I’ve seen this pic already posted, but can’t help but share again the one pic we got of Grandmother Grace this morning. More than 30 of us gathered for breakfast to celebrate her 88 years, & were so busy sharing our fav things about her & eating & laughing, that we forgot to take more pics. She taught me to love coffee & biscuits with syrup, and 100 other things. Hope it’s a happy & peaceful year for this strong & gentle lady who we adore & all want to be more like. #gracefamily #craiggirls

Great visit to NYC! #lovecentralpark#craiggirls

There are still 2 min left in my big sis’ birthday! Julie Craig Blanford is just one of those people who you depend on, who you want around, who makes things better & more fun. She has made my life happier for many reasons, but mainly just for simply being in it. God chose my sisters perfectly. He knew what I needed. #samebutdifferent
I hope she has the best year! #craiggirls #sistertattoos #jules

Trying to teach our girls some “oldies.” They have ear buds in 🤦‍♀️
of course, but belting it out as loud as we can all the way to the beach! Paige & I can duet w/ the best! 😂 Only 6 more hours til we get to Julie & the ocean. ☀️🌴☀️#craiggirls #roadtrip #muchneeded

When you take advantage of just sitting around and doing absolutely nothing with your mini #ministaycay #dogsincluded #relaxation #craiggirls

• I officially feel old after watching these pretty sisters dance that I used to babysit 8+ yrs ago 💃🏼😻💗— how are y’all in 7th and 10th grades already (and towering over me)?! • #craiggirls #werkit #oldneighborsreunited #PPAdancerecital

#fbf to last May with my favorite people! Missing my #foreverfriends #sistas #CraigGirls ❤️👯‍♀️

Hop On Pop. #craiggirls

I'll never forgot when each of you came into my life. God makes NO mistakes. #3thehardway #craiggirls #xion #kailani #noah

An event I look forward to every year is my babies' Arts and Culture day at School. It is always knowledge gained for me. Miss Mo took us to China and Miss Feolami to Afikpo in Ebonyi state. Go girls. #artsandcultureday #jesusbabies #craiggirls

What our photo shoots look like. Going to being taking these for.ev.er. #charliegirl #caseygirl #craiggirls

Finally back in my happy place with my girls #TGIF #craiggirls

Casey has a cold and woke up coughing, finally falling back asleep on me. Charlie woke up from a bad dream shortly after and both girls ended up in bed with me. I laid here way past my alarm. It’s one of those moments you never want to end. There’s a lot that goes wrong. A lot. But these girls make me feel like I’m doing something right. My heart is so full this morning. #charliegirl #caseygirl #craiggirls

Some adorable photos of the girls that Darcy took! 😍😍 👯‍♀️ #caseygirl #charliegirl #craiggirls

7 yrs ago our Dad passed away on Jan 16. In memory of him, my sisters & I try to spend time together on that day when we can. Often times, MLK Day falls on or near the 16th, allowing Paige & me a day off work, which is fitting, given Dad’s admiration of MLK’s ideas.
Last yr on this day we got our sister tattoos; our 3 initials designed as one. The snowflake represents fond memories we share of playing with him in the snow. Dad loved the snow. And, snowflakes are the same but different, like the 3 of us. ❄️❄️❄️#craiggirls

As Charlie would say... “I love you too much.” #charliegirl #caseygirl #craiggirls #bffs

It’s midnight & now my baby sister’s birthday! I have been teaching (bless her 🤣) & protecting this girl since they brought her home when I was 5. Alison Paige & Julie grew from my sisters to 2 of my best friends. Can’t imagine life without them, & you should see our awesome matching sister tattoos! 😉 Happy birthday, @paigemckinney17 ! I love you! #craiggirls #NewYearsEvebaby #36yearsyoung 🎉😘🎉

Got a Cold Little Sister and A Gorgeous Ass Twin, #CraigGirls ❤️

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