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When you read that title, were you excited or scared? I use to think that and be scared. Anything could happen. Anything bad could happen. I could be single for the rest of my life. I could never make genuine friends. I could stay at my sucky 9-5 forever and ever. Ever have those thoughts?

How about these thoughts: I will always be fat. I am ugly. No one wants me. What is the point?

I was right there for such a long time. I had migraines that made me bedridden, I couldn't breathe walking up an incline of any kind, I couldn't even play with my niece and nephews for more than a few minutes before I was out of breath and watching tv.

And then this magical solution appeared out of thin air. I changed my thoughts. I started to be more positive. I started to be hungry. I could not afford to be this out of shape and fat anymore. I refused.

Anything could happen suddenly excited me.

I could be fit. I could buy clothes where my friends shop. I could be happy. I see a purpose. It doesn't have to be like it was.

Once I changed my mindset, suddenly eating healthy wasn't a forced option, I embraced it. Working out was fun for me. And I started to see progress!!! BITCH DO YOU SEE MY FUCKING ABS COMING IN?! I'm telling you, change your mindframe. Once you become excited about the possibility of change, you'll see change happen for the better.

Stop focusing so much on the negative.


I’ve always wanted to incorporate jump roping into my fitness routine. It’s one part the kid in me and the other part wanting to be badass like boxers that use it for cardio. Can’t say it’s the most fun like I remember when I was a kid but after my HIIT of jump roping I felt a little like a badass and more dead than anything lol. Here’s to getting better and faster at it! Definitely keeping this for day I’m looking for a super quick way to get that sweat going 😎

¡Buen día! Hoy les quiero compartir esta versión de Ceviche con champiñones, los champiñones son excelente fuente de proteína vegetal y fibra así como ricos en minerales. A mi me encantan los ceviches pues es la forma más fácil de comer mucha verdura y evitar las grasas y carbohidratos que no necesito. Espero lo disfruten! 👉🏻ingrendientes: 1/2 kilo de champiñón fresco, 1 pepino desvenado y cortado en cuadritos, 1/4 de cebolla morada en cuadritos, 1 tomate grande picado, 1 chile serrano, aguacate y cilantro al gusto. Aparte la marinada está hecha de jugo de limón, salsa tamari, sal de mar y pimienta. 👉🏻revuelve todos los ingredientes y deja reposar mínimo 3 horas en el refrigerador. Yo serví con plátano macho horneado en aceite de coco y una pizca de sal, pero puedes acompañar con tostadas de nopal o saladitas. #craving #cravehealthy #veganceviche #veganrecipes #veganfood #veganeats #vegetarian #cleaneating #cleaneats #paleo #keto #recetassaludables #recetasveganas #lowcarb #glutenfree #animalcrueltyfree #atkins #beachbody #beachbodycoach #healthcoach #breastfeedingdiet #postpartumjourney ❤️

❌WHAT IS YOUR VISION?❌ You look in the mirror and see a reflection of what you don't want. You're so unhappy with how you look and you feel frustrated. So what is it you actually want to look like?

Imagine you wake up to your best self. What does that look like to you? How do you feel? What clothes do you wear? Where are you going to? Who do you meet up with? What do you talk about? What do you hear back?

Where is your vision?

I use to create vision boards all the time. Then I would immediately get embarrassed and hide them in my closet later to throw away on trash day so no one would see. I was ashamed of my dreams and my goals. Do you know how many of those goals I actually accomplished? Exactly zero.

Then one day, I created a vision board of this dream I had. I really wanted to see an elephant in real life. It was a small board and it just looked like some cool artwork and I didn't put a ton of effort into it. Then exactly 8 months later I flew to Phuket, Thailand and not only did I see an Elephant in real life, I swam with them and fed them and got to play with them. Now my magazine clippings of elephants have been replaced with actual pictures of elephants.

I dare you to create a vision board and see what your future will manifest into.


It’s been an official week since I upped my calories from 1200-1500 a day to 2000-2200 and let me tell you it’s been fantastic!! I thought I would feel all doomy and gloomy because weight gain seemed inevitable, but nope! I feel up and positive. Who knew food could make me so happy 🤷🏼‍♀️. On top of the new caloric intake, I also agreed to only weigh myself once a week, and take a week long break from exercise. Happy to report I haven’t gained any weight, and my hunger levels are finally balancing out. I feel like this all sounds like common sense, and maybe I sound crazy for being shocked by all of this, but sometimes you have to become absolutely exhausted by your bad habits and current self to take the necessary steps to make a change. 💫

Crushed my first leg day of the Peach Plan phase two! Excited to see the gains in booty and strength in the next five weeks 🍑

¡Buen día! Esta tarde quiero compartirles mi plato de comida, sencillo, natural, orgánico y sin gluten y con el mismo sabor! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻Está pasta de espinaca es una gran alternativa para cuando tienen antojo la encuentran en cualquier mercado orgánico de su localidad. La “Bolognesa” es hecha a base de pavo orgánico, champiñones, tomates, albahaca,especias y ya. Que la disfruten! 👉🏻cocina la pasta deacuerdo a las instrucciones del paquete, enjuaga y deja reposar. Pon a rostizar tomates, ajos y cebolla en el horno. Aparte en un sartén sofríe media cebolla picada finamente y 3 ajos picados finamente en un poco de aceite de coco, cuando estén transparentes agrega un paquete de molida de pavo orgánica y sazona con sal de mar, pimienta, ajo en polvo y aminos de coco, deja cocinar. Saca los tomates del horno y muélelos con sal de mar, pimienta y albahaca fresca, agrega al pavo junto con bastantes champiñones picaditos. Deja cocinar y sirve sobre la pasta. #spinachpasta #cravehealthy #turkeymarinara #organicfood #organicbolognese #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #healthy #healthyrecipes #cleaneating #healthyeats #cleanests #estcleantraindirty #breastfeedingdiet #postpartumjourney #recetassaludables #recetasenespañol #salud #nutrition #nutricion

❌HOW I LOST 50 POUNDS (AND HOW YOU CAN TOO!)❌ Stepping onto the scale was my worst nightmare. Doctor's visits were the worst. I remember every time they always made the same comment, "Is that number right?" Yeah doc, I really am that big, thanks for making me feel awesome.

It got to a point where I didn't want to go to check ups anymore. I didn't want to play sports because I didn't want to get a physical. I didn't want a personal trainer because I didn't want to know my starting weight. I jist wanted to lose the weight and deal with the number later.

Here was the only problem: I had no clue how to lose weight. To me exercise = weightloss. But that wasn't working! It took me finding a mentor to explain to me exercise + healthy food = weightloss. Okay great, so why can't I lose weight still?

There was this deeper root that I hadn't dealt with. The reason why I gained the weight in the first place. I was depressed, I was insecure, I had very superficial friends, and I was scared of the attention I might get from losing weight. Once I resolved those demons, I stopped looking to food for comfort and instead went to food for what it was meant to do, nourish my body and give me energy.

How does this apply to you? Let's figure that out together!


Quinoa power bowl from @metheratabar 😋 soooo good and sooo filling. Wow, I couldn’t be happier 😍✨

Accountability post! So I had to take a week off due to severe exhaustion. I had been getting up at 4am every weekday for four months straight. Always hitting the gym right when it opened at 5am. I felt more energized than ever...until it finally caught up with me. So I used last week and this three day weekend to reset. Now I’m back to it! Finished a back day and actually hopped back on the treadmill for some cardio. In addition to the gym, I’m getting back on track with my eating. My binge eating keeps coming back with a vengeance and it’s always a struggle but I’m very focused on me and being conscious of what I’m eating and why I’m eating it. Here’s to staying on top of both and being the best me I can be. 💕🌱

Today's dinner and tomorrow's lunch! 😛Cauliflower rice with a boatload of veggies and beans! Guaranteed to make you full, but light at the same time. 🌱
Makes about 2 servings=
*Sauté a half an onion with 1/2 bell pepper on oil (I used grape seed oil) *
*Once the onion starts to brown put in a handful of sliced mini tomatoes
*3/4 can of beans (i used red kidney beans)
*2 cloves cut up garlic
*2 cups minced cauliflower
*Found chopped frozen veggies (carrots, peas, carrots) in the fridge so I put 1/3 cup of those in
*Top with spinach and cover for 5 minutes
*Season to taste with soy sauce, pepper, salt & 🌶 if you like. Voila!!
#PlantifulPlate #CauliflowerRice

❌WHO ARE YOU?❌ Quick! First band to come to your mind! Favorite animal! Guilty pleasure! Dragons or Sphinx?

I want to know who you are on a deeper level. I want to know what ignites your soul, what passion drives you into the day? What makes you cry and what makes you laugh? Are you an intuitive person? Are you weird? Tell me everything, I want to know!

And if it's personal, feel free to send me a message and we can chat on the deepest of levels.

Let's chuck aside the superficial favorite color questions and go into something further. The happiest moment of your life.

Tell me a time you could fly.

First, no I don’t care that the rest of my family had regular pizza from our local pizza joint. I honestly love @caulipowered pizza! 🤷🏼‍♀️
I always add a little Mrs Dash Italian Seasoning before I cook it. Gives it a little more “spice” flavor. Turkey pepperoni and sautéed mushrooms. I sauté the mushrooms and add them before putting the pizza in the oven because this pizza literally takes 12 minutes to cook! And that just isn’t enough time to cook the mushrooms (I don’t like raw mushrooms). .
Comes out perfect! Every. Single. Time. 👌🏻
#cauliflowerPizza #EatHealthy #CraveHealthy #Lifestyle

I know - what a way to dampen your Saturday cravings. ;) It's true though - we can train our minds and bodies any way we wish.  If you're not happy with your health, weight or fitness status - we can change that. Cravings are your wants.  Reprogram the mind & body to crave for healthy alternatives.  It doesn't have to mean boring.  And then when we do indulge - it will taste ever so much better as a reward!

🌟It's not just a “cute” drink for weightloss. Google: microbiome, dysbiosis AND akkermansia.
Plexus Worldwide is at the forefront of gut health (I know I never shut up about it...it MAY BE important😜) with their plant based products! And? I am extremely proud of that! But? I want YOU to feel better, have the energy to play with your kiddos, feel well rested when you awake and feel the absolute best you EVER have because you eliminated the junk, gunk and funk inside you! Try it or get your money back...it won't hurt my feelings!
#momjuice #naturalenergy #nomoresugarcravings #cravehealthy #willpoweroverfood #healthychoices #guthealth #balancedbloodsugars #alldayenergy #prebiotics #microbiome #guthealthmatters #gethealthy #workingmom #nightshiftnurse #getsmethroughthenight


You went onto Pinterest and looked up all of these healthy meals. You went to the grocery store and spent $100 on all new food. You're ready this time. This time you're going to lose the weight and this time you're going to be one of those instagram models that eat kale and bee pollen and oh shoot, you forgot the bee pollen! You log onto Amazon and buy chia seeds and cacao powder (and the bee pollen you couldn't find at your grocery store). Your friends give you a weird look and roll their eyes.

And then 4 days later your boss yells at you for a mistake he made. Your coworker is being a bitch... again. Your friends are annoying the shit out of you. You feel alone and irritated. You haven't really lost any weight like you thought you were going to. So you go home and turn on the tv for comfort. You start in on your favorite season of your favorite show. You have all your favorite foods with you. You have 2 burgers, 2 large fries, tons of candy, a 2 liter of soda, Chinese food, Thai food, sushi, and a large bag of chips.

It's one night, what's one night? And ya know what? You fucking hate kale anyways and you can taste it in your smoothies no matter how many fruits you add.

I feel this on a spiritual level. I was this girl for such a long time. I needed help, I needed a person to care and listen to me complain, I needed someone who would yell at me when I needed to be yelled at and console me when I needed someone to console me. I wanted to be skinny so bad. I needed someone to help me get there though.

I would love to be that person for you. I want to be your support, I want to be that person you text in the middle of the night when you want to go to 7-11 and grab some hot cheetos. I want to be more than your mentor showing you this wonderful path to weight loss, I want to also be your friend.

And if you want this to, let me know.



I'm sure there is a prettier way to do this BUT I don't give a fuck 🤷

I've been keeping track of my boxing classes with the awesome @hyksoboxing punch counters (no this isn't an ad Susan, chill). My punch count when I started tracking back in November 2017 to today has MAJORLY CHANGED. Like okay, in November, I couldn't get past like 160 if I tried my damn hardest. NOW BITCH LOOK AT THAT ROUND 8!!! 588 BITCH YAAAAASSSSSSS

And I box 5 times a week. 5 sesshies baby. Over 12,000 punches. Honestly, so amazed.

Obviously I have the most amazing boxing family over at @titleboxingclubcarlsbad I mean they are fucking incredible and know what they're doing. Typing this right now, my arms burn from my 5 am workout with Pete the Beast. My legs still ache from all the torture (I mean love?) From @brandonazurin so yeah, if ya want to look like a badass and feel like a limp noodle for 2 days, defo check-o them-o.

In the mean time, move bitch, get out mah way (no but seriously, I can't walk very well, please don't make me go around you). Love and boxing.



You wake up exhausted. The memes about adult life hit a little too close to home. Your clothes make you feel ugly. In fact, you've had the same wardrobe for so long because you hate buying clothes so much. You avoid the mirror because it reflects someone you don't want to see. You feel disgusting. You hate your body. You feel at a loss.

What if I was to say, I can show you a cure? What of I was to tell you a way to get rid of all of those emotions? What if I told you one day you would love to go shopping again? What if I told you one day you'll have mirrors everywhere and catch your reflection again and again and smile. What if I said you would feel condifent and beautiful and most of all love your body?

Crazy right?! But it is so possible! You can reach those goals and be confident and beautiful and take control of your life once more! You will wake up in the morning ready to start the day. You will stare at your reflection and give a big smile as you see a happier healthier version of yourself. You will have new clothes that fit like a glove. You will love your body and you will love yourself. All of this is within your grasp. I can show you exactly how to get there.

I was in this same exact spot once before. I remember what it was like to cry alone in my room. You don't have to be that person anymore. So jump! If you jump, I promise to jump with you.

Because we're in this together.


Happy Valentine’s Day!! Delicious AND Gluten Free Pizza!? Yes it does exist! Make some for your sweetheart! 🍕❤️

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