This book is a must read. If you struggle with self doubt and the lies that you tell yourself, check this book out. Just do it. 💚 “Because the voice you believe will determine the future you experience” @stevenfurtick

Discouragement is a voice we have all heard. "We'll never become more than what we are." "Things will never be better." "It's hopeless." These voices try to stop us and hold us back from what God is trying to do in our lives. But we can crush the voice of discouragement!
Make sure you don't miss our final night in our series "Crash the Chatterbox"! Thursday at 7pm!! #CrashtheChatterbox

Next on the list 👌🏻 @stevenfurtick’s crash the chatterbox #crashthechatterbox

So keen! #crashthechatterbox is about hearing God’s voice above all others and we’re starting it tomorrow night at The Kemp’s! Come at 6:30 for dinner. Inbox for the address if you haven’t come before. #gatewaychya #belongbelievebecome #youngadults

We all have titles. Some of mine are Wife, Mommy, Manager, Leader, Mentor, Friend...the list goes on and on and each one comes with endless expectations. Fortunately, the Truth isn’t based on my ability to live up to expectations. The judgement and disappointment will be there when I don’t, but that’s okay. The criticism that surrounds me will never be more powerful than the Truth that is Written.

🤩 Happy Saturday! “Every second you spend wishing God would take away a struggle is a forfeited opportunity to overcome!.....you HAVE to fight back...Your spiritual life depends on it!” #nowReading #CrashTheChatterBox #whenHelpAndPurposeMeet #destinyAwaits

Every time fear enters your mind before you do something. Ask yourself. What’s the worst that could happen? #crashthechatterbox #stevenfurtick

New book study begins on Monday...well this first chapter is a peek inside my life. Looks like lots of learning and growth is about to be unleashed. Favorite line so far: “Every second you spend wishing God would take away a struggle is a forfeited opportunity to overcome.” #LeadersAreReaders #CrashTheChatterbox #MyMKLife #OpeningUp #LettingGo #Believe #SingleMom #BuildingWomenUp #HighHeelPowerhouse #BeckysBelievers #KindnessStartsWithYou

I am SO excited to dig into this book by @hayley.e.morgan - Amazon Prime for the win!! #growth #crashthechatterbox #preachtoyourself

#TBT to an incredible Sunday worship at @elevationchurch ⛪🙏🏻

Special thank you to @jerryfrakes17 for taking the time to talk to this crazy girl who stopped in the middle of rush hour parking traffic to ask when we should arrive on Sunday for service 😂 Your hospitality, fellowship, and testimony is the good stuff 🙌🏻 A big ole thanks to 🎾Robert🎾 for saving two random guests seats in the 4th row center stage❗️To @lenzitgif with your genuine enthusiasm, praise, and realness: You are a light 💡 and a gem 💎 Finally, to @jonjosephs + @chunkscorbett / @stevenfurtick : Thank you for all the gifts you blessed us with! The signed book #CrashTheChatterbox + new CD #HallelujahHereBelow with matching tee are gracious + heart-filling ❤️ Most importantly, thank you for allowing us to #SeeWhatGodCanDoThroughYou with both your online and in-person ministry 🙌🏻 We might live in #ColumbusOhio but we feel home with #ElevationChurch

Story 📖 We’ve been going through a rough season since July. Balancing career, personal health, marriage, new parenting, homeownership/housework, + calling in life is TOUGH. So, I told Justin for his birthday I was taking him to Charlotte... to go to Elevation Church. He watches Pastor Steven’s sermons every day on the way to work and many days on the way home. He listens to him while doing house chores + even in the shower! I knew his soul could use something to look forward to, some fellowship, instead of some gift that he doesn’t need. Y’all, we want not. We have stable careers + loving family. We have a roof over our head, clothes on our backs, and food in our bellies. But that doesn’t make us happy. That doesn’t make us whole. What we are lacking is blind faith needed all the time to keep us sane, even in the storm. That all-in trust that His plan is greater than ours + in the muck He is stronger than any anxiety/stress/worry we have + He is molding us into greatness on His terms. So, off to Charlotte we went to #SeeWhatGodCanDoThroughYou

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