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This place is badass! Thanks @pharv85 for the invite! Broke the cable holder on my WaveC so I'm up here on my brakeless 24! Shit is scary! But imma get through this section before I leave. Don't ask me where these are. Its on private property and jumps are locked up! Invite only #birthdayweekend #crashingsucks #dirtjumps #rolledankle #bmxlife

The steps you go through before, during and after a crash: ---------------------------------------------------- Before: improving on your lap, good enough for P1. -------------------------------------------------- During: make a mistake, hit the wall and destroy the whole right side of the car, press the radio button and tell the team "guys i crashed, sorry." ---------------------------------------------------- After: Your team mate comes past you laughing and sticks his middle finger out. #CrashingSucks

#tbt to when I took a @motulusa oil shower - Roebling Road Raceway is a bike eater for sure! Best advice, don't crash at Roebling! 🙃 #ripforks #crashingsucks #motorcyclecrash

✈️🐿 😵😵😵😵😵3 Things: 1. I'm ok, Mom 2. I owe @6dhelmets $25,000.00 for letting me buy their product because that's the going rate for a MediVac ride that I didn't have to pay for. 3. I AM SO THANKFUL to God, and to 6D 🙌. After this clip, I caught my wind, stood up, calmed down and 5 minutes later I was back on the bike riding back to camp WITHOUT A CONCUSSION. No nausea, no stars, no ringing in my ears, no different shaped pupils... nothing!! I have been AMPED and thankful all week long that I walked away after getting punted while hot on the gas in 4th gear 😇. My @mobiusbraces and @alpinestars Tech 10's also held up awesome and I didn't tweak my knees or feet as I rag dolled across Green River. If you ride, please go get and ride in top notch safety gear. I'm not just saying that because I work at a bike shop and have dual motives... DID YOU NOT JUST WATCH MY CRASH?!?! 😂@mx.fails @mx_daily @vitalmx @edgepowersports @motocrossig @moto.fails @failsvids #Crash #crashingsucks #dirtbike #fail #ThatWasUnfortunate


So the morning didn't go too well. @mr_spade had a really bad high side trying to avoid another rider who had checked up. I'm happy that he didn't hit him because then there would have been 2 bikes down, 2 injured riders and possibly more as it was the opening lap of the race and riders were pretty close together.
Right now I'm sitting in the emergency x-ray room. We are waiting on a Ct scan because we're worried there may be internal damage to his kidney.
This weekend proved to be a difficult one for many guys out there, lots of bad crashes, broken bones and carnage. And as bad as Steve's crash was it's actually quite incredible he didn't break anything. He flipped end over end and torqued his body bad. Roebling Raceway is definitely a bike eater. There's nothing left of the zx10 except for the rearsets and possibly the gas cap... #BecauseRacing#RedSpadeRacing#CrashingSucks#crashbandicoot #GoRacingTheySaiditllBeFunTheySaid

As you probably noticed I had a bad crash few weeks ago and suffered injury of my knee. We are working hard to get me back to the race tracks as fast as possible, but I have to admit my knee is still not ready. Due to this fact I have decided to skip the season opener of Downmall Tour in Frankfurt this weekend. Im already riding my bike, Im back in the program and putting a lot of effort to come back stronger! Its hard for me, but in this case I need to act smart. I know that I will be back strong, but my body needs more time. Sorry goes to my fans who are writting me from Germany, thank you guys for your support and understanding! Good luck to all racers ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻 #crashingsucks #injuriessuck #onmywayback #iwillbeback #soonerthanyouthink 📸@jankaslphoto

Everybody knows knows this guy. Give Brad Clutter a call, and take your living space back this winter. #crashingsucks #garageit www.stlmotorcyclerepair.com

When you know how strong those boots are, i can only thank @alpinestars 🙌🏼 for saving my foot during that gnarly crash in UK. I went down then @timaucott did his best to avoid hitting me but his Harley caught my leg and dragged me into the fence & i have absolutely no damage on this leg, those Tech8 did their job 🙏🏼. #alpinestarsprotects ##dtrahooligan #crashingsucks #savedbyalpinestars

Crazy to think 4 years ago today I was just inches away from losing my life.
#harleydavidson #crashingsucks


From last to crashed lmao. Horsepower means nothing if you dont get to to the ground. Glad we made up for it.
#bmx #crashingsucks #dontcrash #goforbroke #HunterOfAngels #bigfoot509 #bmxrace

Lacr today with @motom104. Was perfect till I made a mistake and suffered the consequence. Never bent twin walls this bad. What do they say? I guess it could have been worse. Or better if @motom104 had a GoPro. #redlabelmx #hrcporvida #lacr #renthal #ethika #crashingsucks

#mammothmx #pileup 😱Healing thoughts go out to CMS/DDC team rider @serpa.909 who's at the bottom of the pile. Minus a concussion, bruised lung and some serious road-rash he'll be ok. #hestough #ddcracing #delaneydrivecomponents 🇺🇸#carsonmotorsports #crashingsucks #healupbomber 💪🏼

Sometimes "blood, sweat, and tears" is literal #crashingsucks

Shoulder MRI 6 months after rotator cuff reconstruction. What sucks is there is a a new tear and I need another surgery. FML. #crashingsucks #surgerysucks #mtb #cycling #ijustwanttoride #bikesandbeer #fml

Anyone want to drive me to the stampede Thursday? Beer and bikes cure broken bones right? #costamesaspeedway #crashingsucks #bornfree

11 week update fuckers! Pins out (fak) cast off (boom) and a walking boot, that I'm not allowed to walk on 🤔 another 6 weeks no weight (I'll be the judge) then next checkup. #progress
#crashingsucks #frankenfoot #harleydavidson

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