I’m currently rereading a book I read back in the winter because I feel like I need a refresher on its point of view. As you can see I usually circle or highlight good parts, but I realized 30 seconds after circling the first paragraph that I should’ve circled the entire page... I might be up for a while. “The voice you believe will determine the future you experience.” #crashthechatterbox

St. Pete to Knoxville 🛫🛫🛫
In flight motivation provided by Steven Furtick & the beauty of God's Creation.🙌 Refreshments provided by Minute Maid & Bacardi! 🍹(Hey it's still pay-cation right???)🤔😂 #paycation #travel #florida #tennessee #knoxville #knovillebound #plane #flying #sky #refreshments #bacardi #cranapple #imnotperfect #godspromise #imcominghome #trending #safetravels #skypics #clouds #inspiration #motivation #stevenfurtick #crashthechatterbox #dontjudge #onedrinkonly #inflightdrink

Head over to @hillsongchannel to snag this rad “AMEN” hat + book by @stevenfurtick! 🙌🏼

Every Thursday for the next 6 weeks join me at 7pm for the Young Adult Book Club series; 'Crash the Chatterbox; Hearing God's Voice Above All Others'. You can register with the link in my bio, or just join in on Zoom using the link on the flyer! #youngadults #zoom #crashthechatterbox #theluke

Hey y’all! Me and @mommasayray and @millertimetx and @shirley.lovell.1238 are headed to De Queen, AR. Iam excited to experience this part of Matts family! Iam catching up on @jennakutcher blog from this week! #goaldigger and when Iam done with that Iam also reading a little bit of @stevenfurtick #crashthechatterbox AND 🚨 ALERT 🚨 LOOK AT MY THUMB I got a ‘b’ ring from @millertimetx for our 5YR anniversary! Side note my nick name is b. Y’all go check out @cottagephotographyy @teeb8y did a great job on my lifestyle portraits for my website! ❤️ #applewatch #apple #stevenfurtick #crashthechatterbox #jamesavery

New York Times bestselling book, “Crash the Chatterbox”! “Silence the lies and negativity that bombard your mind, so you can hear God’s voice above all others.” - Pastor Steven Furtick
I want to buy the book😉
No to negativity! Stay positive! There’s always a reason to stay alive. Find your purpose. You always have a choice 👌🏻
#beencouraged #positivevibes #listen #believe #believeinyourself #crashthechatterbox #nolies #truthaboutlife

Have you ever read a book that literally speaks to you? Every word on every page is almost as if it’s written “to Kelly.” This book has opened up so many different perspectives on life for me and made me look at situations from a whole new point of view. God is SO good. Life is SO good. @stevenfurtick is SO good! This man speaks to me and tells me everything I need to hear!! Has anyone else read this or any of his books? What book speaks to you? If you haven’t had the chance to read this book, I highly recommend it... “because the voice you believe will determine the future you experience.”

“If God always met our expectations He wouldn’t be able to EXCEED them”
Good word! Press on! Good read from pastor @stevenfurtick with crash the chatterbox! #crashthechatterbox

My wife @katee.williamson bought me 4 of Pastor Steven Furtick books for my birthday two years ago. Still one of the best gifts ever. Two years later I’ve started the third book and the timing of it is impeccable. God has chosen us to fulfill His calling in our lives and that’s going to be different for everyone. Whether you’re a preacher, father, husband, wife, friend, teacher, lawyer, or aunt, uncle, everyone IS someone. Sometimes that can be scary and intimidating. The good news: He chose us even knowing the worst parts about us. He knew me before He formed me, I belong to Him, I am wanted, I am loved, and He will always be with be. We now are empowered to LIVE out of an awareness of divine acceptance!!!? Woohoo this is just page 25!!! Come ON NOW!!! #crashthechatterbox

I’m currently reading crash the chatterbox by Steven Furtick. The toughest battles are the ones we fight in our mind.
How do you silence all that negative thoughts 💭?
As for me, I’m taking on reading. Feeding my mind with positivity.
Get a good book 📚 and read. .
#crashthechatterbox #feedyoursoul #readabook #renewyourmind #perfectlyimperfect #booklover

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