

There is nothing impossible in this world as long as we want to try. Just do it!
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Don't worry about how I shape my world

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