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The Premiere of Black Panther happened in Las Vegas, and The All New 88.1 in conjunction with The Michael Baisden Show made the Las Vegas Premiere Happen. Pictured here is Joy LaShawn, The Diva of Flava, and the Hostess Models contracted for the night. Watch the clip, featuring the models, YouTube Search: Joy LaShawn & The Hostess Models.

One of my favorite Bob Marley Grooves, first hipped to it by a co-worker, when I pushed carts, at a grocery store, in my High School Daze. He let me borrow a cassette, like a CD, but magnetic particles recorded sound, on tape, to deliver music; popped it into my car's cassette player, a '79 Impala, listened to the standard Bob cuts, and then 'Sun Is Shining' Came On, and It Was Rewind, and Listen Listen Listen Again and Again! And, this Remix Dumps-- it's Like Experiencing it for the first time, Again! @702_melv_ @firstpickcee

It used to be Lordlandonline.com, but I had to get down to what Lordlandfilms is really about, creating, and distribution of independent films, thus-- Lordlandfilms.com! Watch the first 4-Movies, that began The BlkIce Chronicles, on Lordlandfilms.com & Lordlandfilms.com/lordlandtv. You Will Thank Yourself.

Crazy 'baby-faced' Dee. Lordlandfilms.com/lordlandtv.

Selfie Section. Lordlandfilms.com/lordlandtv & Lordlandfilms.com

Lordlandfilms.com/lordlandtv. Wear The.Crazy Dee Tee.

Crazy Dee brings the lights, cameras, and writes the action for Lordlandfilms.com & Lordlandfilms.com/lordlandtv.

Crazy Dee Filmmaker, Director; Editor for Lordlandfilms.com/lordlandtv.

One Day Only, For Valentine's Day-- When Valentine's Day Goes Wrong-- It's Liv's Song-- on Lordlandfilms.com/lordlandtv.

It's The 3rd Year Anniversary of A Classic of When Valentine's Day Goes Wrong-- It's Liv's Song! Showing Now, FOR ONE DAY ONLY, on Lordlandfilms.com/lordlandtv.

Crazy Dee (center), Prof. James Small (left), and Bro. Keidi (right).

Prof. James Small spoke on The Haitian Revolution 1804, and Crazy Dee's The BlkIce Chronicles was there to film it! Tje Lecture Up Soon, but Catch Up On What's Already Up @ Filmmaker Client A. Page on YouTube.

One last photo from last evening's event. Pictured with #masteringmindsets, and @james.small.313, is the painter/artist of (left of Prof. Small), and the winner of the art piece inspired by The Black Panther Movie (right of Prof. Small). Photo taken by @crazydeefilmdude.

Today, Today, Today-- Doors Open At 12Noon @ #imagines100academyofexcellence! Prof. James Small Lectures on The Haitian Revolution of 1804! That's Right-- but before he speaks, the Afrikan/Black Community of Las Vegas is treated to the Premiere Screening, in Las Vegas, of 1804 the Movie! Brought to Las Vegas, Nevada by Like It Is Radio & Mastering Mindsets! See you there!!

Tomorrow @ #imagines100academyofexcellence, James Small Lectures, in Las Vegas, on the Haitian Revolution 1804, after the screening of The 1804 Movie! Doors open at 12noon! Don't Miss It!

Like It Is Radio airs/happens this morning at 10am to 11am (Pacific time), 11am to 12n (Mountain time), 12n to 1pm (Central time), and 1pm to 2pm (Eastern time zone). Tune-in at KCEP.radio.net, and Call-in at 702.647.3688. Download the app on AppleStore or PlayStore. @f2thegizzle Franklyn G., has a special guest-- Prof. James Small in the building to discuss the state of the Black/African Diaspora. Tune-in, Tune-in, Tune-in, Call-in, you don't want to miss Like It Is Radio, this morning on The All New Power 88.1! @702_melv_

The Emancipation Circle Film Presentation is Up Now, Playing Now-- on Filmmaker Client A. Page on YouTube! It is a thought-provoking exhibit that will leave you educated, emancipated through the emotional connection. Playing Now on Filmmaker Client A. Page on YouTube!

@LashawnJoy announces Her New Shows on The All New Power 88.1! Watch her announcement on Filmmaker Client A. Page on YouTube! Film & Edit by @crazydeefilmdude.

To watch the male point of view to #metoo and #timesup #timesupnow watch 'The BlkIce Chronicles: Females Ep.1 - 2 Models', playing now on Lordlandfilms.com/lordlandtv. Oh Yeah-- to purchase the Crazy Dee Tee you see Crazy Dee sporting and the model sporting-- go to Lordlandfilms.com/apps/webstore. Order Now, and we'll get it out to you ASAP!

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